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Rock Vote - Recap

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Andy is playing a first-shooter video game when Nick comes out from his bedroom to complain about the noise… at noon. Andy has mail: his in ballot for state elections. He reveals he’s never voted before and Nick fills it out for him, but Joel insists on doing it for his brother. When Andy refuses, Joel pries away his video game controller and gets him outside.

At the squash court, the guys debate who to vote for and Nick insists that they should vote for the caveman candidate Red Goldreyer… even though he never wins. They then debate which sapien to vote for but Nick insists on not voting for Jack Whitman, the anti-caveman candidate. Meanwhile, Andy is suffering from video game withdrawal, and Kate asks in to get them to come to her mother’s fundraiser. Once Nick finds it‘s for Whitman, he accuses Joel of selling out. They go back to the apartment and Andy discovers that someone broke in and stole his video game.

The guys go to the Whitman fundraiser but Andy is depressed at being ripped off. Joel suggests that Andy vote for Whitman because he’s tough on crime, but Nick is less than enthused. Thorne and Leslie arrive, and Andy complains to Thorne. She suggests he get a gun, but doesn’t have a spare. Leslie introduces Whitman to the guys and he makes a speech about crime. Andy is enthused while Nick is skeptical and takes off, but Joel and Andy stick around to pose with Whitman for a photo op.

Thorne takes Andy to the shooting range to have him try out a gun. He hits a target but panics at the thought of hurting someone. Meanwhile, Nick spots an offensive poster of Andy with Whitman and he accuses Joel of selling out again. Andy is nervous since Whitman is pro-gun and Nick takes him to see the caveman candidate. They go to Goldreyer’s campaign but the candidate warns he won’t be elected any time soon, but is determined to campaign against the gluten lobby. Nick tries to get his (very small) donation back.

Joel goes to see Whitman, who is having a tryst with Leslie, and tries to plead Andy’s case. Whitman promises to look into it and they shake and hug… on camera. Meanwhile, Nick is still trying to get his donation back while Andy discusses the gluten conspiracy with Goldreyer. Andy realizes he’s been eating pancakes with gluten and Goldreyer takes him off to get irrigated.

While Andy gets rid of all of their gluten-filled food, Nick admits Goldreyer is nuts and Joel suggests he apologize. Joel admits he’s wrong about Whitman and Andy doesn’t know who to believe. The guys go voting and end up voting for Witherspoon: Nick likes the name and Andy actually studied the issues and gives them a hard time about not knowing what’s going on. Andy goes back to playing video games after buying a used machine from Maurice, and they realize it’s their own machine and Maurice is selling stolen goods.