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The Wild Rover - Recap

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The episode begins with Castle telling Kate that he wants to eat something sweet and by “sweet” he means her. Kate quickly changes the subject and tells him that he was sleep talking last night and he mentioned the name Jordan, fourteen times. Castle tells her that the name means nothing to him. Kate is not convinced. At that very moment, Kate gets a call about the recent murder and they both leave to check the crime scene. They arrive at a bakery. Lanie tells them that the victim was shot at the back and then fell into the mixer. She also says that before he was shot, he did struggle with his attacker and she has found some fibers caught up in the victim’s watch.

The victim’s name is Jimmy and Esposito tells them that TOD is somewhere around 11.30-12 according to Todd, Jimmy’s assistant. Kate talks to Todd and Todd tells her that Jimmy sent him out on a delivery around 11. He found Jimmy dead when he arrived after the delivery. He adds that Jimmy was acting pretty strange before he left. He says that he saw a black SUV cruise by the shop really slow, and that is when Jimmy got nervous and sent him for the delivery. Esposito arrives with a briefcase stacked with 50k. Todd tells them that he knows nothing about the money. He says that Jimmy would be always nervous about the briefcase and he would take it twice a week to Staten Island for some business.

At home, Ryan is nervous about meeting the doctor with his wife. At the precinct, Kate finds it weird that Jimmy invested 70k in kitchen equipment but none of them are in the bakery. Esposito arrives and tells them that he ran a check on the SUVs and there are few 68 Chargers in town. He says that one of them belong to Robert Shannon aka Bobby S, an Irish mobster. Bobby is also responsible for more than half a dozen murders in Staten Islands. Castle figures out that the bakery was a mob front and Jimmy was the money launderer. Esposito also tells them that the last three days Jimmy received numerous calls from a woman Siobhan O’Doul.

Siobhan runs a bar in Staten Island and Bobby S does a lot of his business from there. Siobhan is brought in for questioning and Kate informs her that Jimmy was murdered. Kate asks her about Bobby S, but she refuses to reveal anything and says she wants her phone call. While Siobhan is being hauled away, she sees Ryan and kisses him. Ryan’s wife who has just arrived to hand him his lunch stops Siobhan and tells her Ryan is married and she is his wife. Siobhan is shocked to hear this and slaps him, she again slaps him, when she finds out he is a cop. Ryan sees everyone’s shocked expression and says he can explain. Ryan says that he was undercover for 14 months with the Irish mob before he joined homicide, and knows Bobby S. Ryan goes to talk to Siobhan because he feels she might reveal something to him. She is still angry about the fact that he walked out on her 7 years ago, so she refuses to tell him anything.

An FBI agent named Sam Walker arrives at the station and tells Kate and team that Jimmy was his informant. He says Jimmy was going to get him the “Bible”, a list of all the transactions of the mob that would help take down Bobby S. Walker tells them Siobhan is also his informant and had called up Jimmy to warn him that Bobby S had found out about him. Walker says Siobhan has to go back in and get the Bible and only then will she be given witness protection. Ryan feels that it’s dangerous for her to go back in, but Walker is clear about what he wants. Ryan volunteers to go back in and get the Bible, saying he was close to Bobby S, so he will easily trust him. Since Ryan is doing this, Walker agrees to put Siobhan in witness protection.

Ryan is briefed about the things that have changed in the mob since he was undercover. He is warned that he would be killed if he isn’t convincing. Esposito drops Ryan outside Siobhan’s bar. Once in the bar, he is told he will have to go through Liam, Bobby S’s number two, if he wants to talk to Bobby S. Kate and team decide to help Ryan by building a strong case against Bobby S. Liam takes Ryan to Bobby S and Ryan manages to convince him that he isn’t a rat and is still the same guy he knew 7 years ago. Somehow, Liam is not too convinced. Liam tells Maggie, his wife, that he will check out Ryan’s story and if Ryan has lied he will kill him. Kate and the team find out that someone is trying to set up Bobby S by making it look as if he killed Jimmy.

Esposito meets Ryan and tells him this. He tells Ryan to walk away, now that they know Bobby S isn’t the killer, but Ryan is adamant about getting the Bible. Siobhan gives him the combination to Bobby’s safe, where he keeps the Bible. Kate and team find out that Liam murdered Jimmy and is framing Bobby S so that he can take over his business. Kate calls Ryan to inform him about the recent development, but his phone is kept with a bunch of other phones, on a table in another part of the bar and he is playing pool with Bobby S and his men. Liam gets a call informing him that there is a rat in the house and whispers this in Bobby’s ear.

They both walk out of the room without saying anything. On seeing them leave, Ryan springs into action. He rushes into Bobby’s office and steals the Bible from his safe. While walking out, he runs into Liam, who says that Bobby S needs him to take a ride. Kate and team are worried because they aren’t able to get through to Ryan. They are sure that something has gone wrong. Ryan’s wife arrives at the station looking for him. Kate talks to her and clams her down. Esposito comes and tells Kate that he needs to talk to her. Alongside, Liam brings Ryan to the docks, where Bobby S arrives with Siobhan. They have found out that Siobhan is working for the FBI.

They hand over a gun to Ryan and tell him to shoot her if he wants to prove that he did not know anything about this. Ryan refuses to do that and reveals that he is a cop. He says that before leaving he called his partner from Liam’s phone and he heard where they were going. He yells out for Esposito and a few seconds later Esposito appears with a shotgun in his hand and soon they are surrounded by cops. The next day, Kate and team find out that Liam isn’t their killer because he has a solid alibi. Ryan figures out that it was Maggie who killed Jimmy. She is brought in for questioning. They tell that the gun she used to kill Jimmy has been found in her house.

Turns out, she is the one who was trying to frame Bobby S. She figured that if she got him out of the way Liam would become the head of the mob. Liam was completely unaware of all of this. Next, at home, Castle tells Kate that Jordan is the name of a car company. He says that back in school, he had to write an essay on it and he didn’t write it. Instead he paid someone to write the essay and got applauded for writing it. He says that he felt guilty about it and wrote and wrote, till he became a good writer. Ryan wishes Siobhan luck for the new life she is about to embark on and she thanks him for risking his life to save hers. Ryan returns home and his wife tells him that she is pregnant. The episode ends.