All's Fair in Love and War - Recap

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Sam returned home to find Tess unconscious. Fleur confessed she'd drugged her because she was going to section Sam. Abs, Sarah and Nina all turned up. Sam caught Fleur trying to strangle Tess and dragged her off.

Sarah decided to break in but was hit over the head by Fleur. Fleur grabbed a knife and ran upstairs with Sam, barricading them in the bedroom. She wanted him to take an overdose with her.

Abs and Nina followed them upstairs. Abs managed to talk Sam round. Fleur went for Tess with a knife but Sam pulled her off. Back in the ED, Sam agreed to go back on his medication.

Elsewhere, Matt's mum agreed that Woody could see her son. Meanwhile, Jas informed Guppy they were cutting him off. Abs and Nina were blissfully reunited after she told Sarah that Abs was the one she wanted.