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Castle: A Death in the Family

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a plastic surgeon who disappeared and was found a week later dead in the front seat of his vehicle parked curbside. While delving into the world of surgery obsessed patients and secret operations, Castle has a fatherly experience as Alexis attends her first prom. And as Castle looks back into Beckett's past, he discovers information which could stop their relationship forever.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x10
Production Number: 110
Airdate: Monday May 11th, 2009

Alternate Airdates:

NL (SBS 6) Dec 03, 2009
DE (Kabel1) Apr 10, 2010
UK (alibi) Jun 09, 2010
Russia Oct 05, 2010

Guest Stars
Bailey ChaseBailey Chase
As Will Sorenson
Robert PicardoRobert Picardo
As Dr. Clark Murray
Ion OvermanIon Overman
As Candace Robinson
Jackie GearyJackie Geary
As Maggie Dowd / Carla "Coldblood" Dante
Robert CostanzoRobert Costanzo
As Sal Tenor
Joe MarinelliJoe Marinelli
As Jimmy Moran
DeLane MatthewsDeLane Matthews
As Jacey Goldberg
Kari ColemanKari Coleman
As Julia Hammond
Carrie SouthworthCarrie Southworth
As Courtney Morantz

Co-Guest Stars
Rey HerreraRey Herrera
As Mario Guerrera
Matt RiedyMatt Riedy
As Attorney
Scott ConnorsScott Connors
As FBI Agent #1 (Debney)
Catherine ChristensenCatherine Christensen
As FBI Agent #2
Ronnie AlthoffRonnie Althoff
As Heavy (Vito)
Main Cast
Nathan FillionNathan Fillion
As Richard Castle
Stana KaticStana Katic
As Detective Kate Beckett
Susan SullivanSusan Sullivan
As Martha Rodgers
Ruben Santiago-HudsonRuben Santiago-Hudson
As Captain Roy Montgomery
Jon HuertasJon Huertas
As Detective Javier Esposito
Seamus DeverSeamus Dever
As Detective Kevin Ryan
Tamala JonesTamala Jones
As Dr. Lanie Parish
Molly QuinnMolly Quinn
As Alexis Castle
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Greg LaswellComes and Goes (In Waves)Beckett visiting Will in hospital
MinnutesPack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit BagOpening scene
MinnutesMore to LuvAlexis gets home after her prom
Tyler LanePlease Don't GoAlexis choosing a dress

Episode Quotes
Castle: Hey, can I ask you something?
Beckett: Since when do you ask permission to ask questions?
Castle: It's about your mother's case. Have you ever thought about re-opening it?
Beckett: (Visually upset) What are you doing?
Castle: Nothing, I just thought if we worked together
Beckett: No!
Castle: I have resources
Beckett: Castle, you touch my mom's case and you and I are done. Do you understand?

Beckett: What is it with men and boobs anyway?
Castle: Biological. We can't help it
Beckett: But doesn't it bother you that they are so obviously not real?
Castle: Santa's not real, we still love opening his presents.

(Castle prom dress shopping with Alexis and Martha)
Castle: Sweetheart, I want you to know that no matter how you think you look, you are perfect exactly the way you are.

Castle: 'You look hideous'? Are you trying to give her body image issues?
Martha: Ohh! Newsflash. She already has body image issues. It's an intrinsic part of being a woman. Every woman in the world has some part of herself that she absolutely hates. Her hands are too small, her feet are too big, her hair's too straight, too curly, her ears stick out, her... (looking at herself in the mirror) Oh, God, her butt is too flat, her nose is too big... And you know, nothing you can say will change how we feel. What men don't understand is, the right clothes, the right shoes, the right makeup, just... it hides the flaws -- we think we have. They make us look beautiful... to ourselves. That's what makes us look beautiful, to others.
Castle: Used to be, all it took to make her feel beautiful was a pink tutu and a plastic tiara.
Martha: We spend our whole lives trying to feel that way, again.

Ryan: Get this. The hospital can't find the files. It's like it never happened.
Castle: Who did you talk to?
Ryan: Patient Information.
Castle: Weeeell, that was your first mistake. You want to find someone at a hospital who had a treatment there, there's only one department to go to where nothing EVER falls through the cracks...(everybody looks at him expectantly. With a sort of "duh" expression:) Billing.

Beckett: So what do we do, hop into a car and drive down to the bada bing?
Castle: I know a guy, he owes me a favor.
Beckett: "You know a guy"? What is this, a Mamet play?

Castle: Seriously? Parking Garage?
Beckett: What?
Castle: It's... pretty cliche.
Beckett: Yeah, well, no one said that the Feds were original.
Castle: Next thing you'll tell me they'll be pulling up in a black Suburban with tinted windows. (indeed, they do) Ohhhh, somebody's been watching way too many Bruckheimer films...

(Castle was sitting up waiting for Alexis to come home from the Prom. He turned his head away when they kissed goodbye)
Castle:Don't worry, I closed my eyes for the kissing part.
Alexis: Yeah, me too.

Kate: You look awfully serious. Is everything OK?
Castle: Take a seat.
Kate: What?
Castle: Sit down.
Kate: Castle, what's going on?
Castle: It's about your mother.

Kevin: Oh the terror of meeting my date's old man.
Castle: What did he do?
Kevin: Checked my wallet for condoms, showed me his gun collection. My hands were shaking so bad I could barely put on the corsage.

Cultural References
Castle: It's like she escaped from The Island of Dr. Moreau.

The Island of Dr. Moreau is an 1896 novel by noted SF author H.G. Wells, which explored the notions of humanity, cruelty to animals, and the distinctions between man and beast. It has been made into a movie three separate times, as Island of Lost Souls (1933, notable because it was one of the last movies released before the imposition of the Hays Code). under its original title in 1977, and again in 1996. It is also the inspiration behind the signature song Are We Not Men? (We Are Devo) by Punk/New Wave band Devo as well as the song No Spill Blood by New Wave band Oingo Boingo.

Beckett: C'mon, guys. She's not an animal, she's a human being.
Castle: Yeah, I know, but... wait are you being serious or quoting 'The Elephant Man'?

The Elephant Man is an award winning play and film about the life of Joseph Carey Merrick, an individual of the mid-late 1800s who suffered from a congenital defect that horribly disfigured him. In the play/film, at one point, he poignantly cries, behind the horrific visage, "I am not an animal, I am a human being!", calling clear attention to the fact that, behind the awful appearance was a living, thinking being with feelings like any other.

Beckett: You know a guy? What is this, a Mamet play?

David Mamet is a well known author, playwright, and screen director. He won the Pulitzer Prize for the play Glengarry Glen Ross, and among his other well-known works are the screenplays behind the films About Last Night... , The Verdict, and the 1981 version of The Postman Always Rings Twice. His films include State And Main and Things Change. Mamet also is the creative force behind the TV series The Unit. Mamet's dialogue, notable for its cynical, streetwise edge, carefully crafted for effect, is sufficiently distinctive that is often called "Mamet Speak".

Castle:Next thing you'll tell me they'll be pulling up in a black Suburban with tinted windows. (indeed, they do) Ohhhh, somebody's been watching way too many Bruckheimer films...

The Chevy Suburban is a very popular model of SUV, essentially a Chevy pickup truck with a station-wagon style body.

Jerry Bruckheimer is a noted film producer with more than 30 feature films to his name bringing in more than 13 billion dollars to Hollywood. As a result he is widely regarded as one of the most successful producers in history. His first major success might be considered Flashdance, and among the films which followed are Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, The Rock, Con Air, Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Pearl Harbor, and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. Bruckheimer is also behind the wildly successful CSI television franchise, the original of which is still getting top 10 ratings even into its tenth year.

Castle: When I gave you that little speech last night I didn't mean for you to go all Beautiful Mind on me.

A Beautiful Mind is a book and an adapted film about the life of Nobel Economics Laureate John Forbes Nash. The film won four Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director. The story is about Nash's slow descent into paranoid schizophrenia. The story does take extensive liberties with the facts about Nash's life, however, which has been a subject of some criticism.

Title: A Death in the Family

The title alludes to the story in two ways, both through the effort of the mob to kill one of their own for turning "state's evidence", but also for the important tie-in of Castle's investigation of the murder of Beckett's mother.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAndrew W. Marlowe
Executive ProducerBarry Schindel  |  Andrew W. Marlowe  |  Rob Bowman  |  Laurie Zaks  |  Armyan Bernstein
Co-Executive ProducerHarry Werksman  |  Gabrielle Stanton
Supervising ProducerCharles Murray
ProducerDavid Grae  |  D. Howard Grigsby
Co-ProducerSteven Kriozere  |  Mark A. Altman
Consulting ProducerMoira Kirland Dekker
Associate ProducerSuzanne Lauer
Production DesignerAlfred Sole
EditorMark S. Manos
CastingKendra Castleberry  |  Donna Rosenstein
Unit Production ManagerJoan Van Horn
First Assistant DirectorSteve Love
Second Assistant DirectorRosemary Cremona
MusicRobert Duncan (2)
Music EditorLisa A. Arpino
Music SupervisorMadonna Wade-Reed
Costume DesignerSalvador Pérez Jr.
Key GripTony Sepian
Camera OperatorMark LaBonge  |  Andrew Bikichky
Set DecoratorChristopher R. Marsteller
Property MasterRitchie Kremer
Production Sound MixerJoe Foglia
Script SupervisorTricia Ronten
Production CoordinatorNancy Sprow
Assistant EditorCindy Fret
Post Production SupervisorFaye Cottrell
Supervising Sound EditorFred Judkins
Re-Recording MixerJoe Earle  |  Michael Colomby
Director of PhotographyBill Roe
Art DirectorGershon Ginsburg
Costume SupervisorBrian Cotton
Production AccountantDeb Lancello
Chief Lighting TechnicianJono Kouzouyan
Dept. Head Make-up ArtistDebbie Zoller
Dept. Head Hair StylistCandy Walken
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