Series 4 - Day 14 Highlights - Recap

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More highlights from the Big Brother house.

Dennis tells Michael he knows how the show is panning out. Michael accuses Dennis of talking rubbish. Rula isn’t happy when George refuses to answer her questions. The housemates are set a task where they have to paint self portraits.

The housemates have to explain the pictures they have drawn. Dennis tells Big Brother that most of the house mates are week minded.

Preston thinks Maggot is trying to make a fool out of Chantelle. Big Brother throws a party for the housemates for passing the painting challenge.

George and Preston are called to the diary room and the other housemates see them on the plasma television screen. George and Preston are told that they have broken the rules by talking about nominations and have to nominate three people right now. They choose Traci, Maggot and Rula not knowing that they are being watched.

When George and Preston come out of the diary room the other housemates tell them they have seen everything. The nominated housemates aren’t happy with the reasons given by Preston and George.

Preston makes peace with the people he nominated. Maggot questions George why he was nominated but George is unperturbed.

Pete insults Traci and she gets upset.