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Series 3 - Day 8 Highlights, Live Eviction #1 - Recap

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Davina presents the show live from outside the Big Brother house. Highlights are shown of the previous twenty four hours in the house. Jackie tells the housemates that she expected to meet celebrities like Elton John.

John argues with Jackie about her doing nothing in the house. Bez and Kenzie join Lisa in a yoga session.

Davina talks to the house live with the results of the public vote. Jackie is delighted to be the first celebrity evicted.

Jackie chats with Davina about her time in the house and admits she still has no idea what the show is really about.

Davina asks her what she thinks about the other people still left in the house. Jackie says that Caprice is an airhead and that Jeremy is conceited and that she wanted to hit him on the head with a pot. She does like Kenzie though and days that's he's a darling. She also tells Davina that making up with Brigitte was worth a million dollars.