Season 1

1 :01x01 - Bringin' Down The Mouse / To The Moon

Bringing Down the Mouse:
Poor gullible Waffle sets out on his first mouse hunt only to meet Squeakus, the most devious of rodents. While Waffle thinks he has met his new best friends, Squeakus preys on Waffle’s innocence and trusting nature and convinces him that Mr. Blik and Gordon are actually mice. In the end, Squeakus is defeated and Waffle finally gets to the Mouse Hunter's Ball.

To the Moon:
When Mr. Blik enters a barbeque rib cook-off it’s off to the moon for the three brothers. Gordon recounts a story of a man making the most delicious ribs using rocks from the moon. Since Mr. Blik is a terrible cook and needs all of the help he can get, he turns Gear into a rocket to chauffer the three cats to the moon. In the end, Blik wins, for the WORST RIBS EVER. Blik is actually happy.
Guest Stars: Maurice LaMarche as Judge | Phil LaMarr as Squeakus
Director: Doug TenNapel

2 :01x02 - Unicorn Club / Go Gomez! Go!

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Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen as Randall the Bear | Kevin McDonald as Gomez | Maurice LaMarche as Luther | John DiMaggio as Tadd, Brick | Liliana Mumy as Human Kimberly

3 :01x03 - Lovesick / King of All Root Beer

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Guest Stars: Tress MacNeille as Sassyfrass | Rob Paulsen as Monster Gordon, Randall the Bear
Director: Peter Hastings

4 :01x04 - Tale of the Tail / Mr. Pickles

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Guest Stars: Maurice LaMarche as Kraken | Wayne Knight as Mr. Pickles | Tom Kenny as Bum #1

5 :01x05 - Slumber Party / Off the Leash

Slumber Party:

The guys dress up like girls to crash Human Kimberly's "Girl's only" sleep over.

Off the Leash

Waffle takes a personality test to figure out his place in life. But he didn't expect the result he got: "Dog"
Guest Stars: Clancy Brown as Barkmeat | Liliana Mumy as Human Kimberly

6 :01x06 - The Ghost of Mrs. Cramdilly / A Line in the Litter Box

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Guest Stars: Maurice LaMarche as Mrs. Edna Cramdilly | Wayne Knight as War Blik

7 :01x07 - Love Cats / Zombie Party a Go-Go!

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Guest Stars: Andrea Libman as Creepy Clown Doll | Liliana Mumy as Human Kimberly | Frank Welker as Zombie | Dee Bradley Baker as Zombie | James Arnold Taylor as Zombie | Peri Gilpin as Zombie | Billy West as Zombie | Candi Milo as House Guest

8 :01x08 - Gordon's Lucky Claw / Big-Eyed Bunny

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Guest Stars: Frank Welker as Alien | Maurice LaMarche as Pet Shop Owner

9 :01x09 - Scaredy Cat

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Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen as Quebafarb | Maurice LaMarche as Zinkogorb, Judge | John DiMaggio as Tadd, Brick

9 :01x09 - Requiem For a Cat

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Guest Stars: Bill Farmer as Pig | Andy Dick as Father | Doug E. Doug as The Vet | Moneca Stori as Honey | Maurice LaMarche as The Vet | Frank Welker as The Sharks

10 :01x10 - Hi Ho Kraken / King of Clubs

The humongous sea creature Kraken makes waves by hiding out in the cats' house. When the felines discover that he has been exiled from his planet, they set up a plan to help him return home. Later, Blik attempts to join a lavish country club.
Guest Stars: Maurice LaMarche as Queen Kraken, The Krakens, Three-Headed Kraken, Kraken, Kraken's Mom, Other Krakens | Dwight Schultz as Bill Champley | Corey Burton as Bill Champley | S. Scott Bullock as Bill Champley

11 :01x11 - Livesavers / Mecha-Kitties

Gordon becomes Blik's devoted servant in order to repay Blik for saving his life. Later, the felines create robots to tend to their many needs while their butler is away.
Guest Stars: Frank Welker as Lobsters | Wayne Knight as Blik Robot | Rob Paulsen as Gordon Robot | Kevin McDonald as Waffle Robot | Maurice LaMarche as Hovis Robot

12 :01x12 - My Bodyguards / Charge!

Blik hires the Chumpy Chump Brothers to act as his bodyguards after he's threatened by a mean alley cat. Later, Blik accumulates a dangerous amount of static electricity while playing on a playground's slide.
Guest Stars: John DiMaggio as Tadd, Brick | Richard McGonagle as Bootsy | Wayne Knight as Electric Blik | Liliana Mumy as Kid | Jeff Bennett as Guy who gives Waffle cash | Maurice LaMarche as Bootsy

13 :01x13 - A Wooly Adventure / Evil!

A wooly mammoth is discovered by the felines, and the prehistoric creature mistakes the unmotherly Blik for his mommy. Also, Waffle becomes convinced that he's an evil genius and makes plans to take over the world.
Guest Stars: Jon Stewart as Mammoth | Kevin Michael Richardson as The Bomb, Tom | S. Scott Bullock as Bill Champley | Kevin McDonald as Gomez | Jess Harnell as Mitchell the Mammoth

14 :01x14 - Clan Destiny / Mall-Adjusted

The cats go bankrupt and are forced to find jobs at the mall after Waffle spends all of their money on bubble wrap.
Guest Stars: John DiMaggio as Tadd, Brick, Big Beefy Guy | Maurice LaMarche as Luther | Rob Paulsen as Randall the Bearm, TV Vase Salesman | Christie Mellor as Woman, Cute Woman | Jim Cummings as Klqain | Jeff Bennett as Guardian of the staff | Pearce Bunting as Angry Voice, TV Man #1, TV Man #2

15 :01x15 - Two of A Kind / Core-uption

Waffle enters into a forbidden friendship with a member of a rival family; Gordon transforms the world into Kimberly's dream place, filled with cotton candy, unicorns and glitter.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Klqain | Jennifer Elise Cox as Seal Woman | Maurice LaMarche as Scotty, Old Scotty, Luther | Christie Mellor as Dolphin Woman | John DiMaggio as Lunk

16 :01x16 - Katilda / The Secret Door

Katilda:Katilda’s the new cat in town, and, though Blik won’t admit it, she’s fascinating! With her charismatic leadership skills, Katilda soon has the cats following her into the woods to fight a terrifying monster. But when it appears that Katilda’s imagination may be a bit too active, will any of the cats be left to fight by her side?

The Secret Door: Blik and Gordon can’t figure out why Waffle keeps disappearing, until they find out that Waffle has discovered a secret world hidden inside the mansion! A world where he’s become king! Unfortunately, Waffle finds out that being king has its price when the Dark Rider forces Waffle into battle. Now, it’s King Waffle’s duty to defeat this evil menace and save his subjects!
Guest Stars: Hynden Walch as Katilda | Billy West as Subjects

17 :01x17 - Major Pepperidge / Magic Staff

The felines get really cool superpowers thanks to a magic staff.

19 :01x19 - Blikmail / Love Jackal

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Guest Stars: Hynden Walch as Katilda | Maurice LaMarche as Member of Love Jackal, Crown Member | Kevin Michael Richardson as Bouncer