Season 3

26 :03x01 - Hello Again

Olivia continues to feel stunned by the impact of Jack's huge secrets.

27 :03x02 - A Helping Hand

Jack put pressure on Olivia to move in with him, but she's hesitant because she's unsure if she can trust him. Maryellen comes back to town with a huge announcement.

28 :03x03 - Something's Gotta Give

Jack offers Olivia some space following their quarrel. Justine works with a rival. A picture proves to be very revealing.

29 :03x04 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Olivia clashes with Will featuring a real-estate issue. Grace is pressured to come to a decision. Jack realizes that a newly formed friendship could cause a challenge to his relationship.

30 :03x05 - Civil War

Paul attempts to play peacemaker between Olivia and Will, whose family feud has got worse and they are prepared to battle each other in court.

31 :03x06 - Batter Up

A charity baseball game takes place and tensions increase between Jack and Paul as Paul's sister asks about her brother's relationship with Olivia.

32 :03x07 - Runaway

Paul warns Olivia to be careful of Liz and her true motives. Jack puts his job on the line for Jeri.

33 :03x08 - The Good Fight

Will manages to overstay his welcome at Olivia's home. Jeri is not pleased that Jack was offered her job; Paul goes on his first date following his divorce.

34 :03x09 - Engagements

Olivia offers Paul some advice on romance, but her relationship with Jack is full of uncertainties.

35 :03x10 - Getting to Know You: Part One

Jack's past ends up becoming an issue for Olivia. Jack focuses on work and Paul makes a surprising announcement before Grace's wedding.