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Series 10 - Day 3 Highlights - Recap

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Marcus recaps the first couple of days in the house before previewing the upcoming show.

The housemates wake up to the second day in the house. Julian and Coleen speculate over when they think they will nominate. Rhian and Danica talk about how they've met previously. Cheryl makes Julie breakfast and the pair talk about pre-conceptions they had of each other before entering the house.

Harvey walks into the kitchen as Julie prepares to eat a banana. The pair aren't too sure about the state of it. Danica talks in the diary room about the other housemates and how awkward she feels around Jasmine.

In the garden Ashley asks Jasmine how far she'd go in her career talking with Rhian. Jasmine admits that the career choice Danica has is something she wouldn't be keen on pursuing. Rhian says she has no problem with her at all.

Prince Lorenzo is called to the diary room. Coleen reveals to the rest of the house that the female housemates have to be overly flirtatious with Lorenzo, since later he will have to choose his Princess. All of the girls are seen trying to flirt with him. Whilst the other male housemates encourage them. When it comes to decision time, Lorenzo chooses Samantha as his princess. She is then crowned and is given a throne.

The royal couple have been given cupcakes to share with the other housemates. Danica and Harvey fight with them. The Situation helps Danica to clean up. Lorenzo is called to the diary room and is told by Big Brother he has to take Sam for a romantic stroll around the garden and has to shower her with compliments.

Harvey, Jasmine, Danica, Ashley and Rhian talk about how some of them feel they are on holiday. They then discuss how they feel about nominating especially if was to be face to face. The Situation talks to Big Brother about Danica.

In the garden, Danica asks what The Situation wants to know about her. While most of the other housemates are also sat with them. Big Brother announces that the nominations will be taking place soon. Martin thinks that they will be face to face.

When the housemates are gathered in the living area, Big Brother reveals each housemate will be required to nominate one of the other celebrities face to face. jasmine nominates Danica as she says they have different values. Julie nominates Coleen as she thinks she is missing her family. Harvey nominates Danica as he says she doesn't have a talent that qualifies her as a celebrity. Julian nominates The Situation as he didn't agree with some of the things he said about women. Coleen nominated Rhian since they hadn't sat down and talked yet. Lorenzo nominated Jasmine since he thinks she needs to go back to see her son. Rhian nominates Martin since they have hardly spoken. Ashley nominated Lorenzo as he hasn't had chance to get to know him. Cheryl nominated Rhian since they haven't spoken yet. Martin nominated Jasmine to go back to her son. Samantha nominated Rhian as she felt harshly judged by her. Danica nominated jasmine as she feels awkward in her presence when alone. The Situation nominated Coleen as they have hardly spoke and she may miss her family. Jasmine speaks out and says that it's a weak nomination reason as she's in the house for her kid. Big Brother announces that Jasmine and Rhian are up for eviction from the house. Jasmine leaves the living area right away.

Jasmine is seen smoking alone in the garden. As Coleen says she didn't agree with the reason she was nominated about missing her family. Rhian joins Jasmine outside and the pair talk about going up together. Rhian says she thought it would be her and Danica. The Situation, Julian, Julie, Harvey and Ashley join the girls as Jasmine starts crying. When Lorenzo comes to comfort her, Jasmine lashes out to him. Jasmine says she wasn't expecting to be put up by Lorenzo as she thought they were close.

Jasmine is heard crying in the toilet and is comforted by Julie who convinces her to go to the diary room with her. Whilst Lorenzo talks to Julian about the nomination he gave. Julian thinks she may be different later, but Lorenzo doubts it. In the diary room, Julie continues to comfort Jasmine. The pair leave the diary room together and the pair talk about how much they havent enjoyed the nomination process.

Rhian is in the diary room giving her reaction to going up for eviction. She says she thinks Jasmine has made more people awkward by the way she has reacted to the eviction. Coleen and Martin talk about how they feel they are on holiday together and talk about Jasmine's reaction. Martin defends the reason he nominated her.

Jasmine, Julie, Cheryl and Danica are in the bedroom. Cheryl tells her to come join her whilst Danica talks about the reasons they nominated for each other. Jasmine admits she has no anger towards Danica at all. Ashley enters the bedroom. Jasmine says she doesn't want to have this conversation with Danica at the moment. Danica tells Jasmine she doesn't like how she suddenly changes and Julie tells her to leave her alone for the time been.

Rhian, Harvey, Jasmine, Samantha and Ashley are sat in the smoking area. Harvey tries telling her to get some sleep. Jasmine talks about how she doesn't feel like it's just a show to her and starts bitching about Danica. Lorenzo is in the diary room discussing why he nominated Jasmine and the backlash he received afterwards. He doesn't think they will talk after what's happened.