Series 10 - Day 6 Highlights - Recap

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The housemates wake up and are called to the living area. They are told as a group that as part of this weeks task the group have been given £1000. Whatever they spend as a group throughout the day they will earn back for the shopping budget tomorrow.

The housemates have to pay for their own breakfasts. Danica and Harvey work out in the gym. Harvey tells Jasmine he wasn't happy that he had to stand in the middle of her and Rhian's argument. Julian asks The Situation how jasmine is doing today. Rhian comes to Big Brother and reflects on the situation in the house with her.

In the bathroom Jasmine confides in Julian and thinks that he will soon be acting like her. Cheryl talks to Julie about her husband who originally stalked her. Danica and The Situation talk about life after the house and how they are planning on meeting up after the series.

Harvey is called to the diary room and is asked if he wants to buy a red suit for five pounds. He agrees to it and is then called to the diary room again were he buys a gold suit. This continues and he buys a blue suit, a orange suit, a green suit and a purple suit. He refuses to buy a larger red suit and Big Brother ups the amount of money he'd make back for it. Harvey refuses.

Martin, Samantha, Rhian, Cheryl and Lorenzo talk about toilet habits. Ashley and The Situation wash some clothes together in the bath. Julie talks to Rhian about how she'd had to deal with Jasmine the past two nights.

Big Brother opens a fun fare up in the garden. Samantha has to go on a 1.50 ride. Jasmine has to spend as much money as possible on a 2p nudge game. Lorenzo and The Situation have to go on the waltzer for a £1. The other housemates will be pie-ing each other when Big Brother plays a tune into the house. After Julie and Julian get pie-ed first they clean up in the bathroom. Ashley talks to Rhian about sharing a bed with her last night.

Julie and Samantha talk about Coleen not getting involved in the pie task. Julian talks to Big Brother about life in the house and how he wants to avoid any intense conversations. He talks about his relationship with the other housemates, jasmine and The Situation.

The Situation cooks the housemates some dinner. Lorenzo talks to Big Brother about relationships in the house. He reveals he is attracted to Danica. Big Brother tells Julian and Julie that they have to ride the swan peddalo on the pool for an hour to spend £30. Lorenzo is still in the diary room and admits he is unsure of whether or not Danica is playing everyone. On the peddalo, Julie and Julian talk about how The Situation has made his money. In the kitchen Coleen and Rhian are also talking about The Situation and talk about his relationship with Danica with Samantha. Julie and Julian talk about Laurence Olivier on the peddalo.

Marcus reveals how much money the house has spent so far on todays shopping task. At the moment the spend stands at £273. Martin is called to the diary room for the task to continue. Big Brother has created a hotel room for Martin to trash. Martin is given 3 minutes to trash the room and earns £212 worth of damages to add to the total shopping task spend.

Harvey talks to Danica about his split from Alesha Dixon. Jasmine joins in the conversation as Harvey reveals he is now judged for breaking his wedding vows by other women.

The majority of the housemates have gone to bed. Harvey and Ashley are still up and in the hot-tub, Harvey thinks Jasmine is trying to play a game with him. Jasmine talks to Big Brother about how she is behaving in the house.