The Cavewoman - Recap

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Joel is visiting the new Fruitberry Yogurt store and gets Andy and Nick to join him in line for the newest craze. There’s a hot cavewoman working the counter, Heather, and the guys go outside with their yogurts and consider which one of them she wants.

Alex brings Kate in and he warns her that Heather is flirty. Heather is insulting toward Joel’s non-caveman girlfriend, referring to her as a “smoothie.” Kate storms out and wonders why Joel didn’t stand up for her. Meanwhile Heather hits on Nick and things go well for him.

Joel tries to figure out what to do about Kate and bounces ideas off of Andy. Nick brings Heather home and she heads for the bedroom, while Joel takes credit for setting them up. Joel asserts that he’s interested in Kate for herself, not because he’s a smoothie-chaser. Nick gets into the bedroom and finds Heather appropriately… primitive.

The next morning Nick is removing stray hairs with a lint remover while Heather wonders why her breakfast is and clearly isn’t too enthused about Nick. Andy tries to find out if she has any girl friends and she sets him up with a friend, Brandy. When Nick is hesitant, Heather orders him to call the girl, spars verbally with Joel, and heads to work.

Kate is having lunch with her mother and sister and they suggest she show Heather she won’t be intimidated. They go to the frozen-yogurt store and Kate’s sister stands up to her, impressing Heather. Heather then dismisses Joel as a wuss, and talks about how Nick can’t perform while they all bond over yogurt.

Later, Heather proceeds to trounce Nick in squash and then take him to bed. Afterward she comes out to find out why Nick didn’t call her friend Brandy and take his beer, then heads back into the bedroom where Nick is on the verge of collapse.

The next day Heather puts Nick to work finishing his dissertation and gives him a deadline. Joel and Nick are duly impressed, but Joel tells him to man up to get her respect. Down at the shop, Andy hits on a girl and Heather tells him to call Brandy or she’ll rip out his voice box. Andy confesses that he’s gay and Heather tells him to make out with a guy. Nick runs out of the store.

Joel takes Kate out and apologizes for not standing up for her, and says Heather is a freak. Things go badly and Kate goes with Heather’s advice to own her emotions, and walks out.

Heather and Nick go to the movies and Nick tries to break it off, but ends up getting popcorn… at least until he can get out and run away. Later, the guys wait outside the yogurt shop for Heather to leave and end up paying a kid to get them yogurt. He runs off with their money and they send a reluctant Joel after him.