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Series 14

301 :14x01 - CBB14, Live Launch

Emma is back to present the live launch show. The celebrities are introduced as they enter the house. White Dee, James Jordan, Claire King and David McIntosh enter the house. Dee is then called to the diary room, whilst the other three housemates gather on the sofas. Dee learns that she is being transformed into a member of the royal family and that she and the other celebrities will have to dupe the American celebrities, entering last tonight, into believing that she really is a member of the royal family, when she re-enters as the very last housemate. Kellie Maloney, Audley Harrison, Lauren Goodger, George Gilbey, Edele Lynch, Ricci Guarnaccio and Stephanie Pratt are the next housemates to enter. They are then informed about the twist involving White Dee. The final three housemates enter, with Leslie Jordan, Angelique Morgan and Gary Busey entering the house. White Dee then re-enters the house after her transformation as Deidre the Duchess of Solihull. Some of the UK housemates play along with the task, treating Dee as royalty.
Guest Stars: Ola Jordan as Herself

302 :14x02 - CBB14 - Day 1 Highlights

The first four celebrity housemates enter the house - Dee, James, Claire and David. They are informed that tonight Dee will be transformed into Duchess Deidre of Solihull and it will be up to Dee and the other housemates to convince the final three American housemates, she is in fact a member of the royal family. Dee leaves for her makeover, as she will re-enter the house later, once all the other housemates have entered the house. The rest of the housemates - Kellie, Audley, Lauren, George, Edele, Ricci and Stephanie enter the house. They are informed of the twist involving Dee and the final three housemates. The final housemates - Leslie, Angelique and Gary enter the house. Dee then makes her entrance as Deidre Duchess of Solihull and explains to the US residents she is 21st in line to the throne. Kellie admits how reluctant she was to appear in the house and make her transition from male to female so public. Claire talks to Leslie about Deidre, as he is unsure of how the show would of approached a member of the royal family. Gary and Leslie tell Deidre they are going to build her a throne. Lauren and Ricci talk to Edele about how they were fans of B*Witched. Leslie talks to Big Brother about how excited he is to be in the house. Dee is told that for the next part of the task, she has to tell the housemates some royal anecdotes. She has to tell Leslie, that she got so drunk at Kate & Will's wedding, she was dragged out and accidentally put into the newlyweds car. She also has to try and convince Frenchy that she accidentally shot a swan, whilst hunting with Prince Philip, and had to hide it from him. The housemates are shocked when they enter the bedroom and see that there are no single beds. Lauren and Ricci flirt, as does George who takes advantage of how drunk Lauren is. When everyone goes to bed, and keeps making noise, Gary tells them all to 'Sh!'.
Director: Ben Hardy

303 :14x03 - CBB14 - Day 2 Highlights

Kellie and Dee talk about their fame. Kellie offers Audley some boxing advice. Gary struggles to understand Frenchy. the Duchess has tea prepared and has her hair done, before she is served breakfast by her butler. Gary is confused about the idea of black pudding. Gary tells some of the housemates that he has died twice before. Kellie talks about her gender issues with Leslie who talks about how he's battled alcoholism. Audley talks to Edele and Lauren about his nervous breakdown. The last part of the Duchess task takes place, as Dee has to honour one of the American housemates by giving them the title of 'Viscount' or 'Viscountess' of Solihull. Frenchy accepts the title. Big Brother reveals Dee is an imposter and the housemates are rewarded with a royal knees up. Some of the housemates, including Gary are shocked by the revelation. Kellie and Stephanie discuss Steph's past and Kellie relates her to her children. Leslie looks through the Duchesses clothes. James gets offended with Gary insisting he must be gay. Later they clear the air. The housemates enjoy a royal dinner, with Leslie saying he feels like a dufus as he believed she was the real deal. Ricci and David talk about the ladies in the house. Dee tells Big Brother how relaxed she is in the house. Stephanie believes Gary will soon be nominated as she tells Big Brother, he's the only person who isn't chilled out. Lauren and Ricci flirt at the dinner table. Ricci loses a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' and has to share a bed with Gary for the night.
Director: Ben Hardy

304 :14x04 - CBB14 - Day 3 Highlights

Frenchy admits to Edele she fancies both Ricci and Lauren, and wonders if Lauren is bisexual. Audley tells George he doesn't want him calling him Audrey anymore as it's becoming disrespectful. Kellie talks to Edele about the sex change operations she will soon be having. David leads a work out in the garden. Dee, Stephanie, Claire and Kellie watch on. The housemates are set this week's shopping task, as Leslie and Kellie become celebrity agents and they are casting roles. The housemates auditions are put online for the viewers to watch, if they get enough hits collectively, the task will be passed. Gary and Stephanie take part in the first audition for a tooth paste advert that leaves Stephanie throwing up. Leslie tells Big Brother he's suffering from sleep deprivation and he doesn't enjoy sharing a bed with Frenchy. Kellie admits to Claire she isn't sure who she would want a relationship with after her final operation, as she still feels like a heterosexual man mentally. Lauren and Ricci take part in the next audition, which is for a advert for the charity - Celebrities Anonymous. When Lauren comes close to tears, she wins and her clip is put online. Gary tells David and James he isn't happy that he's constantly interrupted by them when he tries to speak. Leslie isn't impressed by Gary either, when he is told off by him in the middle of telling an anecdote that Gary doesn't understand. The next part of the task see's Audley and David auditioning for the part of a gladiator. Audley is awarded the role. Dee, Kellie and Lauren discuss the issues Gary feels he is having with the alpha-males in the house. Claire plays matchmaker with Lauren and Ricci. George and Frenchy share a bath and she gives him a lesson in French. Lauren and Ricci flirt as they discuss their time in reality TV shows. The other housemates aren't impressed when Lauren and Frenchy wake them up at 3am, by entering the bedroom noisily. Leslie talks to Big Brother and says he wants Frenchy out.
Director: Ben Hardy

305 :14x05 - CBB14 - Day 4 Highlights - Celebrity Scrap Heap Live

Emma returns to present tonight's live show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The tension between the housemates increases. Gary is quizzed about his film career. Dee talks about her life after appearing on Benefits Street. The shopping task continues with Leslie and Kellie being celebrity agents. Claire and Frenchy both have to pretend to be CGI monsters who destroy towns before having to play a Scottish tree that’s scared of squirrels. Gary clashes with Leslie in a bizarre argument, over what CGI stands for. Leslie talks to Big Brother about how he is feeling. Stephanie is feeling fed up and makes it clear how she feels about Gary. Leslie and Gary clear the air. Kellie and Frenchy fall out. The celebrities learn that they have failed the shopping budget task and will have to survive on a basic budget. Lauren comforts Kellie after she becomes upset. Big Brother talks to the house and reveals that the public have been voting for who think is the most entertaining housemate. Leslie is revealed as having the most votes and then has to select two housemates to move onto the Celebrity Scrapheap. Leslie selects Frenchy and Gary.
Guest Stars: Louie Spence as Himself | Sam Faiers as Herself | Claire Richards as Herself

306 :14x06 - CBB14 - Day 5 Highlights

Kellie wakes up and meditates in the pod. Whilst Frency, who is the only other housemate who is awake noisily searches for beauty products and ends up in an argument with both Leslie and James as she wakes everyone up. Big Brother calls her to the Diary Room to diffuse the situation. When James tells Edele how he feels towards her, Edele tells Frenchy she has to try and respect the other housemates. Kellie, Dee and Leslie discuss their opinion on Frenchy in the bedroom. Dee tells Ricci she thinks Kellie was about to leave the house last night. Kellie talks to Big Brother and says she is feeling alot better today. Frenchy cuts up a pair of Leslie's underwear as revenge for the argument. Later when the shopping is delivered, Frenchy throws spaghetti and rice all over the floor. When Leslie calls a group meeting, Frenchy denies the accusations. Frenchy moves to the bedroom and pours water on some of the housemates beds. She then tells Edele that Leslie is picking on her. Dee is on hand when Leslie discovers his clothing has been ruined by Frenchy. She enters the kitchen and riles Leslie up so much they almost end up physically fighting. Big Brother issues Frenchy a warning for threatening behaviour. Leslie is also given a warning for his behaviour. Frenchy apologises to the housemates later. The housemates are not impressed with her apology as they believe it is because of Big Brother giving her the warning, Leslie asks to speak with her alone in the pod. She apologises personally to him and they share a hug. The housemates play a game of charades in the garden. Big Brother gathers the housemates in the seating area and announces that there will be no eviction tonight and that instead the public have voted for their star of the show. Leslie is awarded the title and is told that he has to choose the two least entertaining celebrities to live at the celebrity scrapheap in the garden. Leslie chooses Frenchy and Gary. The scrapheap celebrities aren't happy with the decision as they are also told they will face eviction from the house. Big Brother throws Leslie a party to celebrate his new title, but unbeknownst to the other celebrities he has to use the party to decide on the next celebrity to join the scrapheap. Leslie is called to the diary room and the housemates watch on as he chooses Kellie to join the scrapheap, who doesn't take the news well. Kellie is comforted by Frenchy in the scrapheap as she cries under a blanket. Kellie tells Lauren that she wants to go home, so Leslie tries to justify his reasons for sending her to the scrapheap, as she walked out of the house before hearing them before. Kellie storms out of the argument, as Lauren attempts to mediate telling Big Brother that she wants to leave. When James and George wind Audley up, he takes it personally and Big Brother tells him to move to the bedroom, immediately. Kellie calms down and returns to the house.
Director: Ben Hardy

307 :14x07 - CBB14 - Day 6 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from with in the celebrity house. Leslie talks to Stephanie about trying to sort things out with with Kellie. Edele wonders if Kellie has left the house as nobody has seen her yet this morning. Kellie talks to Big Brother and says that it has been good for her to be around girls. Dee chats to Ricci about his chances of getting together with Lauren. Audley sorts things out with James. Kellie is warned by Big Brother about her behaviour with Leslie the previous evening. The three least entertaining housemates voted by the public are revealed as being Edele, David and Claire. Each of them has to showcase their talents for Leslie to avoid being put on the Celebrity Scrap Heap. Leslie decides that David should be the next celebrity to go to the Scrap Heap. Lauren talks to Ricci and George about what she finds attractive. Dee agrees when Kelli mentions that Leslie has a nasty streak. Ricci asks Lauren if she has ever been to Paris and offers to take her on a trip there. James is unable to sleep because of Leslie’s snoring and goes into the garden where he talks to Lauren and asks her if her feelings towards Ricci have changed.
Director: Ben Hardy

308 :14x08 - CBB14 - Day 7 Highlights

David has advice for Ricci after he made his feelings clear to Lauren last night. Edele and Lauren discuss Ricci in the bedroom. Ricci and James ask David what it's like to be on the scrapheap with Gary. George asks Kellie questions about her transition. Stephanie watches David perform his exercises before admitting to James how attractive she finds him. Audley leads a spiritual service for the housemates. Edele finds it a bit emotional and comes to talk to Big Brother. George gives Stephanie a present. Gary talks to Big Brother about what it's like to live in the Scrap Heap. Big Brother gathers the housemates to play 'More or Less a Celebrity', which Leslie hosts. After he had compared the housemates earlier in the day in four categories, the Scrap Heap celebrities have to guess what answers Leslie gave. Kellie plays guessing how Leslie voted the housemates in how famous they are. David has to rate the celebrities in how sexy Leslie thinks they are, Gary has to rate the celebrities in how intelligent Leslie thinks they are and Frenchy has to rate the housemates in how talent Leslie thinks they are. Frenchy wins the gameshow and as the winner is now allowed to leave the Scrap heap, but she has to replace herself with someone, she chooses James. Big Brother then tells Leslie as star of the show he has to put another housemate up for eviction, and he chooses Claire. Meaning the housemates up for the first eviction are Gary, Kellie, David, James and Claire. Gary isn't impressed that Leslie chose Audley to be more famous then him. Later in the living area, Gary isn't impressed with how loud English people are, which annoys James. When the housemates try to get Lauren to showcase her singing, James and Gary clash again. Leslie reveals how annoying he finds Gary to Big Brother. Gary talks to James about his lovelife and how he believes he's been married to his current girlfriend spiritually 32 times, a bewildered James leaves Gary sat alone in the living area.
Director: Ben Hardy

309 :14x09 - CBB14 - Day 8 Highlights

Gary tells Frenchy how pleased he is that she won the task the night before. James tells Big Brother that the game has now begun and that he's gutted about been up for eviction. James and Audley are worried that Gary may slip in the shower and tell him to make sure one of them is around when he wants to have one. Big Brother calls Lauren to the Diary room and tell her off for urinating in the pool the night before. Dee tells Claire her opinion on Leslie has changed. The housemates begin this weeks shopping task, as they have to endure phobia tests set by Big Brother. The house believes it's down to all of them to pass the task, however they don't know that the whole task actually is down to Gary passing his part of the task. Gary has to try and convince the housemates he is scared of balloons. Ricci, Edele and Steph face their fears and all pass their challenges. Stephanie talks about her relationship with Spencer Matthews and how they are still friends. Frenchy tells Gary she wants to form an alliance with him. Kellie Dee and Frenchy take part in the next part of the task and are tested on their knowledge of the other housemates. They pass this part of the task, but the housemates are rattled by the answers given. Gary takes Dee to a side to have a word about her answers. The next part of the task see's David and Lauren tested against a fear of spiders, the housemates incur a fail as Lauren presses the panic button. Leslie talks to Big Brother about the answers given about him earlier in the day. Kellie confronts Frenchy about what she has said about her. James and George are called to the diary room, they are told for their part in the task they will be tested against a fear of morris dancing, having to be dressed in the traditional dancing costumes and needing to dance every time the music is played. Stephanie is drunk and declares she misses George before demanding that Big Brother return him to the house in the Diary room, she suspects he must be taking part in a task as she can hear music playing. Ricci, Dee and Lauren wonder were George and James have gone.
Director: Ben Hardy

310 :14x10 - CBB14 - Day 9 Highlights - Eviction #1 Live

Emma presents the first live eviction from the house and highlights from the previous day in the house. Audley tells everyone about the perils of boxing, whilst he's giving his talk, Stephanie reveals to James that she doesn't trust Audley at all. Ricci and David are annoyed about how much food Leslie is eating. The shopping task continues, with the housemates still unaware that Gary is the one housemate responsible for ensuring they pass this weeks task. Gary has to convince the other housemates he has a legitimate fear of balloons. He begins to sow the seeds of his deception telling James and Frenchy a story about how he was terrorised by balloons as a child by friends and family members. He then enters the task room, in order to pass one of the housemates watching him on the screen has to pass the panic button and save him from the room filled with balloons. The housemates grow suspicious and don't press the button, thus failing the whole task. The house is gutted when they learn the truth. Gary rejoins the group and isn't impressed that nobody believed him. Leslie tells Big Brother how happy the other housemates would be if Gary left. Gary is confused about the task, believing he has passed and that the other housemates failed. Claire and Gary talk about the upcoming eviction and reveal to one another that they both think they will be voted out. Kellie reveals to Big Brother how happy she is to now be in the house. George reveals how attractive he thinks Stephanie is. James tells George the whole house wants to see them together. Emma talks to the house and reveals the first celebrity to be evicted from the house is David. David says his goodbyes and talks to Emma about his time living in the house.

311 :14x11 - CBB14 - Day 10 Highlights

Dee admits to Claire she wants George to tone it down when he's had a drink. James is convinced he's leaving the house in the eviction later in the day. Gary tells Big Brother he's learning to control some of his not so nice behaviour in the house. James gives David and Ricci a dancing lesson, as the rest of the housemates watch them. Kellie doesn't want to leave as she's worried it'll be worse then coming in. Emma speaks to the house and after James gets some very loud boos she announces that David is the first housemate to be evicted from the house. He says his goodbyes and leaves. Ricci is really upset about David's departure so Edele comforts him. James is concerned as to why he got so many boo's and is convinced it's to do with him not been able to appear in 'Strictly', telling the other housemates he can't speak about it. The housemates nominate face to face, James nominates Leslie and Gary, Dee nominates Gary and George, Kellie nominates Leslie and Gary, Audley nominates Leslie and Kellie, Frenchy nominates Leslie and Audley, Claire nominates George and Stephanie, George nominates Frenchy and Gary, Leslie nominates Frenchy and Gary, Lauren nominates Gary and Frenchy, Edele nominates Gary and Frenchy, Gary nominates Leslie and Stephanie, Ricci nominates Gary and Frenchy, finally Stephanie nominates Frenchy and Gary but is then told that her nominations won't count as she had an open discussion about nominations with James, and the conversation is then played into the house. Everyone nominated is going up for eviction this week. Frenchy admits she understands why everyone has nominated her. Audley talks to Kellie about why he nominated her and ends up insulting her, leaving her in tears. Stephanie isn't in a good mood, so Dee tries to cheer her up, Audley then confronts her about the conversation she had. Dee doesn't like how brutal the nominations were. Edele comforts Kellie who is still upset over Audley's comments. Audley is called to the diary room and is given an official warning over his reasons for nominating Kellie. James and Ricci predict everything will kick off now, once everyone has had a sleep.
Director: Ben Hardy

312 :14x12 - CBB14 - Day 11 Highlights - Eviction #2 Live

Emma returns to present the second live eviction show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Following last night’s face to face nominations, the celebrities wake up to a tense atmosphere in the house. Kellie accuses Audley of discrimination over her transition. They manage to clear the air though and sort out their differences. Claire talks to Big Brother about Leslie. Gary is taught how to wash up. Emma talks to the house and reveals that George, Gary and Audley have the most amount of public votes and are all safe from eviction tonight. More highlights are shown of life from within the house. Gary and Stephanie attempt to try and get along. Frenchy teaches Gary how to be cat. After the celebrities are given some alcohol things heat up in the bedroom as some of the celebrities share kisses. Emma talks to the house for a second time and reveals that Leslie is the second housemate to be evicted from the house. Leslie says his goodbyes and chats to Emma about his time living in the house.

313 :14x13 - CBB14 - Day 12 Highlights

The upcoming eviction plays on everybody's mind. Kellie tells Big Brother she hopes the public have forgiven what Audley said about her, as she has. Kellie questions what her sexuality will be after her operation, discussing it with Dee and James. James and Gary clash again as do Stephanie and Audley. Edele accidentally spills Gary's coffee when her and James have a pillow fight. Stephanie is called to the Diary room and her choice of words towards Gary is questioned. In the next task, some of the housemates become ventriloquists and some housemates become their puppets. Claire acts as a talk show host and asks the ventriloquists questions which they have to answer as their dummies. Stephanie is upset by comments Kellie made in the task and confronts her. Audley tells James he shouldn't of supported Stephanie as that is the sort of behaviour that gets him booed, James tells him he will always support a friend. The argument continues as James and Audley disagree still. Leslie tells Lauren he isn't expecting to leave as the public have already voted him most entertaining. However Emma speaks to the house and announces that Leslie is the second housemate to be evicted. Kellie talks to Big Brother about the boos she received tonight. Ricci and Edele share a flirty moment. George wonders if a relationship with Stephanie would ever work in the outside world. Frenchy tells Big Brother she thinks that their relationship is fake.
Director: Ben Hardy

314 :14x14 - CBB14 - Day 13 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Audley and James take part in an endurance challenge set by Big Brother, with the pair having to select teams to help support them. George, Dee, Lauren, Claire and Kelly end up on Audley's team whilst Stephanie, Ricci, Edele, Gary and Frenchy are with James. Talk between the two teams turns nasty when Frenchy becomes personal with Lauren, forcing Edele to step up and defend her. Audley and James also argue as they battle it out under a dome in the garden. With neither of them prepared to call an end to the task, Big Brother announces them both the winners. As everyone enjoys a meal as a reward, Frenchy goes into a cheese meltdown before clashing with Lauren. Stephanie and George are told off by Big Brother for breaking the rules.
Director: Ben Hardy

315 :14x15 - CBB14 - Day 14 Highlights

Frenchy tells Big Brother how unimpressed she is by Ricci's behaviour. Claire tells Audley she has been feeling unwell for the last couple of days. Gary talks to James about making music and sings him a song about his experience in Big Brother. Frenchy sunbathes topless, much to the disgust of George and Dee. Big Brother calls Claire to the diary room and informs her the doctor has asked to see her personally. Gary and Frenchy talk about how English people assume they are rude. The housemates make their nominations for the next eviction. Big Brother announces that Frenchy, Gary, Stephanie, Kellie, Ricci and Lauren are facing eviction from the house. Gary and George discuss their bad habits with one another. Kellie tells Big Brother she wouldn't normally tolerate James. Lauren addresses some of the housemates about James behaviour calling him shady, when he joins the group she tells him what she has said and he apologises to her. After Ricci keeps warning Lauren that her swimming costume keeps exposing her breasts, she ignores him until it comes off. At this point, he and James leaves the pool and James warns him that she only seems interested in him when she's had a drink.
Director: Ben Hardy

316 :14x16 - CBB14 - Day 15 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Edele attempts to helps a sick Lauren sort herself out while the her drunk antics from the previous evening has everyone talking. The latest shopping challenge sees the celebrities having to keep count of how many times the Big Brother eye flashes on a screen in the Counting Zone. Lauren talks to Ricci about their relationship in the house. Stephanie, Lauren, Frenchy and Kellie are the first set of housemates called to the Counting Zone where they have to keep count of the flashing Big Brother eye whilst being distracted by footage of the nominations from the Diary Room. Frenchy pretend slaps James as the screen showed him nominating her and they then share a hug. Frenchy lets him know which nominations they saw. Stephanie, George, Ricci and Lauren enter the Counting Zone and have to keep count whilst they attempt to enjoy a double date. Ricci and Lauren forget to keep count as they play fight. James shares his views about Kellie with Big Brother. The celebrities are later told the results of the shopping task, where to pass they must have counted to within the margin of error of fifty. The housemates celebrate after they learn that they have passed the task.
Director: Ben Hardy

317 :14x17 - CBB14 - Day 16 Highlights - Eviction #3 Live

Emma returns to present tonight's live eviction show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The housemates are pleased by the arrival of the weekly shopping. There continues to be friction between James and Kellie. Dee opens up to James about her life. Frenchy is voted by the viewers to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. If she successfully completes the task, £1000 will be donated to charity. Ricci and James pour the ice cold water over her as she shows off her breasts to the shocked other celebrities. She then selects Lauren to also do the challenge. The housemates learn that Claire has left the house for good for medical reasons. Everybody is upset by the news. The celebrities speculate about the upcoming eviction. Emma talks to the house and reveals that the third celebrity to be evicted from the house is Frenchy. Frenchy says her goodbyes and chats to Emma about her time living in the house.

318 :14x18 - CBB14 - Day 17 Hightlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. As Kellie does the washing up she complains that everyone is very messy. Kellie makes a new friend in Frenchy’s teddy bear and tells him the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Gary talks to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction. Edele and Kellie talk about nominations. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Frenchy is the next celebrity to be evicted from the house. Lauren talks to Stephanie and George about her birthday party guest list. Kellie talks to Big Brother about surviving the eviction. Big Brother informs the housemates that they have to nominate face to face. After everyone has nominated it is revealed that Audley, Kellie, Edele, Stephanie, Gary and James will face the next public vote. Ricci tells Audley and Lauren that he believes a few people are playing games in the house. Dee hugs Edele and apologises for nominating her. Dee and Gary fall out.
Director: Ben Hardy

319 :14x19 - CBB14 - Day 18 Highlights - Eviction #4 & #5 Live

Emma returns to present tonight's live double eviction show. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Edele remains annoyed about being nominated and tells Audley about how she feels. Dee is feeling fed up. Emma talks to the house and reveals that both James and Gary are safe from eviction. More highlights are shown of life from within the house. Today's task sees the housemates having to give one another some anonymous feedback by answering a series of questions about each other in a survey. They then have to stand up and read the feedback about them and the other celebrities can either admit to the feedback or stay anonymous. James attempts to stir things up. Lauren is upset by something James says. Kellie tries to offer her some advise. James attempts to clear the air with Lauren. Rows break out between James and Audley and James and Kellie. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Stephanie is the next celebrity to be evicted from the house. Stephanie says her goodbyes and chats to Emma about her time living in the house.

320 :14x20 - CBB14 - Day 19 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Stephanie quizzes Edele what about yesterday’s argument between Audley and James. George asks Kellie if she thinks the public will be impressed by her transformation in the house. Audley talks to Big Brother about his argument with James. Gary has to become a Guidance Councillor in today's task and has to offer advise to the other housemates. Stephanie becomes the fourth housemate to be evicted after Emma talks to the house. The housemates later find out there will be a second eviction and Kellie becomes the fifth housemate to be evicted. Gary talks to Big Brother and says that he doesn’t think the others were happy he was saved from eviction.
Director: Ben Hardy

321 :14x21 - CBB14 - Day 20 Highlights

Lauren gets a surprise from Ricci. He brings her breakfast as she is doing her hair, she tells him she will be out in two minutes. In the kitchen, Audley offers to teach James how to make rice. Edele talks to Big Brother and is glad she was saved from eviction. Edele goes on to say she feels as if she’s just arrived at the house and has made her way through her struggles. She goes on to tell Big Brother she feels much more relaxed now. She says she feels much more in the moment since her counselling session with Gary. She notes that she hopes James will change after the public’s reaction to him. The housemates have to work together in a Call Centre for today's task. Throughout their shift, they will have to maintain professionalism as they deal with real complaints from members of the public. All of these complaints are about the housemates. Dee takes one of the first calls from a man called Gerry. Edele takes a call from a fan called Helen who says that she is moping around the house. Edele responds by telling the fan that she will do her best to be much more entertaining. Gary takes the final call from a man called Aaron who tells Gary he “plays the fool” and is “the biggest game player in the house.” He also states that Gary “manipulates” people. Audley takes a call from Salih and he is told by the caller that he is, “arrogant”, “really boring” and “useless”. Dee and Edele discuss what they’re callers were saying about them. Dee expresses that the comments were out of order. Later Lauren, Ricci, James and George begin their shift at the Call Centre. Lauren is first up and she speaks to a woman called Natalie, who says that she takes herself too seriously. Ricci takes his comments to heart after a caller says that he is “dull, boring and just not that great to watch.” He also suggests that he is using Lauren to be able to get a story for when he leaves the house. George takes a call from Andy who says that George walks away from situations and is unkind to Gary. James takes a call from Patricia, she asks why James compares himself to Brad Pitt. In the bedroom, Lauren says that people all deal with Gary in different ways. She admits that she doesn’t agree with how some people talk to him. The complaint Ricci had plays on his mind. He talks to Dee and tells her he is not a fake, and doesn’t care for showmance in the house. To prove both of them are not boring Edele and Audley walk into the pool with all of their clothes on. The pair attempt to encourage Ricci to do the same but he runs away. Big Brother rewards the Housemates with an office party. The Housemates have a food fight and dance to the Conga. Ricci gets a treat when Lauren licks Ribena off his arm. Dee goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother she’s not bothered by the earlier remarks. Lauren tells Ricci he’s got to man up. James observes that Ricci was caught off guard when his complaint came through from a caller. Lauren tells Ricci that he needs to stand up for himself more. James says that he thinks Lauren is playing a game and questions how she can be drunk on two glasses of wine. However in the Diary Room, Lauren tells Big Brother that she can’t control what is written about her in the media. Dee tells Ricci that whoever he ends up with in the end will be the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. Lauren and Ricci climb into Dee’s bed and Dee goes to make a cup a tea. Dee tells the housemates that the pair are in bed together. Ricci and Lauren cuddle as they sleep in bed together.
Director: Ben Hardy

322 :14x22 - CBB14 - Day 21 Highlights

Audley and George are discussing Lauren’s antics. Audley comments that she only acts the way she does when she drinks. The housemates have to nominate for the last time. Gary experiences some discomfort with a long-standing knee injury. He pulls down his trousers revealing his private area. Big Brother calls Gary to the Diary Room to remind him about acceptable behaviour. Big Brother calls Dee to the Diary Room to calm down following her confrontation with Gary. Ricci talks to Gary about his behaviour. Edele advises Gary to stay out of Dee’s way. Dee wants to leave the house because she feels she’s not in the house for the right reasons. The housemates learn that all of them will face the next public vote.
Director: Ben Hardy

323 :14x23 - CBB14 - Day 22 Highlights

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Following the explosive row between Gary and Dee, there’s now an awkward atmosphere in the house. Edele and Lauren think that they need some space to get over it. Audley talks to Big Brother about Gary. Edele tells Audley that today is her daughter’s third birthday. The celebrities are informed by Big Brother that the viewers have been voting to decide who should receive a letter from home and that they have voted for Edele. Edele then has to choose between Gary and George as to who receives theirs and she selects Gary. Gary is given then given the choice between Dee and Audley and he selects Audley. Audley is given a choice between Lauren, James and Ricci and he thinks James deserves his. Gary talks to himself in the bedroom about his lives on different planes of existence. Gary chats to James and Dee in the garden. The chosen celebrities receive their letters from home which are read out to them. Lauren tells Ricci he will be her friend for life after they have a misunderstanding. Edele reads her letter again in the bedroom. Ricci is feeling bit upset with Lauren for siding with Gary instead of Dee. Lauren talks to Edele in bedroom and tells her she doesn’t fee she has anybody to talk to. After they go to the garden when James complains they are being too noisy, Lauren tells her that she is still in love with her ex boyfriend. Ricci tells James that he feels like he has been used by Lauren.
Director: Ben Hardy

324 :14x24 - CBB14 - Day 23 Highlights - Eviction #6 & #7 Live

Emma Willis presents the last eviction before Friday's final, with two housemates leaving tonight and everybody up for eviction. First we see some highlights from yesterday in the house as the housemates discuss the situation between Lauren and Ricci and what went on the night before. Lauren and Ricci themselves also discuss the situation, as she apologises to him. Everyone tickles one another. The housemates describe their experience in the house in the garden. Edele and Gary end up arguing, reducing Edele to tears. When Gary tries to apologise, Edele leaves the room. When Gary then tries to discuss the situation with George, George leaves the room as well. James and Audley try to explain to Gary why everyone finds him so rude, but he doesn't want to listen. Later Gary apologises to Edele. Emma talks to the house and reveals that two housemates will be leaving together and they are Ricci and Lauren. Lauren and Ricci say their goodbyes and chat to Emma about their time living in the house.

325 :14x25 - CBB14 - Day 24 Highlights

The housemates realise that it is the last eviction before the final and discuss how they feel about it. Edele admits she didn’t get much sleep because of the pending eviction. A goose flies over the house and the housemates get excited by it, believing it is symbolic. Ricci is choosing his eviction outfit. Lauren and Ricci talk about nerves before the evictions. Gary has a discussion with Big Brother in which he says he is going to be in the final, the rudeness of two people in the house and why people are so afraid of him. The task of today is called “Game Players” putting housemates to the test and seeing who the biggest game player is. The first round is called “Who are they nominating?” The housemates have to guest who they are going to nominate from video clips. The second round of the game is called “Who said what?” where housemates must guess correctly who said each quote. The final round is a poll made up of 13,000 viewers; Housemates must guess correctly what the viewers had thought. housemates are preparing for the eviction. Lauren is upset that Ricci doesn’t help her with packing anymore. Ricci and Lauren are asked to leave the house in a surprise twist – together! Later in the evening Big Brother gathers the housemates to tell them they are Celebrity Big Brother finalist – they clap and cheer. The housemates join the Diary Room to talk about their experience in the house. The scene ends with them all dancing to Frank Sinatra’s, ‘I Did It My Way’.
Director: Ben Hardy

326 :14x26 - CBB14 - Day 25 Highlights - Final Live

Emma Willis presents highlights of the final day in the house. As the housemates are enjoying their final day in the house, they all decide to raise a toast to one another. Each of the housemates is called to the Diary Room to the talk about their experience in the house. Emma talks to the house for the first time and reveals that Edele has finished in sixth place. She then reveals that Dee has finished in fifth place. Edele and Dee leave the house together and chat to Emma about her time living in the house. When Emma speak to the house for a second time she reveals that Georg has finished in fourth place. After Georg leaves the house he chats to Emma about the friendships he has made with Stephanie and Edele. Emma then talks to the house for the third time and reveals that James has finished in third place. James chats to Emma about his time in the house. Emma talks to the house one last time and reveals that Gary has been voted the series champion. Audley leaves and chats to Emma about coming second. Gary then leaves the house and explains how it feels be crowned the series champion.
Warning: Celebrity Big Brother guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Reality
Genre: Celebrities | Comedy | Drama | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: Channel 5 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 09, 2001
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