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Reality Star Struck - Recap

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The episode begins with a glimpse of the TV reality show, 'The Wives of Wall Street', featuring Penelope, Margo, Colette and Hannah. The producer of the show, Peter, tells his manager that he wants to see more of Hannah. Hannah is the reason their numbers are spiking. One of the guys tells them that the police are asking for them because there has been a murder. Kate and Castle are discussing about their Valentine’s gift. Esposito tells them that the victim is Hannah Green; one of the rising stars on the show. Hannah’s body is found at the bus stop. It looks like she is asleep. She has been stabbed in her back and the estimated TOD is around 10-10:30.

Lanie tells them that there are defensive wounds on her body which shows that she did fight back and also there is a chance of DNA material under her fingernails. Kate and Castle go to meet the producer and he shows them the last piece they shot with Hannah; it was shot two days earlier. Kate points out that Hannah was found dead wearing the same clothes. Kate asks the producer what Hannah was doing at the Upper West side after the filming. The producer tells her that he had no idea what Hannah did after work. Kate wants all of Hannah’s tapes for leads. The producer then tells them that Hannah was having trouble with her brother, Charlie. Ryan and Esposito talk to Charlie. Charlie tells them that the family did not approve of Hannah’s choice of being on the reality show. Especially after her affair!

We then learn that Hannah was sleeping with Penelope’s husband, Bob. They wonder why the producer did not tell them about this affair. Gates is a big fan of the show and she tells them that Penelope kept her family afloat after Bob lost his job and she is the one who gave Hannah her first break. Lanie calls and tells Kate that she found a small piece of fingernail in Hannah’s hair. Kate and Castle go to the studio and place Penelope under arrest. Penelope tells Kate that she and Hannah did have a small fight but that doesn’t mean that she killed her. She says that she is not stupid to do something like this on National television.

Penelope tells her that Hannah waited for her outside the studio asking her to rehire her. Kate finds it difficult to believe that Hannah asked Penelope for her job back after she ruined Penelope’s marriage. Penelope tells Kate that she too lost her cool on hearing Hannah’s request and she yanked Hannah’s hair. That is how her nail ended in Hannah’s hair. But she did not kill her. Penelope’s alibi checks out. Esposito arrives with a photograph taken by one of the fans. It was taken 20 minutes before Hannah was murdered. Gates recognizes the building in the picture; it is where Margo lives. They go to talk to Margo. Margo tells them that Hannah had come to apologize. After Penelope fired Hannah for the affair, Margo rehired her to develop a clothing line with her son, Stone.

Margo says that it was a good idea since she hasn’t been getting any screen time lately. So, the camera and the crew were at her place, ready to roll and Hannah was a “no show”. Hannah later came to apologize. She doesn’t know where she went after she left the building. Margo has an alibi that she was talking to her entertainment lawyer; and it checks out. Esposito tells them that Hannah made a cash deposit for her family and no one knows where the money came from. He also tells them that Hannah was at a dive bar before her death.

Ryan arrives and tells them that Hannah almost disappeared for 24 hours as there are no digital fingerprints; no phone calls, no texts and also she did not even log on to any of her email accounts. Lanie tells Kate and Castle that she found plant traces under Hannah’s fingernails and this plant is native to Madagascar. The defensive wounds on the body were sustained 24 hours prior to the murder. This is around the same time she went off the grid. Lanie also points out to an abrasion and tells them that it was from Hannah’s tennis bracelet. But Castle remembers that she was wearing it on her right hand. This means that Hannah’s hands were tied together and for several hours.

Kate now realizes why she was wearing the same clothes. They all realize that Hannah was held hostage. Gates wants the team to watch a few episodes of the reality show. Castle ends up watching a lot of them. The next day, Esposito tells the team that the guy who saw Hannah at the bar has managed to describe the guy she was fighting with. The sketch is ready; it is Mike, the crazy billionaire and the host of the other TV show. Mike tells Kate that it was Hannah’s idea to meet at the bar. She wanted him to fund her clothing line. Also, she had told Mike that she wanted to leave the show. Gates walks in with a lead on the place where Hannah was kept hostage.

They go to the building and the manager tells them that the room is listed under the name of a corporation; this is done for privacy. They hear a pounding noise coming from the room. They enter the room and find Penelope having sex with Bob. Castle is surprised that they are back together. Ryan tells them that the Ocean Terrace Holdings is a corporation started by Bob. Esposito tells them that the $5000 deposits that Hannah made matches exactly with the withdrawals made by Penelope. Bob and Penelope are held in the interrogation room and they are not talking. Kate then barges into Bob’s room and starts yelling at him. This intimidates Bob and he tells her that there was no relationship between him and Hannah. They had faked all of this to increase Penelope’s screen time.

Penelope was paying Hannah to fake an affair. But that day Hannah came and told them that she could not live a lie. And that she did not want to do it anymore. They panicked. They knew that Hannah’s decision would ruin everything; even the show’s credibility. So, they tied her up. They knew that they could not keep her for long. So they called Peter Monroe, the producer. They needed help. Bob then tells Kate that Peter arrived and asked them to leave. He told them that he would handle it. The next thing they hear is that Hannah is dead. Kate and Castle arrive to meet the producer. The producer tells them that he arrived at the building and let Hannah go.

He was not able to convince Hannah and so he went to a bar and drank, waiting for his world to cave in. Later, Kate tells Castle that the producer’s alibi checked out. Ryan and Esposito tell Kate that Margo’s phone records show that she buzzed Hannah in when Hannah arrived at the building. But according to her credit card, Margo was at a restaurant. They realize that Margo is hiding something. They go to meet Margo. They tell her that they know that Stone is the only person who could have buzzed Hannah in. Margo lawyers up. They then find out that stone was about to fly to Argentina. But they manage to get him to the precinct.

Kate and Castle interrogate Stone. Stone tells them that getting engaged to Ashley, Colette’s daughter, on the show was his mother’s idea. But he loved Hannah. On the night of her murder, Hannah had come to his place and she was hysterical. She told him that she wanted to leave town. Just then Margo arrived and learned about their relationship. Hannah wanted Stone to leave with her, but Stone could not stand for her against his mother. Hannah left and he realized his mistake. He went after her and kissed her.

But she told him that it was too late and that she doesn’t want to see any one of them again. Later, the team gets a lead on the murder weapon which is a high end chef’s knife. They find it in Ashley’s registry. They bring in Ashley and question her. Ashley admits that the knife was gifted to her by her cousin. She had her suspicions about Stone and Hannah’s affair. But when she got an alert on her phone about Hannah being in Stone’s apartment, she grabbed the knife and went there just to scare Hannah. But when she got there, she saw Stone kissing her and she lost it.

After Stone left, she followed Hannah and killed her. Case Closed. Next, it is Valentine’s Day, and Castle had to swap Kate’s gift as Gates saw it. He then asks for his gift. She leads him to a drawer; but it is empty. Kate tells him that it is his drawer; she has made him a drawer at her place. Castle says that it is perfect. The episode ends.