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Series 10 - Day 2 Highlights - Recap

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Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the housemates entrance into the house and previews what's coming up in tonights show. The housemates wake up in the house for the first time. Martin Kemp talks about a dream he has had were they were nominating. Coleen Nolan makes some of the housemates coffee. Coleen and Cheryl Fergison are in the bathroom talking to Lorenzo Borghese about if you can see anything in the shower. Julie Goodyear comes to the diary room and talks to Big Brother about having a bed next to Julian Clary's.

Coleen and Julie talk about their marriages. Danica Thrall trains with The Situation in the garden. Cheryl and Rhian Sugden watch on as they eat their cereal. Lorenzo is in the gym. Martin and Julian talk about why Lorenzo is famous. In the garden jasmine Lennard is also talking about Lorenzo with Julie, Coleen, Rhian and Harvey. Lorenzo is seen to be still working out.

Samantha Brick talks to Mike Sorrentino about the other girls in the house. Mike admits that he quite likes Danica. Julie talks to Jasmine, Coleen, Julian and Rhian about having to raise her son alone as his father left for Australia. Jasmine talks about how she can relate to Julie's story.

Mike shows Danica all of his cosmetics. Julian, Jasmine and Coleen are in the garden talking about Jasmine's previous relationships. Jasmine reveals that she can't actually talk about it in the house even though what has been published in the papers is wrong. Mike is in the diary room taking about how much he likes Danica.

Back in the garden Julie, Danica, Ashley, Rhian, Julian, Harvey and Jasmine talk about Jasmine's relationship with Russell Brand. Rhian reveals that she has also had a relationship with him.

Julian and Mike are called to the diary room. They are given a task were they have to guess which statements are relevant to the other housemates. Unbeknownst to them in the garden the housemates will stand against these statements ready to reveal the truth to Julian and Mike. Julian and Mike return to the garden for the results to be revealed. Martin, Julie, Rhian and Danica's statements were the only ones who's statements were not guessed correctly meaning that todays task was failed.

Mike talks to Jasmine and Coleen about how surprised he was over Danica's job which was revealed in the task earlier. Samantha joins the conversation as Coleen joins Rhian, Julie and Julian for a cigarette. Jasmine has to explain Danica's job to Samantha. All of the smoking housemates talk to Mike about Danica's revelation.

Coleen and Danica question Samantha about her controversial articles which she has become famous for. Danica talks about the phone sex documentary she took part in and how it had changed throughout the time it was filmed. in the bedroom Jasmine, Ashley and Rhian talk about Mike's relationship with Danica. We go back to Samantha talking about her work.

Coleen and Julian are talking about the younger female housemates and why they are famous. In the bedroom Danica, Rhian and Jasmine talk about the article Samantha had wrote which mentioned Rhian's name. They all talk about how surprised they are about how nice she is. Danica talks to Jasmine about how the documentary she starred in has been misconstrued.

Mike talks to Danica about the earlier revelation about her job. Whilst Rhian, Jasmine and Julian talk about their relationship. Jasmine thinks she is playing games with him. Ashley has joined the smokers as they talk about the pair making up.

Julie talks to Julian about she came into acting and the other jobs she has done before. The majority of the housemates are talking about the mood in the house. Samantha, Danica and Cheryl think that it's the calm before the storm. Jasmine comes to the Diary room and talks about how bitchy she feels the house is going to get. She says she can feel tension between her and Danica. She says she thinks Danica is obviously playing a game.