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Message Posted On Monday, April 17th 2006 at 9:52 pm
There is going to be new episodes on Friday, May 5th and on Friday, May 12th at 7:30 pm!

Friday, May 5th
7:30pm Catscratch #115: Clan Destiny/Two of A Kind

Description: (115A) To prove his foreign heritage, Gordon takes his brothers to Scotland, where he reunites with the Highland Quid Clan! To Gordon's shock, the clan has no record of a Gordon Quid. He's devastated! Now he'll have to find a way to show that he's one of them. (115B) After finding a staff that transforms the bearer into a hulking superman, the cats get selfish. They each want the powers of a hero, even if they don't want to act like one. And when the guardian of the staff shows up to reclaim it, the cats must battle him to prove their worth! But do the cats really deserve such power
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings, Jeff Glen Bennett

Friday, May 12th
7:30pm Catscratch #116: Core-Uption/Katilda

Description: (116A) Kimberly's teacher fails her on her project: a model of the earth's core, made of glitter, cotton candy, rainbows, and other pretty stuff. Seeing Kimberly upset, Gordon travels to the center of the earth, and tosses her project into the core! And the earth transforms! Clouds turn into cotton candy, unicorns roam freely, and it rains glitter! But as the cats soon learn, too much of a good thing can be really, really awful. (116B) Katilda’s the new cat in town, and, though Blik won’t admit it, she’s fascinating! With her charismatic leadership skills, Katilda soon has the cats following her into the woods to fight a terrifying monster. But when it appears that Katilda’s imagination may be a bit too active, will any of the cats be left to fight by her side?

(Source: Cable TV Talk.com)