Series 10 - Day 7 Highlights, Live Eviction #1 - Recap

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Marcus narrates highlights of the past weeks events in the house as Rhian and Jasmine go head to head in tonights eviction. Brian introduces tonights show.

Highlights of the previous weeks see's Cheryl and Julie's opening night task been shown. We then see highlights of the face to face nominations which led Jasmine to lash out. We see the housemates talent competition in which Julian and Julie were judges.

Marcus narrates highlights of yesterday in the house. Martin and Samantha talk about Martin's fame. in the garden Julie and Jasmine talk about their personality traits. Coleen talks to Cheryl about a block she feels she is getting off of Julie.

Danica, Ashley and Rhian talk about why either of them may or may not leave. Rhian talks about not been on speaking terms with Jasmine. Julie talks to Big Brother about the experience she's having in the house. She says she likes been the mother of the house and hopes that Rhian stays even though she sees aspects of herself in both nominated housemates.

Jasmine and Rhian talk in the diary room about why they should stay in the house.

Back to highlights of the house Martin and Ashley talk about his feelings for Rhian. Jasmine talks to Samantha about the relationship between Rhian and Ashley. Jasmine is convinced both Danica and Rhian are playing a game. Julian gives Danica a makeover. When Harvey starts flexing, Jasmine and him discuss Jodie Marsh's recent body transformation and whether or not they like muscle on women. The Situation imitates Harvey's accent. Lorenzo and Danica sit flirting in the garden. Danica talks about her work on the outside.

Brian talks to Jasmine's mum Marilyn and Rhian's friend Kerry about why they think they should be saved tonight.

More highlights from yesterday. The final chance to earn money for this weeks shopping task sees Coleen, Samantha, Julie and Julian having to dish out home truths to the housemates. For each home truth the housemates earn £10. After the task Julian and Coleen share what truths they shared with Ashley. Whilst Samantha and Julie share it with some housemates in the kitchen whilst preparing food. Coleen tells the pair she feels blocked by Julie.

Cheryl tells Martin how she met her husband online. Julie and Julian talk about the other housemates in the bedroom. They speak about Samantha's career, Martin's bad manners and Cheryl been long winded. They both agree they want the house thinning out.

The lines are then closed as we go back to yesterdays highlights. Big Brother reveals how much money the housemates have earnt for their shopping budget this week. Big Brother then reveals two housemates are going to have to go to the shops and go on a trolley dash. The two nominated housemates Jasmine and Rhian are told they are to go on the trolley dash. In the diary room Big Brother reveals if they go more then a penny over the budget they will lose absolutely everything. The pair go to the local Morrisons. Jasmine is the first housemate to trolley dash and it's then Rhians turn. The housemates then have to pay for the shopping. The total amount spent is £438.65 wich means the housemates get to keep their shopping.

in the bedroom Coleen and Martin talk about how preconceptions differ from people on the outside and people in the house. Julie is in the room and isn't impressed with what she hears. Jasmine and Rhian return to the house with the shopping. Julie is unimpressed with what the girls have forgotten.

Brian then speaks to the house live and reveals that the person with the least amount of votes and who will be leaving tonight is Jasmine. She is given 30 seconds to say goodbye to the other housemates.

Jasmine tells Brian how grateful she is for the support she's receiving. She also talks about how happy she is that she is the first housemate evicted. She compares herself to Rhian. Their's a look back at the nominations and reasons that were given on the face to face nominations last week by Danica, Martin and Lorenzo. She talks about lashing out at Lorenzo for the nomination he gave her and how they've made up since.

We see highlights of Jasmine's time in the house as she lashed out and caused drama. Brian asks her why she seemed so volatile in the house compared to how calm she is now. After revealing the reason she thinks she didn't get along with Rhian and Danica was that they were too skanky. We see the relationship that blossomed between her and Julie. We see what's happened today in the house as Rhian had told Jasmine at the supermarket that Julie had been badmouthing her. Jasmine tells Brian whats happened today between her and Julie. Jasmine says she wants Danica out next and Samantha to win. The interview finishes with highlights of Jasmine's time in the house.

We go live to the house and see housemates eating some crisps. Julian makes some hot drinks.