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Message Posted On Friday, February 24th 2006 at 1:50 pm
There is going to be new episodes on Friday, March 3rd and on Friday, March 24th at 7:30 pm!

Friday, March 3rd
7:30pm Catscratch #112: My Bodyguards / Charge!

Description: (A) On his way home from the salon, Blik is bullied by a nasty alley-cat who says that Blik is giving regular cats a bad name! Blik becomes paranoid that the alley-cat is after him, so he hires the Chumpy Chump Brothers as protection! Sure, they’re big, mean and ugly, but they also don’t take orders too well. In fact, Blik’s “bodyguards” cause more chaos and damage than any alley-cat could! And they won’t leave, prompting Blik to muster up the courage to actually fight his own battle for a change! Guest star: John DiMaggio (B) While showing off at the park, Blik zooms down a giant slide, and becomes charged up with static electricity! Big time! Now, all sorts of metal objects are flying at him: the fridge, a license plate collection, knives, a bus. And when he discovers that his charge is about to cause a major international disaster, Blik realizes he must rid himself of his electrical powers. Fortunately, Waffle suggests an idea that’s so crazy, it just might work.

Frida' va March 24th
7:30pm Catscratch 113: A Wooly Adventure / Evil!

Description: (A) The cats’ air-conditioning conks out during a massive heat-wave! So they haul in an iceberg to cool them off. But when the iceberg melts, a woolly mammoth springs forth! And he thinks Blik’s his mommy! Blik refuses to take the job, but the mammoth won’t leave him alone! But when the townspeople want to dispose of the mammoth, Blik’s heart opens up to the creature. Is it too late to save his new friend? (B) When Waffle starts shedding, he becomes convinced it’s because HE’S EVIL! (Thanks to Blik’s careless suggestion.) Waffle sets up his own evil hideout with plans to take over the world! He’s even got a ticking time-bomb to help along with the destruction! But can his brothers convince him that it’s all been just a simple misunderstanding, before the bomb goes off?Guest star: Kevin Michael Richardson

(Source: Cable TV Talk.com)