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Under the Influence - Recap

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The episode begins with a launch party of a new album of the famous pop start Regina. There is a swarm of reporters’ waiting to interview her. But this doesn’t last long, as her nemesis Josie Lane arrives and all attention is focused at her. Regina is pissed and yells at her manager. Josie walks up to Regina and tells her that she has been a fan since grade school. Oops! The party is in full swing. The DJ notices a man wearing a hood walk into the party. She opens a bag (we see a gun in it) and pulls out a USB drive, attaches it to the system and leaves. Next, Kate and Castle arrive at the crime scene.

The body was found in the dumpster by some homeless kids and it is the DJ who walked out from the party. COD is a gunshot wound. She was killed elsewhere and dumped here. Her name is Holly Rhodes but another id calls her DJ Beat. They learn that she was DJing for Regina’s party last night. She was booked at that party till 1 am but the TOD is between 11to midnight. Kate notices a number scribbled on her palm. They then go to Regina’s house and she is still in bed. She tells them that the DJ jacked in a playlist and left the party early; Regina is pissed with her. But Castle tells her that Holly is dead. They want her to hand over a copy of the guest list to them. She agrees and goes back to sleep.

Ryan educates the team that Holly has had priors in grand theft but nothing in the past 7 years. They also learn from Holly’s neighbor that he saw a man pounding on her door few days ago. The guy was screaming “You won’t get away with this”. They are getting the sketch made. The number on the victim’s hand belonged to Tyrese Wilton; a big time producer. Lanie deduces that the victim was killed near a Chinese restaurant. There are some synthetic fibers found and they are running tests. Ryan and Esposito go to meet Ty and Ty is recording with Josie. Ryan is excited to meet her. Ty says that Holly was supposed to meet him as she was waiting for a break of this sort. She was supposed to meet him today. He thinks that her leaving early from the party could have to do something with a fight the rapper, MC Thug. He says that Thug was threatening her.

Mc Thug aka Darius Carson has some major priors; including attempted murder. Now, Darius is the guy who the neighbor saw at Holly’s. Next, Kate and Castle are questioning Darius. Darius tells them that he made a last minute phone call to attend the party as he likes music; he wasn’t on the list. Also, he had a problem with Holly and her assistant as they had stole his girlfriend’s diamond necklace during a party. He admits that he did threaten her. But he has nothing to do with the murder. Ryan tells the team that out of the fifty parties Holly played at, there were thefts reported at 7 of them; almost half a million bucks. They talk to Holly’s assistant, Paul. But Paul says that hasn’t been attending a lot of parties with Holly as she had called in some other guy to help her.

Those were the parties in which the thefts were reported. This unknown guy was at Regina’s party. Also, he was wearing a hood and no one saw his face. Castle infers that it could be possible that the mysterious assistant is behind all the thefts as Holly’s accounts don’t show any influx of cash. So, when Darius threatened her, the assistant must have gotten scared and killed her. Kate finds out that Holly received phone calls from Washington Heights on the days the robberies took place. Also, Esposito finds out that the equipment belongs to a guy named Joey aka Monster. But Joey is a 14 year old kid. He denies to talk anything without his guardian being present; his uncle. Kate tells him about Holly’s murder and their suspicions that he is the one who committed the thefts.

He does not react; but the moment Kate tells him that he is also their murder suspect, he tells her that he did not do it as he was at TV King. But he left in the middle of the night and did not come back for his equipment because he was at TV King? Well, he needs to do better than this. He refuses to talk any further. Joey alibi checks out. The team figures out that there is someone else who has put Joey up to this stealing thing. Esposito talks to Joey and shows him the pictures of the dead Holly. Joey is worried when he sees them; but he still refuses to give out any names. Kate and Esposito talk to the woman from child services; she tells them that Joey’s uncle is not a perfect role model. She tells them where they can find him.

She wants Joey to be put in foster care or juvi; those are the only choices. Esposito decides to take him. This means Joey is Esposito’s responsibility. But Joey tries to run away from Esposito’s house. Later, we see that Esposito brings Joey to the precinct; Joey is cuffed to Esposito! Ryan tells him that the fibers found actually belonged to a high end European car carpeting. The team then tries to figure out all the people Joey has been associated with. They find that a man named Shane Winters had bailed him out once. This name sounds familiar to Kate. They then find out that he had also bailed Holly when she was 17. This is their guy. They also find that he drives the same model the fibers belong to.

The robbery department tips them off on Shane’s whereabouts as Joey refuses to rat out on this guy. Esposito goes to the bar and arrests Shane after punching his gigantic bodyguard to the ground. Looks like Joey had warned Shane about Esposito. During the interrogation, Shane tells them that his car flamed up and there is nothing left that they could match the fibers to. He is sure that the detectives cannot prove anything. He lawyers up and Esposito asks Ryan to leave as he needs some time alone with Shane. Esposito then shows Joey a video where Shane tells the cops that if Joey did the crime, he has to do the time. Joey is shocked. He then tells Esposito that the last party was different as he had to boost Ty’s phone.

When Holly saw, she flared up and asked him to return the phone. But Joey had handed over the phone to Shane, so he couldn’t do anything. He did not know that Shane would kill her. Now, the question is; why didn’t Ty mention that his phone is gone? Ryan and Esposito go to Ty’s studio. They see a label that says Yang Dynasty; Chinese food! Could explain the peanut oil and MSG! They find blood splatter on the wall that was covered with the trash can. Ty is shocked to know that Holly was killed outside his studio. He tells them that he was at the party till one. His phone was missing for a while, but later he found it in the bathroom. He tells them that the phone is an e-key; it opens the studio.

Holly realized that Shane was going to rip the studio off. So she raced over to the studio to stop Shane as Ty was supposed to give her a big break. Looks like she was successful in stopping Shane as nothing is missing! But then Ty realizes that someone has got their hands on unreleased albums that could cost a fortune!! Josie’s album was downloaded at 11.45pm; someone downloaded the masters. Kate tells Esposito that Shane’s alibi is rock solid. The team then works the timeline and they realize that someone else downloaded the album and returned the phone so that Ty wouldn’t realize it was missing. It has to be someone from the party. Kate and Castle then go to Regina’s place.

They present their case where Regina was the one who downloaded the album to sabotage Josie and boost her upcoming new album. Regina’s bodyguard who grew up with Shane, asked her to hire Holly for the party so that Joey could get in and steal the phone. Regina then excused herself for a costume change and she went to the studio to download the album. Holly caught her when Regina was trying to leave; but Holly ended up getting shot with her own gun. Regina then enlisted Shane’s help to get rid of the body.

There is more proof; the team has a list of emails that Regina sent to the hacker who was going to leak Josie’s songs online! Regina tells them that her album sales might be sagging but she can still afford a damn good lawyer! Case closed! Next, Esposito warns Shane to stay away from Joey or else. He then drops off Joey, and Joey walks towards his new life. The episode ends.