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Free Spirits - Recap

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Maryellen talks to John Bowman over the phone about his photography. He is bringing 14 prints to the gallery. John usually only brings a few so Justine suspects that it may be more than the gallery that John likes.

Justine cooks Seth a welcome-home dinner on his boat but he never shows up. She calls him but he doesn't answer.

At breakfast the next day, Grace tries to comfort Justine about Seth. Olivia says Justine shouldn't even think about looking for Seth in Alaska. Olivia gets up from the table and greets Jack. He still hasn't heard from Eric but he received a job offer from a friend to write about a baseball game while he's on vacation. Jack leaves to finish his article on the town theatre's presentation of Romeo and Juliet.

At the gallery, John tells Maryellen that he brought so many prints because he lost his job as a chef. He doesn't explain why he lost it and Maryellen doesn't question him further.

Jack invites Olivia to see the game with him. He wants her to know that he likes her and he's not leaving for a better job.

Grace talks to Maryellen about John. Justine says that there is a position open at the local restaurant and it could bring John to Cedar Cove on a more permanent basis. She receives a phone call from the Alaska fishing company, saying that Seth came back with the ship and collected his pay but no one has seen him since.

Olivia rides her bike up to Grace outside the library, and Grace introduces her to Cliff Harting. Cliff is at the library to get a library card. Olivia rides out to visit Justine on Seth's boat. Justine thinks she should stop thinking about what she should do and start thinking about what she wants to do. Olivia just wants her to be happy.

Cliff rents a book about alpacas because he is thinking about buying a few to shear them. He invites Grace to see his ranch but she isn't ready to date yet.

Jack goes fishing with his friend Bob. Jack asks how Bob has made his marriage work for so long. Bob knows what it is like to have a drinking problem. They discuss Eric and Bob tells Jack that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Eric may hate him for now but he will come around. They return from their fishing trip having caught nothing.

Maryellen tells John about the job at the restaurant.

Justine worries about Seth while she reads about bear attacks and plane crashes in Alaska.

Grace tells Olivia that a trip to Seattle with Jack won't be that bad. It's not a marriage proposal, it's just a little trip. Justine decides that the best thing to do is to go to Alaska to try to find Seth. She thinks something happened and wants to go find out. Olivia doesn't want her to go but Justine says she isn't asking for permission.

Jack tells Olivia that he checked and there has been no news about Seth, which means he is safe. Olivia says that when Justine's brother died she looked for things that brought stability and safety, and Jack says that he can't blame her.

John visits Maryellen to tell her he got the job as chef. She is excited for him and volunteers to help him move. John doesn't say much other than the fact that he has no family.

Justine calls Olivia from Anchorage. She says the planes are grounded until the wind leaves. Justine thinks about renting a car and driving herself. Olivia tells Jack about this and then says she won't be able to go to Seattle with him. Jack reassures her that Justine will be fine.

Jack meets with Grace who tells them that Olivia and Justine were inseparable after Jordan died. Grace feels that Olivia is always on the lookout for the next crisis. That's why she is there as a friend, to shake things up.

Justine is lost in the middle of nowhere when she sees a fallen sign pointing toward Seward. When she tries to leave,. her car won't start. She hears a wolf howl and hides in the car. A truck pulls up behind Justine and the woman driving it offers to help fix her car problems. The woman says that fear is quite the rush: you're never as alive as you are when you are scared to death.

Grace shows up at Olivia's house at two in the morning. She's there to see why Olivia won't go away for the weekend with Jack. She tells Olivia to just go for it.

Maryellen complains to Grace that John doesn't like her. Grace suggests that she take it easy and let him make the first move. The next time she sees John, she pretends she's not interested.

Justine makes it to Seward but doesn't find any sign of Seth. She gets out of her car and asks some fishermen if they have seen Seth. One of the men says he took another job but should be back today.

Jack worries about Olivia but Grace says not to worry. She suggests that it's time to shake her up.

Grace and Olivia meet at Cliff's ranch to go horseback riding. Cliff says she is a natural. Grace doesn't have as easy a time as Olivia. Olivia gets back from horseback riding and agrees to go on the trip with Jack.

Justine finally sees Seth getting off of a fishing boat. He sent an email from the boat but she never got it because of his bad connection. She says she actually enjoyed her trip and it made her feel alive. Justine then calls Olivia to tell her that she found Seth and they are flying back tomorrow. She says she had to take this trip. Olivia understands and is happy for Justine.