Series 10 - Live Launch - Recap

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Marcus Bentley opens the show with a brief monologue talking about the rumoured celebrities. A set of dancers then come out across the catwalk dancing to Nicki Minaj's 'Pound the Alarm'. With firework graphics across the house and the giant eye, the dancers make their way up the staircase, were Marcus then introduces host Brian Dowling. The theme music plays as Brian comes out of the front door of the house. After recapping Luke A's win a couple of days previously, Brian talks to the dancers. He then reveals that the house has slightly been touched up since the show ended at the start of the week.

First in the house tonight Julie Goodyear, star of Coronation Street. Julie talks about her time in the soap in her VT, were she played Bet Lynch she talks about the 2010 episodes she appeared in. Escorted down the catwalk by two of the male dancers, Julie enters the house to Gloria Gaynor's 'I Am What I Am'. Brian talks to Julie about been frightened about going in. The show goes to a break as Julie and Brian hug.

We go live to the house after the break, as Julie enters from the diary room door. She looks around and says how "cool" "sweet" and "incredible" she is finding the decor. After trying to get in the bedroom and discovering it's locked she continues pacing around the house. The second housemate entering tonight is star of EastEnders Cheryl Fergison. She talks about her time playing the late Heather Trott in the soap. She thinks she's going to annoy the other housemates. Cheryl enters to Loreen's 'Euphoria'. Brian talks to Cheryl about her outfit and Cheryl talks about her husband. She says she's got a few things up her sleeve if people are causing problems in the house.

As Julie and Cheryl get acquainted with each other, Cheryl notices the amount of cameras right away. All of a sudden Big Brother calls the pair to the diary room. Big Brother talks about how happy he is to having two big soap stars in the house. He set's the pair a secret mission. For the next 90 minutes both of them will wear an ear piece, when Cheryl hears the EastEnders theme tune she will receive instructions from Big Brother through the ear piece and the same for Julie when she hears the Coronation Street theme tune. The pair don't really understand the mission, but Big Brother reveals that if they pass then the whole of the house will be rewarded. Brian clarifies what the secret mission entails.

The third housemate who enters the house is Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino star of Jersey Shore. Mike talks about his womanising ways and his personality. He enters the house to Estelle's 'American Boy'. Mike flashes the audience his six pack before Brian encourages him to show it off again. After entering the house and clarifying what his name is, Cheryl hears her theme tune. She is told to take Mike to one side and reveal that Julie had an affair with her ex. She tells Mike who is shocked that Cheryl doesn't like Julie. The pair start sniping at each other as Cheryl accuses Julie of been a alcoholic who likes the bedroom.

After the break, Brian recaps on what's happened with the secret mission so far. The fourth housemate to enter tonight is Julian Clary, who talks about his career in comedy which was often controversial as he openly talked about gay sex. He talks about the things he doesn't like in people and his dogs. Julian walks down the runway to Kathy Brown's 'Turn Me Out'. Julian talks about why he's gone into the house and calls Brian, Davina. Julian enters the house and meets the other housemates. Julian confuses Michael when he asks him what he does.

The fifth housemate who enters tonight is Rhian Sugden, a glamour model who hit the tabloids a couple of years ago as she was accused of sex texting Vernon Kay. She talks about not been domesticated and that she prefers the company of men. Rhian walks down the catwalk to Lady GaGa's 'Telephone'. After been booed, Brian asks her why she expected to be booed. She says she's going in so people can see who she really is. Rhian meets the other four housemates. Julie hears the Coronation Street theme tune and is told to tell Rhian that she reminds of her barmaid Racquel, she is also told to warn her off of The Situation and the wicked ways of men. Julie tells Rhian to stay away from him. Rhian talks about her job with the other housemates.

The sixth housemate who enters is Harvey. Harvey talks about his career with the So Solid Crew, he talks about his love-rat past, he says he won't talk about the latest rumours about his relationship with Cheryl Cole. He walks down the catwalk to Tinchy Stryder's 'Off the Record'. He talks to Brian about who knows he's going into the house and who he'd be looking for in the house. Harvey introduces himself to the other celebrities. Harvey tells The Situation how much he loves his show and he opens the first bottle of champagne. The celebrities talk about the reaction to their entrance from the crowd. Rhian talks about how she was booed.

The seventh housemate who entered was Samantha Brick. She talks about the article she wrote earlier in the year in which she claimed she was hated for been too pretty. She talks about her confidence and her good qualities. She walks down the catwalk to Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Good Time'. She talks to Brian about how women should be beautiful within their own world and what she's taking into the house with her. She says she can't help but express herself. She enters the house and meets the other housemates. Julie asks Julian for some help with her makeup. Samantha tells Julian that she had met him before in Magaluf, but he can't remember meeting her.

Brian recaps the secret mission that has been set for Julie and Cheryl. The eighth housemate who enters tonight is Prince Lorenzo Borghese he talks in his video about his experience on the American version of The Bachelor he enters the house and meets the other housemates. Cheryl hears the EastEnders theme tune and is told to take Harvey to a side and cry on his shoulder about been in the house with Julie after her apparent affair with one of her exes. She gets Harvey over to the garden window and tells him why she's getting so upset. Harvey tries comforting Cheryl.

The ninth housemate to enter tonight is Danica Thrall who talks about her career in phone sex and the rewards she has reaped from it. She walks down the catwalk to Rita Ora's 'Party and BS'. She talks to Brian about how she likes to walk around naked. She says when she's tired she's very grumpy. Danica enters the house and meets the other housemates. She gets a drink and talks to Rhian.

The tenth housemate who enters tonight is Ashley McKenzie. The famous Olympian, he is currently the European judo champion. He talks about his bad boy past and how he is highly opinionated. Ashley walks down the catwalk to Chris Willis' 'Louder'. He talks to Brian about how competitive he is and says hes open to a romance developing in the show. Ashley enters the house and knows he has to tell the other celebrities what he is famous for.

The eleventh housemate is Coleen Nolan. She talks about her career in music with The Nolans, her marriage to Shane Richie and presenting Loose Women. She talks about how outspoken she was on the show and how it use to cause problems with her family at home. She walks down the catwalk to Little Mix's 'Wings'. She talks to Brian about entering the house and waves goodbye to sisters Bernie and Maureen. She enters the house and meets the other celebrities.

The twelfth housemate to enter is Jasmine Lennard who talks about her career as a model and her relationship with Simon Cowell. She talks about why she prefers women to men. She says she is a bitch and isn't a team player. She talks about the rumoured celebrities meant to be going in and doesn't seem very impressed. She walks down the catwalk to David Guetta and Taio Cruz's 'Little Bad Girl' she says she has alot of things to change whilst in the house. She enters the house and meets the other contestants. She tells the other housemates that she doesn't drink, so Cheryl gets her some sparkling juice. She says that she got booed on her way in.

After a break the thirteenth and final housemate Martin Kemp enters. He talks about his career in the band Spandau Ballet and his acting career, which saw him play the part of Steve Owen in EastEnders. He says he thinks people will like him for the first week then start getting annoyed with him. He walks down the catwalk to Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'. He talks to Brian about entering the house and how he will miss his kids. Martin says he doesn't want to sing when he's in the house and says he has a game plan, he's in it to win it. He enters the house and meets the other contestants.

Julie and Cheryl hear both of their theme tunes and Big Brother instructs them to have a blazing row with one another over Julie's alleged affair with Cheryl's ex. The task will be complete once Julie throws a drink over Cheryl. Cheryl tells Harvey she's going to say something to Julie because she can't cope. After pacing around a bit, she interrupts Julie talking to Martin and says she can't cope with the evil glares she keeps getting off of her. She confronts her and Julie says she's talking stupid and to leave it, she asks her why she has decided to bring it up now. Cheryl says she knew they'd be problems with her and apologises to the other housemates. Julie throws a drink at Cheryl and tells her to leave it. Cheryl bursts into tears as Julie apologises. We see Julian burst into laughter and the housemates looking awkwardly at one another. Brian concludes tonights show revealing the live face to face nominations twist taking place this Friday which will see a housemate evicted next Wednesday.

After a recap of tonights show. We go live to the house and see Jasmine comforting Cheryl and Julian talking to Julie about what has just happened. Julie says she is happy to make up with her. Coleen tells her off for throwing a drink at her.