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Series 29

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Series 29

915 :29x01 - Learning to Fly

Jeff finds himself in a dangerous situation involving Samantha's husband as Charlie returns to work.
Guest Stars: Michelle Collins (1) as Samantha Keeler | Paul Bradley as Elliot Hope | Paul McNeilly as Simon Kellman | Niamh McEnhill as Bex Lee | Samuel Davies as Brendan Colver | Francis Magee as Frankie Lee | Christopher Gordon as Liam Colver | Vangelis Christodoulou as Sergeant Foskett
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Tony McHale

916 :29x02 - Fallen Stars

Rita is not happy after a patient turns out to be dishonest. Cal attempts to help a schoolgirl deal with her HIV,. Max convinces a rock legend to be honest.
Guest Stars: Shannon Murray as Amber Newbold | Daniel Casey as Freddie Newbold | Oengus MacNamara as Tyger Wicked | Leon Tennant as Sean Ingermann | Seraphina Beh as Emma Selby | David Sheath as Ben Thorpe

917 :29x03 - Home

Connie’s former boss Andrea shows up and risks a young boy’s life to hide her secret.Dixie is concerned about Tamzin and Jeff’s relationship.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Egan as Andrea Somerton | Carl Au as Danny Smith | Elizabeth Bower as Sheree Quinnell | Jack Hollington as Jake Quinnell | Claire Loy as Marie-Ann Naismith
Director: Joss Agnew
Writer: Mark Catley

918 :29x04 - Go Out and Get Busy

Robyn and Lofty aren't happy at work. Noel sets Max up on a date. Connie asks Tess about Charlie's retirement.
Guest Stars: Nicky Evans as Mike March | Gary Pillai as Tamwar Johar | Kirsty Armstrong as Sophie La Mesurier | Maya Sondhi as Anita Johar | Nick Figgis as James Kennard | Diane Martin as Hannah Speare
Director: Nigel Douglas

919 :29x05 - Born Lucky

A day out for several doctors ends in disaster as Jeff has plans to marry Tamzin.
Guest Stars: Simon Naylor as Peter Dowling | Tom Taylor (2) as Tristan Miles | Beth Park as Melissa Miles | Jacqueline Leonard as Judith Miles | Stirling Gallacher as Sally Aitken | Paul Jerrico as Walter Aitken
Writer: Kevin Rundle

920 :29x06 - The Last Call

A couple of former faces return to the hospital as the team comes together to say farewell to their friend Ash feels guilty about his colleague's death whilst Dixie throws herself into work and Cal is concerned after Ethan disappears from his hospital bed to attend the funeral.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Daniel Anthony as Jamie Collier | Liberty Mills as Caitlin Williams | Tim Munro as Douglas Brownley
Writer: Emma Goodwin

921 :29x07 - The Index Case

Connie finds herself worried if she missed something as Cal and Ethan work together when they find a rare virus.
Guest Stars: Katy Carmichael as Hailey Blake | Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | John Michie as Guy Self | Julia Swift as Paula Blake | Lewis Adler as Timothy Blake | Neil Grainger as David Swann | Helen Millar as Rachel Swann
Director: Joss Agnew
Writer: Steve Bailie

922 :29x08 - Return to Sender

Zoe returns to the ED, bringing a surprise with her. Lofty treats a boy who is fed up of been stopped and searched. Dixie causes ripples through the department when shes rages about Jeff's death, clashing with Ash. Connie has a complaint made against her.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Alexander Aze as Elliot Carr | Kate Mills as Jessica Carr | Sheila Reid as Gwen Morgan | Simone Saunders as DCI Christine Simmons | Tyler Mitchell (1) as Dante Paige | Katy Carmichael as Hailey Blake | Lucy Thackeray as Lauren Brooks
Director: Matthew Evans

923 :29x09 - Entrenched

Briony is injured at the local derby game, it soon becomes apparent to Cal that she is having relationship issues with her fiancê Matthew. Raucous football fans find themselves in the ED after a fight gets out of hand. Ash struggles under the pressure. Dixie can't get over Jeff.
Guest Stars: Georgia Moffett as Briony Whitman | John Christian Otteson as Steven 'Stevo' Maynard | Callum Tilling as Jed Maynard | Simon Rouse as Robert 'Parky' Parker | Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Antony Costa as Matthew Pendleton | Joshua Blake as Tyler Radmore | Danny Szam as Rhys Crandall | John Mathias as RSM Leslie 'Les' Moore |
Uncredited: Hari Dhillon as Michael Spence
Director: Matthew Evans
Writer: Dale Overton

924 :29x10 - Deadfall

Ethan finds himself in charge of the ED one night where strange things start to occur.
Guest Stars: Gary Lucy as Valentine | Dylan Parsons as Alex | Katharine Ingle as Janie | Oliver Watton as PC Parker | Ruth Gemmell as DS Darling | Kate Copeland as Pippa | James Daniel Wilson as Jack
Writer: Jeff Povey

925 :29x11 - Asylum

Mac starts his new job back at the ED as a health care assistant as emotions cause Ash to struggle.
Guest Stars: Mark Letheren as Ben Harding | Priscilla Adade-Helledy as Ayana Tewolde | Lawrence Walker as Matt Heyward | Barry Aird as Roy Grant | Togo Igawa as Than Sein | Tina Chiang as Mya Sein | Kathryn Hunt as Suzanne Harper | Sammy Oliver as Jess Harper
Director: Julie Edwards

926 :29x12 - Losing Grip

The lifestyle choice of a patient annoys Ash as a heroic old lady gets treatment.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Mark Letheren as Ben Harding | Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp | Katy Carmichael as Hailey Blake | Adam Paul Harvey as Kieran Batten | Gwyneth Powell as Gloria Pots | Sophie Ross as Rose Davies | Charlie G. Hawkins (1) as Miles Stones | Abby Rakic-Platt as Libby Carson
Director: Julie Edwards
Writer: Asher Pirie

927 :29x13 - Feeling Good

Ash and Dylan are unable to agree about how to treat a suspected overdose. Cal helps a patient with a large abscess whilst Zoe becomes annoyed after Cal flirts with her patient.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Charlie De'ath as Phil Gooden | Oscar Dunbar as Jude Gooden | Sarah Dunn as Taylor Ashbie | Sarah Earnshaw as Maggie Winters | Matthew Mellalieu as Adam Corn | Frances Tomelty as Audrey Strachan | Mark Letheren as Ben Harding | Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp
Director: Steve Brett

928 :29x14 - Solomon's Song

The team have to deal with an incident at a local cathedral and Lofty attempts to help a patient who believes that he’s Jesus. Zoe catches Max watching her and Dylan at the houseboat and is forced to confront him about their relationship.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Hywel Simons as Father Jackson | Oliver Ryan as Solomon Johns | William Simons as Jacob Hinter | Frances Tomelty as Audrey Strachan | Adele Silva as Holly Mable | Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp | Alistair Blair as Martin Fulham |
Uncredited: Steve Speak as Drunk Patient
Director: Steve Brett
Writer: Jeff Povey

929 :29x15 - Next Year's Words

New Year approaches with New Years resolutions being made but Connie's personal life causes problems.
Guest Stars: Sarah Dunn as Taylor Ashbie | Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp | Colette O'Rourke as Poppy Williams | Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Tracie Bennett as Molly Drover | Jackson Charles Cummins as Brandon Williams | Helen Sheals as Eve Lewis | Joanna Catherine Watt as Children's social worker | Natalie Lester as Receptionist |
Uncredited: Steve Speak as Drunk Man

930 :29x16 - Clinging On

A demanding patient is forcing Connie to spend less time with Grace as Zoe starts to realise life can be short.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Frances Tomelty as Audrey Strachan | Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp | Sarah Dunn as Taylor Ashbie | Katy Carmichael as Hailey Blake | Joan Kempson as Mary Calder | Melanie Ash as Jenny Calder | Alan Rothwell as Henry Chalmers | Anna Calder-Marshall as Peggy Downlands | Alan Williams as Colin Firth | Helen Sheals as Eve Lewis
Writer: Kit Lambert

931 :29x17 - Muddling Through

Connie finds herself in a showdown with Hailey Blake as Robyn decides to set up a hospital food bank.
Guest Stars: Katy Carmichael as Hailey Blake | Ryan Early as Phil Carman | Nathalie Pownall as Jackie Carman | Maddison Bell as Angel Carman | Zara Tempest-walters as Alesha Caulfield | Angela Bruce as Corinne Caulfield
Director: David Beauchamp

932 :29x18 - The Last Goodbye

Rita has a blast from her past when Mark turns up but concern grows when Grace goes missing.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Joel Beckett as Mark Richie | Frances Tomelty as Audrey Strachan | James Alexandrou as Franny Da Vies | Tiana Benjamin as Cheryl Dunsby | Tegan Bannister as Leah Dunsby | Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp

933 :29x19 - What A Difference A Day Makes

Now that Grace has left, Connie throws herself into work as Big Mac tries to help a man after he gambled his brother's money.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Adam Kotz as Trevor Rennell | Cerith Flinn as Keith Chapman | Michael Lindall as Sean Chapman | Dominic Rickhards as Peter Dumball | Amelia Donkor as Summer Sheldrake | Kai Alexander as Liam Rennell | Georgina Head as Lucy Rennell
Writer: Suzie Smith

934 :29x20 - Front Line

The ED is facing an inspection but Connie is unaware to problems that lay ahead as a soldier training day suffers an explosion.
Guest Stars: Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Sarah Dunn as Taylor Ashbie | David Sibley as Clive Parkes | Naveed Choudhry as Riaz Ulman | Ravi Aujla as Karim Ulman | Florence Bell as Erin Riley | Jamie MacLachlan (1) as Chris Clark | Edmund Kingsley as Dominic Jefferies

935 :29x21 - Sweetie

Connie suggests that Dylan applies for the vacancy of Consultant as the team's professionalism is tested by a criminal.
Guest Stars: Lynn Hunter as Gaby Wells | Chelsee Healey as Honey Wright | Michael Angelis as Stanley Momford | Emma Pallant as Susie Reardon | Marcia Warren as Olive Russell
Writer: Sally Abbott

936 :29x22 - Sweet Little Lies

A teenager struggles to accept that she is in need of help as Dylan and Lofty help a patient who has a big secret.
Guest Stars: Ellen Coulton as Kayleigh Vickers | Ben Wiggins as Luke Dickinson | Anna Brecon as Beth Fox | Nimmy March as Roz Allen | Katy Manning as Marjorie Miller | Gerald Royston Horler as Gary Taylor
Director: Julie Edwards
Writer: Lucia Haynes

937 :29x23 - Something to Live For

A father is giving up on himself but Dixie tries to help as Connie finds a friend in a patient.
Guest Stars: Michael Byrne as Alfred Maxwell | Emma Hook as Kate Miles | Eamon Boland as George Boyce | Gary Grant as Dave Boyce | Bobby Fuller as Mikey Boyce | Simon Naylor as Peter Dowling
Director: Julie Edwards

938 :29x24 - Excess Baggage

Lily is able to convince a wife to be honest with her husband about not wanting a baby anymore and not continuing with IVF. Rita tries to help a man change his stubborn attitude after he refuses to tell people he is suffering with a neurological disease.
Guest Stars: Michael Byrne as Alfred Maxwell | Alun Raglan as Craig Hills | Linda Armstrong as Amy Hills | Peter Gunn as Bryan Munnings | Steven Meo as Drew Hart
Director: Rebecca Gatward
Writer: Emma Goodwin

939 :29x25 - Toxic Relationships

Driving home from work, Lily ends up hitting a schoolgirl as the argument between Connie and Rita continues causing a work-to-rule.
Guest Stars: Andrew McNair as Simon Rowley | Elaine Glover as Serena Martin | Martin Hancock as Mike Levin | Colin McFarlane as Clifton Duheney | Tolani Onanuga as Kiah Duheney | Garry Robson as Frank Sheldrake
Director: Rebecca Gatward

940 :29x26 - The Road Not Taken

Two major incidents put the ED under pressure and cause trouble for Zoe but the return of Maggie provides an alternative offer.
Guest Stars: Cat Simmons as Lena Marshall | Joe Layton (1) as Luke Peters | Kirsty Mitchell as Gina Wilson | Chris Simmons (1) as Jamie Wilson | Susan Cookson as Maggie Coldwell | Ben Hull as Dr Derwood Thompson | Lois Ellington as Hattie Wilson | Joseph Prowen as Dr Cannon
Director: Ian Barnes

941 :29x27 - Something Borrowed, Something Blue

With Alfred's condition getting worse, Connie tries to give him special treatment as Ethan isn't happy to learn Cal stole his money.
Guest Stars: Michael Byrne as Alfred Maxwell | Samantha Shellie as Daisy Cooper | Francois Pandolfo as Andrew Temple | Anita Harris as Francesca Hayward | Gemma Oaten as Stacey Bayton | Sarah Dunn as Taylor Ashbey | Garry Robson as Frank Sheldrake
Director: Jo Johnson (1)
Writer: Gail Evans

942 :29x28 - Under Pressure

When a young girl ends up giving birth in Dixie's ambulance, a teacher claims to be adopting the baby as the victim of bullying takes revenge on his bully.
Guest Stars: Gerry Cowper as Lorraine Wells | Alec Parkinson as Adrian Flowers | Brandon Robinson as Thomas Jones (TJ) | Sam Fava as Curtis Yeates | Will Finlason as Jamie Mallet | Ruby Snape as Gayle Swanson | Laura Greenwood (1) as Anya Hollins | Michael Byrne as Alfred Maxwell
Director: Jo Johnson (1)

943 :29x29 - The King's Crossing

There is an accident on the Emergency Department doorstep which results in the hospital having to operate on a generator. A distressed Taylor calls Carl who finds her in a park toilet with a knife in her leg. Lofty attempts to put Robyn off him and turns to Max for help.
Guest Stars: Michael Byrne as Alfred Maxwell | Sarah Dunn as Taylor Ashbey | Gerry Cowper as Lorraine Wells | Adie Allen as DS Gill Mangrove | Martin Walsh as Sam Bange | Caroline O'Neill as Wendy Bange | Jessica Revell as Kelly Bange
Director: Seán Gleeson
Writer: Andy Bayliss

944 :29x30 - The Rita Supremacy

Arrested on suspicion of helping Alfred to die, Connie fights to prove her innocence as two-star-crossed lovers receive help from Robyn.
Guest Stars: Ron Donachie as DI John Hartley | Adie Allen as DS Gill Mangrove | Lee Worswick as Joey Silver | Holly Bodimeade as Laura Melling | Tessa Churchard as Wanda Melling | Jade Ewen as Billie-Jayne Lowe
Director: Seán Gleeson
Writer: Jeff Povey

945 :29x31 - The Department Of Secrets

It's the day of Connie's trial and if Rita comes clean and Charlie takes the tranquilizers to the police, her name might be cleared. Dixie goes to a care home where she tries to help a girl who has cut her wrists.
Guest Stars: Aleksy Komorowski as Zach Manley | Adie Allen as Gill Mangrove | Patricia Brake as Lola Brightwell | Ifan Huw Dafydd as Bill McCleod | Alexandra Gilbreath as Eileen Brightwell | Eleni Foskett as Simone Waycott | Charlie Heaton as Jason Waycott | David Partridge as Drew Harman | Sam Newman (2) as Ben Barrington | Jane Whittenshaw as Magistrate | Natalie Paisley as Prison officer |
Uncredited: Gregory Foreman as Louis Fairhead | Crina Semciuc as Sofia Constantin
Director: Simon Massey

946 :29x32 - Exile

Charlie and Connie travel to Bucharest in Romania to try and save Charlie's son. After Charlie shows up at the hospital in Bucharest he finds out that Louis is a heroin addict and has become involved in some bad business. Louis leaves hospital in a car driven by a drug dealer called Cristian. Charlie discovers that his son is planning to sell his kidney to pay off his debts.
Guest Stars: Gregory Foreman as Louis Fairhead | Florian Ghimpu as Alex Anghelescu | Crina Semciuc as Sofia Constantin | Mihai Gruia Sandu as Razvan Ionesco | George Pistereanu as Christian Vaduva | Gabi Spahiu as Police officer | Andreea Vasile as Nurse | Elisa Calin as Flatmate | Tudor Rosu as Boy in tunnel | Sofia Parea Dominique as Girl in tunnel

947 :29x33 - Against the Odds

More worried than ever about Louis' safety and wellbeing, Charlie is very agitated as a talented skater falls in with a bad group of lads.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Tan as Sau Lai Yeung | Andrew Koji as Keong | Sarah Lam as So-Fang Yeung | Connor Catchpole as Marcus | Freddie Rogers as Phil | Gregory Foreman as Louis Fairhead | Billy Pamphilon as Jake Bradfield
Director: Graeme Harper
Writer: Steve Bailie

948 :29x34 - Fix You

Cal and Ethan make plans to travel to Finland to help a patient take part in a clinical trial that could save her life. They end up though trying to helping her adopted son’s biological brother, comes to terms with his mother’s illness. Zoe tries to help Riley, who has been in a car accident and is unable to speak and soon finds out that his mother died in a road traffic accident.
Guest Stars: Ryan Calais Cameron as Jerome Parke | Felicity Dean as Julia Willis | Craig Fletcher as Aaron Willis | Lindsey Campbell as Carey Sanders | Simon Wilson as Simon Dale | Jacob Greener-Tofts as Riley Dale
Director: Graeme Harper

949 :29x35 - A Moment of Clarity

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Guest Stars: Matthew Steer as Sam Jones

950 :29x36 - Heart Over Head

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Guest Stars: Sophia Brown (3) as Leyla Fairgrieves | Damson Idris as Leon James
Director: Claire Winyard

951 :29x37 - If You Can Bottle It

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical
Status: Returning Series
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:15 pm
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: September 06, 1986
Episode Order: 46
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