Nick Get Job - Recap

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Nick is in the apartment working on his dissertation and Joel suggests he get a job and contribute rent. Nick doesn’t get the hint and Joel ends up getting to work late when he realizes Nick didn’t put gas in the car. Kyle and Josie are making out in the fun zone ball pit so Joel ends up firing them, which forces everyone to work to make up their shifts. Joel suggests to boss Lars Hogan that they hire Nick to fill in.

Andy is down in the basement doing laundry when a woman comes in, takes one look at him, and quickly leaves. He goes up stairs and wonders if he’s frightening, but Joel is busy making sure Nick takes the job. Nick reluctantly agrees and goes to work, but isn’t happy working as a “refurbisher.” He quickly gets Glen to do his work then listen to downloaded music and basically do nothing. Joel isn’t happy, and is distracted in bed. Kate isn’t happy with that and tells him he needs to fire Nick. The next day, Joel can’t bring himself to do it and sends Mr. Hogan over, and he quickly fires Nick.

Back at the apartment, Nick can’t understand how he could have been fired and figures it’s caveman discrimination. Joel and Kate are less then thrilled, since he has to come into their bedroom to tell them about it.

Andy hangs out by the apartment mail boxes and manages to find out the woman’s name is Lucy Sprague. Back at work, Joel finds out that Nick is filing a lawsuit against the company. Joel’s caught in the middle because Nick thinks he’s a corporate stooge while the corporation lawyer wants him to testify on their behalf and hint they’re not anti-caveman.

At the adjudication hearing, Nick goes off on a rant about anti-caveman prejudice, and Joel finally pulls him out into the hall and confesses he got him fired. Nick doesn’t believe it, figuring Joel’s bosses are forcing him to testify. They go back in and the lawyer presents indisputable evidence that Nick is incompetent. Embarrassed, Nick drops the lawsuit… and wonders why Joel never told him he sucked.

Andy bursts in to Lucy’s apartment and manages to get her to listen to his mother testify on his behalf. They end up hitting it off and he invites her up to his apartment. Joel and Nick are there, going over all the employee complaints that Nick got. Finally, Andy and Lucy are so cloying together that they pretend to be primitive cavemen and scare her off.