The Shaver - Recap

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Nick and Andy are sitting by the pool when they spot Jake Coskey, a new guy at the condo who is making friends. Joel is off to see if he’s receiving the executive training program position and Nick warns him that there’s no chance he’ll get the job. After all, he’s a caveman. After Joel leaves, Nick gets a good look at Jake and figures that he’s a “shaver”: a caveman who shaves off his body hair to pass as a human. Nick and Andy head up to the apartment and discuss shavers, including John Tesh.

It turns out that Joel doesn’t get the training slot and will have to wait a year. Feeling victimized, he heads back to the apartment where Nick figures they should out Jake as a caveman and make someone else the victim. The next day, Andy drives Kate and her sister Thorne and mother Leslie when their car breaks down, but when he gets cut off ion traffic he goes berserk and Thorne gets sexually excited.

Nick gets Joel to go spy on Jake, who is a salesman with the Bob Anthony networking group. Joel ends up getting roped into joining the program and expanding his range of contacts, much to Nick’s disgust. Later, Nick accuses him of betraying his own kind but Joel is more impressed with the new business cards he’s had made up. Nick then sneaks into Leslie’s office to see Jake’s rental agreement but she catches him at it. However, she doesn’t care and shows him the agreement, and Jake didn’t fill in his blank. Nick figures he’s covering up and plans to go after him.

Thorne calls Andy up and sets it up so he has to give her a ride. Joel is at lunch with Kate, but spending more time networking then with her. It’s paying off big for him, though. Andy drives Thorne through the streets and gets angry at the drivers and pedestrians. She gets turned on and tries to get him into a hotel room, but one of the people he cuts off comes after him and he wimps out, and Thorne leaves in disgust.

Nick goes to Jake’s networking seminar where Joel is in the audience. He accuses Jake of being a caveman and Jake denies it, noting he’s too good-looking and successful to possibly be a caveman. Joel takes offense and goes berserk. They head back to the apartment with Nick teasing Joel for acting out stereotypical caveman behavior, and they find Andy listening to reputed shaver John Tesh. Even Joel gives in and they all dance to Tesh’s musical stylings.