The Mascot - Recap

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Andy is filling out his resume to apply for an account job, while Nick reveals that he’s taken on a job as a substitute teacher. Andy gives him a ride, which doesn’t work out well when Nick spits food in the car.

At school, Nick takes command of the class and gets the students to start thinking for themselves and question authority. Meanwhile, Kate’s mom Leslie drops into visit Andy, since she’s found his resume in the copy machine. Although she has trouble telling the difference between him and his brother Joel, Leslie asks him to work for her as his account… off the books. Andy reluctantly agrees.

Things are going well for Nick and he’s eager to share his enthusiasm with the other teachers… as well as their food. However, he gets a shock when he discovers that the school mascot is a caveman. He goes to the principal, who is sympathetic but not planning to change anything. She finally convinces Nick that the school savage embodies the nobility and respect of the caveman.

Joel and Andy play racquet ball against Maurice and discuss the situation, and Andy finally admits that Leslie is embezzling from her husband to pay for a condo for her lover.

Back in class Nick finishes class and discovers that the other students have spirit clubs for the homecoming game.

Joel has coffee with Kate and asks how her parents are doing and she says they’re doing fine as far as she knows. Joel quickly drops the questioning before she figures something out.

At the school, everyone is waving spirit clubs and Nick talks to the principal. The school mascot, a student in a caveman suit makes his entrance.

Leslie mistakes Joel for Andy and calls him in to do some more creative embezzling. Joel confesses he’s having trouble lying to Kate and tries to get Leslie to tell her daughter what’s going on. Leslie finally agrees to do so.

Nick is immersed in caveman spirit, and finally asks the mascot to stop. The mascot mocks him then hits him with a club until finally Nick fights back, knocking him down. The students turn on Nick when it turns out it’s a girl in the suit. Nick is forced to leave and Maurice picks him up before the students can beat him up.

Joel has a beer with the guys and is relieved that Leslie is being honest with her husband. They try to reassure Nick that only a couple of hundred students saw him beat up on the girl… until he discovers it’s being broadcast on the Internet. Nick is in his apartment watching the video when Leslie arrives, mistakes him for Joel, and tries to pay him off. Nick demands $2,000 then goes out and buys a motorbike so he can get around on his own.