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Castle: Little Girl Lost

When a little girl is kidnapped, the lead FBI agent in charge of the case asks for Beckett to assist. He asks this because he was an old flame of Beckett. The ensuing testosterone battle as Castle and Sorenson face off over their different approaches, as well as Kate, is not pretty.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 109
Airdate: Monday May 04th, 2009

Alternate Airdates:

NL (SBS 6) Nov 26, 2009
DE (Kabel1) Apr 03, 2010
UK (alibi) Jun 02, 2010
Russia Oct 04, 2010

Guest Stars
Bailey ChaseBailey Chase
As Will Sorenson
Judy ReyesJudy Reyes
As Theresa Candela
Julian AcostaJulian Acosta
As Alfred Candela
Francis CapraFrancis Capra
As Juan Restrepo
Jeannette SousaJeannette Sousa
As Lucia Gomez
Todd WaringTodd Waring
As Doug Ellers

Co-Guest Stars
Jacqueline TorresJacqueline Torres
As Nina Mendola
Melanie LoraMelanie Lora
As FBI Technician
Kurt LongKurt Long
As Todd
Main Cast
Nathan FillionNathan Fillion
As Richard Castle
Stana KaticStana Katic
As Detective Kate Beckett
Susan SullivanSusan Sullivan
As Martha Rodgers
Ruben Santiago-HudsonRuben Santiago-Hudson
As Captain Roy Montgomery
Jon HuertasJon Huertas
As Detective Javier Esposito
Seamus DeverSeamus Dever
As Detective Kevin Ryan
Molly QuinnMolly Quinn
As Alexis Castle
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Bitter:SweetGet What I WantOpening and final scene

Episode Quotes
Castle: Morning! Grande skim latte, two pump sugar free vanilla and a bear claw.
Beckett: How did you know...
Castle: I'm a novelist, it's my job to notice things
Beckett: It's Sunday morning, shouldn't you be slinking home from a scandalous liaison.
Castle: Would you be jealous if I were?
Beckett: In your dreams.
Castle: Actually my dreams you're never jealous. In my dreams you just join...
(Beckett shoves bear claw in Castle's mouth)

Beckett: Try not to get so giddy every time we go to a crime scene, okay?
Castle: Just because somebody's dead doesn't mean you have to be so grumpy!

Beckett: Do you want to see grumpy? How about the cover art for your new novel?
Castle: The Nikki Heat cover art? That's only available to... (realizes. Kate is horrified that she's revealed something, turns and walks away) Oh my God! You subscribe to my website?!? (chasing after her) Wait a minute! Are you casletfreak1212? Castlelover45?
Beckett: You do realize that most people would be creeped out by crazy anonymous fans...? It was strictly professional curiosity.

Castle: So what did you think of your alter-ego Nikki? Pretty sweet, right?
Beckett: Sweet? She's naked!
Castle: She's not naked. She's holding a gun...Strategically.
Beckett: You know? I take comfort in the fact that, if they're publishing the cover art, then your book... and our little...partnership... is almost done.

Beckett: I don't understand, sir. If this isn't a murder, why am I here?
Captain Montgomery: The Feds requested you to be on the task force.
Castle: Feds?
Beckett: FBI has jurisdiction over child abduction cases.
Castle: Then why call me?
Captain Montgomery: I like pissing off the FBI. And because you think outside the box, that's something the Feds rarely do.
Beckett: Sir, who is the special agent in charge?
Captain Montgomery: Beckett, it doesn't matter, it...
Beckett: (interrupting) Who?
Captain Montgomery: Sorenson.
Castle: Who's Sorenson?
Beckett: I thought that he was in...
Captain Montgomery: In Boston, not any more, he's here.
Castle: Who's Sorenson?
Captain Montgomery: This isn't going to be a problem, is it, detective? I mean, we're all professionals, here, right?
Castle: Actually, I'm not. Who's Sorenson?
Beckett: (to Montgomery) No sir. Not a problem.
Captain Montgomery: For what it's worth, that missing little girl, doesn't care about your history. Nor do her terrified parents. They just want their baby back alive.

Beckett: Agent Sorenson, this is Richard Castle
Sorenson: The famous novelist
Castle: Writer of wrongs.
Sorenson: So, Captain Montgomery filled me in on your little arrangement and I have no problem with it as long as it doesn't interfere with the investigation
Castle: Oh, don't worry about me. Quiet as a mouse.

Beckett: What about the parents? Anyone they can think of?
Sorenson: No, not that either of them can think straight right now.
Castle: This thing goes south they'll never think straight again.

(Castle and Beckett stand awkwardly silent in the elevator after meeting Kate's ex-boyfriend, FBI Agent Sorenson)
Beckett: Six months.
Castle: Six months, what?
Beckett: We dated for six months.
Castle: I didn't... ask
Beckett: Yeah, I know. You were not asking very loudly.
Castle: I know, I'm like a jedi like that

(Castle and Agent Sorenson bickering after interrogating a suspect)
Beckett: Oh for god's sake. Why don't you both just drop your pants and get it over with.
Castle: I'm game.

Castle: How is it that you don't know who my father is, you don't know how your ex-husband stole all your money, yet you are giving life coaching advice...?
Martha: Mistakes are the building blocks of wisdom.

Castle: Sadly, faced with his mother's twisted yet unimpeachable logic, Richard Castle's head exploded...

Sorenson: Really, Kate? We're going to waste time on the insights of Nancy Drew here?
Castle: Is that supposed to be an insult? Because Nancy Drew solved every case...

(Beckett talking to Castle while he prepares to make the ransom drop)
Beckett: Be careful, OK?
Castle: Do I detect actual concern for my well being?
Beckett: Screw this up and I'll kill you.
Castle: That's more like it.

(Sorenson has just left)
Castle: Nice guy. I can see how it wouldn't work, though.
Beckett: Really?
Castle: Handsome. Square-jawed. By-the-book.
Beckett: And that's a bad thing?
Castle: He's like the male 'You'. Ying needs Yang, not another 'Ying'. Ying/Yang is Harmony. Ying Ying is... a name for a panda.

Beckett: It's not him Will we're at square freaking one and we've got nothing. You can send ESU wherever you want but I'm not losing this one.
(Beckett walks off)
Castle: (To Sorenson) What does she mean not losing this one?
Sorenson: The case we worked.
Castle: I thought she got the guy.
Sorenson: We did, but the kid was already dead.

Sorenson: (About Castle) He's quite a guy. If only he know how big a fan you really are.
Beckett: Yeah, well, he's not going to know.
Sorenson: You never told him how you stood in line for an hour just to get your book signed. How his novels got you through your mother's death?
Beckett: Is there anything you don't remember?
Sorenson: Not when it comes to you

Cultural References
Esposito: Two weeks, is that the 'paper', or the 'silk'?

In European cultures, there have grown to be rules of etiquette regarding gift giving for the types of gifts to be given for diffrerent anniversaries -- typically weddings but also other commemorable occasions (vis-a-vis, Queen Victoria's 'Diamond Jubilee'). There are some variances from country to country but there are some standards. Wedding gifts given for the first anniversary, for example, should be objects made of paper -- stationary, artwork, etc. The fifth anniversary is wooden objects, the fifteenth is crystal, and so on. There is also a modern variant, which replaces the material with some more specific types of object in at least some cases -- clocks for the first, electrical appliances for the fourth, and so on.

Sorenson: Really, Kate? We're going to waste time on the insights of Nancy Drew here?

Nancy Drew is a fictional detective in stories written mainly for children and teens. The amateur young (varies, 16 to 18 years of age) female sleuth was created by Edward Stratemeyer, and first appeared in 1930. Ghostwritten by a wide variety of authors, they are published under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. The character has also gone on to a wide variety of media, including made for TV movies and several TV series. Stratemeyer also created the very similar Hardy Boys, the substantial success of which suggested Nancy Drew as a similar format appealing to young girls with its female heroine.

Castle: I feel like Michael finding the gun taped behind the toilet.

A reference to Michael Corleone, of the Godfather movies. Played by Al Pacino in two of the most celebrated and revered movies of all time, In one instance, an unarmed Michael makes a personal hit on an enemy by arranging ahead of time for a gun to be placed where he could get to it.

Castle: Looking for a white rabbit.
Alexis: Lewis Carroll or The Matrix?

A white rabbit plays a significant part as the opening macguffin in both Alice In Wonderland (written by Lewis Carroll) and the 1999 SF masterpiece, The Matrix (itself an allusion to Alice in Wonderland). In Alice, the titular Alice falls into Wonderland by chasing after a white rabbit and falling down its hole. In The Matrix, the protagonist Neo is first led to meet Trinity by Morpheus texting him to "follow the white rabbit", and he is subsequently invited to a Rave where Trinity is by a guy whose girlfriend has a white rabbit tattoo on her shoulder.

Castle: He's like the male 'You'. Ying needs Yang, not another 'Ying'. Ying/Yang is Harmony. Ying Ying is... a name for a panda.

Yin (the correct term) and Yang are concepts in Chinese philosophy, referring to interlocking forces or things which tie together in such a way that one thing or quality only exists in relation to the other -- Light and Dark, for example, or Male and Female. (the classic Zen/Taoist 'swirl', in black and white, with an opposite colored 'dot' in the middle of it is a related concept. The zen 'swirl' represents harmony, balance, and propriety: both yin and yang in equal amounts, and part of yang lies inside yin, and vice versa.

Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing were two giant pandas given to the US government as gifts following Nixon's visit to China in 1972, and resided at the National Zoo. The two were among the few pandas outside of China. The two passed away in 1992 and 1999, respectively, and have since been replaced by Mei Xiang and Tian Tian.

Sorenson: The famous novelist
Castle: Writer of wrongs.

A play on the term "Righter of Wrongs", that is, a person who seeks justice and attempts to make the world a better place by "righting" things which are wrong.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAndrew W. Marlowe
Executive ProducerArmyan Bernstein  |  Barry Schindel  |  Andrew W. Marlowe  |  Laurie Zaks  |  Rob Bowman
Co-Executive ProducerHarry Werksman  |  Gabrielle Stanton
Supervising ProducerCharles Murray
ProducerDavid Grae  |  D. Howard Grigsby
Co-ProducerMark A. Altman  |  Steven Kriozere
Consulting ProducerMoira Kirland Dekker
Associate ProducerSuzanne Lauer
Production DesignerAlfred Sole
EditorWarren Bowman
CastingKendra Castleberry  |  Donna Rosenstein
Unit Production ManagerJoan Van Horn
First Assistant DirectorBarry K. Thomas
Second Assistant DirectorRosemary Cremona
MusicRobert Duncan (2)
Music EditorLisa A. Arpino
Music SupervisorMadonna Wade-Reed
Costume DesignerSalvador Pérez Jr.
Key GripTony Sepian
Camera OperatorMark LaBonge  |  Andrew Bikichky
Set DecoratorChristopher R. Marsteller
Property MasterRitchie Kremer
Production Sound MixerJoe Foglia
Script SupervisorTricia Ronten
Production CoordinatorNancy Sprow
Assistant EditorOrlando Machado Jr.
Post Production SupervisorFaye Cottrell
Supervising Sound EditorFred Judkins
Re-Recording MixerJoe Earle  |  Michael Colomby
Director of PhotographyBill Roe
Art DirectorGershon Ginsburg
Costume SupervisorBrian Cotton
Production AccountantDeb Lancello
Chief Lighting TechnicianJono Kouzouyan
Dept. Head Make-up ArtistDebbie Zoller
Dept. Head Hair StylistCandy Walken
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