Series 4 - Day 17 Highlights - Recap

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More highlights direct from the Big Brother house.

Pete tells Big Brother that he has changed his mind about leaving. Pete talks to Dennis about his argument with Michael.

Preston is given a letter from Big Brother to read out. It states that George has been discussing nominations again and the housemates have the choice whether to exclude George from taking part in the next round of nominations. The housemates vote and decide that George won’t be nominating.

The remaining housemates nominate for the third time.

Chantelle nominates George and Dennis.
Dennis nominates Chantelle and Michael.
Maggot nominates Pete and George.
Michael nominates Dennis and Pete.
Pete nominates Traci and Chantelle.
Preston nominates George and Dennis.
Traci nominates George and Chantelle.

Chantelle, George and Dennis will face the public vote with two housemates being evicted on Wednesday.

Preston, Chantelle and Maggot talk about George. Pete tells George and Dennis that he thinks Preston is playing a very clever game.

The housemates are set a task where they have to express their emotions through dance. The housemates pass the task and are rewarded with cigarettes and alcohol.