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Target (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with a man running in an alley and stopping in front of a car. He starts shooting at the car; but the car runs over him. Martha has made Alexis’s favorite pancakes; they taste awful. Martha tells Castle that he misses Alexis. Next, Castle and Kate arrive at the crime scene. The victim’s name is Hasim Farooq and a homeless guy tells the cops that Farooq continuously shot at the van till it ran him over. Ryan hands over the gun to Esposito and Esposito tells them that this is a custom made gun. He infers that the victim was a serious shooter. He is a Saudi national and was a student in Columbia. Castle gets tense on hearing Columbia because his daughter is studying in Columbia.

There was assault charges filed against Farooq by a guy named Bram Stoker. Castle and Kate meet Bram Stoker and Stoker tells them that he is TA and that Farooq confronted him three days ago. Stoker did not appreciate Stoker flirting with the girls in the college. He warned him to stay away from the girls. Stoker tells them that Farooq did not have any friends or girlfriends. Kate wants a list of girls Farooq flirted with. Ryan and Esposito go to Farooq’s house and they are surprised to see that Farooq has a personal gym, a closet full of high end guns and surveillance equipment. Castle thinks that Farooq could have been a spy; his file says that he has military training.

Kate tells him that there was 25k wired to him every month in his account. The students from the university don’t know Farooq; it is like he was hiding in plain sight. Esposito arrives and tells them that Farooq was keeping tabs on a house that belongs to a girl, Sara El-Masri. This house is half a block away from Farooq’s. She is on Stoker’s flirt list. Ryan arrives with an update. He shows them the footage of the van that Farooq shot at. They see that when the van stopped at a signal, a girl tried running out of the van; but someone grabbed her and put her back in. the girl is Sara, the same girl Farooq was keeping an eye on.

Esposito tells them that Sara was a sophomore in marine biology. She also belonged to a wealthy family. Kate thinks that this kidnapping could be for ransom. Next, Sara’s parents, Anwar and Lina arrive at the precinct. He also tells them that he had hired Hasim Farooq to watch over Sara discreetly because Sara would not accept a bodyguard. Kate tells them about Farooq’s death. Just then Agent Harris arrives; he is sent by the FBI to liaise. Kate thinks that there is more to this kidnapping that just the money aspect. She noticed that Lina mentioned about his enemies in Egypt and Anwar shut her down. Ryan arrives and tells them that Sara’s roommate did not know Farooq but she did tell him that Sara went out last night.

It seems that Sara had gone to some science related event. But she doesn’t remember which one. They figure out that Sara was attending a lecture by Hayden Posner on climate changes and since she was a marine biology student, she would be interested in climate changes. They go to the hotel and talk to the manager. The manager tells them that he remembers Sara and that she stayed for the QNA and then left. She was talking to a red haired girl; maybe a friend. Castle checks the guest list and sees Alexis’s name on that list. He calls Alexis to see if she could be of any help. But he hears Alexis’s phone ring nearby. The manager finds it in the lost and found box. He tells them that this phone was found outside the hotel. Castle realizes that they took Alexis too.

Harris tells Castle that Alexis was with Sara and also a witness to the kidnapping. So, the best option they might have had is to take Alexis along. Alexis was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Harris also tells them that they got a hit on the man from the video; Roger Henson. Harris tells them that Henson is more like a middle man. Someone could have hired Henson for the kidnapping. Harris tells Castle that Anwar did make some powerful enemies and this kidnapping could be an act of revenge. If the kidnappers learn that Alexis is of great value, they will call Castle for a ransom. Harris tells Castle that they will set up wires at his place to tap the call. Castle is a wreck and Gates tells Kate to do whatever it takes to get Alexis back.

At home, Martha tries to comfort Castle. Ryan and Esposito have narrowed down the area where the van could have disappeared. They tell Kate that whoever went into that neighborhood did not come out. Kate wants help from the local PDs and asks men to be in plain clothes and unmarked cars. Castle is going through Alexis’s video blog and he sees that Alexis mentioned about going to the hotel with her friend Sara for the lecture. This means that the kidnapper knew that Sara was going to the hotel through this video; they also knew that Alexis and Sara were friends. He informs Kate. Just then Ryan arrives with some news and Kate hangs up the call. Next, Castle arrives at the site where they found the van.

There is blood on the floor of the van. Castle is terrified. Lanie tests the blood and finds out that the blood on the floor is B-; it does not belong to Sara or Alexis. Kate tells Castle that it appears that the kidnappers changed their car. The CSU is processing the van. Castle asks Anwar as to what all this is about. Anwar tells him that he does not know. Next, Alexis and Sara wake up in a locked room which appears to be sound proof. Alexis realizes that they were drugged. They then see that there is an attached bathroom and fresh towels. Somebody slides food into their room. Alexis is sure that these people actually want them alive. Kate tells Castle that the CSU found only Henson’s prints in the van.

Esposito arrives and tells them that the van was re-tuned by some pro. Kate wants him to run a check on the same. Later, he arrives and tells Kate that they got a hit on a guy named Douglas Stevens and he did time with Henson. He was the driver and his blood group is B-. Ryan tells Kate that Stevens has a sister who is a nurse and she has called in sick today. They go to the sister’s house and arrest Stevens. Stevens refuses to talk to Kate. Castle enters the room and tells him that he will do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. But Stevens still doesn’t talk. Later we hear Stevens screaming in pain. At the precinct, Gates tells Castle that a team has already headed to the address Stevens gave him.

Later, we see that the FBI arrives at the farmhouse. Alexis and Sara try to talk to the guy who gives them food; but he doesn’t respond. Sara hears that the man is ordered to return to his post because they have visitors. Gates receives a call. She tells Castle that the farmhouse was empty and the FBI did not find anything. Kate and Castle arrive at the farmhouse. Harris tells them that the cameras outside the house are very sophisticated and use the same IP address that hacked into Alexis’s video blog. But it is difficult to be traced because it is routed across four continents. He then shows them Henson’s dead body. Henson was tortured and then shot to death.

Inside the locked room, Sara tells Alexis that these men speak Arabic. She now knows that it is not about kidnapping; she tells Alexis that her father is a hated man in Egypt. Alexis says that the will have to escape. Next, Alexis manages to open the lock of the door with a bobby pin. She and Sara go separate ways in the hope that at least one of them can escape. Alexis walks into a room and finds a phone. She makes a skype call to Castle. But she hears the men shouting; they found out that the girls are gone. Castle tells Alexis to get out of there. She drops the phone and runs to the stairs. She comes out on to the roof. She is shocked to see the Eiffel Tower. The detective who tracks the call tells Castle that the call came from Paris. Alexis tries to scream for help, but is silenced and taken. To be continued.