Season 4

25 :04x01 - What the Hell Did I Get Into

The new cast is introduced. Some members are Vincent Pastore ("The Sopranos"), singers Angie Stone and Carnie Wilson, rapper Bonecrusher, Erika Eleniak ("Baywatch"), Nick Turturro ("NYPD Blue"), Ted Lange ("Love Boat") and Tina Yothers ("Family Ties").

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26 :04x02 - Nick Blows Up!

This week's Fit Camp finds our celebrities tearing up NASCAR's Irwindale Speedway on a unique set wheels - recumbent bicycles. The competition is fierce as the lead changes 8 times during the race. Nick Turturro's commitment to winning shows when he steals the lead several times after his team has fallen back. But Nick shows there's dark side to his competitive ways when he let's his anger out on teammate Angie Stone for not pedaling fast enough. Vinny Pastore turns in a great race, showing even recent triple bypass heart surgery won't slow him down. The winning team's reward this week is a plush weekend in Miami Beach.

At the Weigh-In Ceremony, we see jaw-dropping, record-breaking weight losses. Things get personal quickly when Carnie tears up over her mom's lifetime of inspiration. Dr. Linda guides Nick to a healthy yet hard-hitting outlet for his anger. Angie cries foul over a perceived equipment malfunction at the race track. Ted takes the personal to another level when he dishes about his love life. Naturally, Erika's next with a message for the new mothers of America. Vinny takes a two-wheeled detour as he explains how he's learning to eat right when he eats out. Tina tells the panel how the show inspired her to step into a bathing suit. in public. And Bone goes on a quest to find out once and for all if there really is such a thing as being "Big Boned."

Both sides choose team names. Bone Crusher deciding on "The Fat Crushers" for the blue team. Red team captain Carnie puts a positive spin on an old school nickname with "Chili Con Carnie." Throughout the Weigh-In, even Harvey seems impressed by the pounds being dropped, and he urges the celebrities to "stay in the fight."

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27 :04x03 - Burn Baby Burn

This week starts with the spotlight on Erika Eleniak, once one of Hollywood's most sought-after beauties. She's agreed to do a "before and after" photo shoot to document her progress on the show. But when our hair, makeup and wardrobe crew descend on new mom Erika, she's less than ready for her close-up. She has some choice words for our cameras, including this future Fit Club classic quote: "I'm going to kill myself right now!"

Fit Camp this week is a heated competition at a firefighter training facility. Fittingly, members of the winning team take home a Signature Series Gas Grill, courtesy of Vermont Castings. Fires blaze as the teams try to put them out in the Bucket Brigade. Then it's on to a relay: carrying a hose, hooking it up to a fire truck, and shooting targets out of windows. Bone Crusher has an early lead for the Blue team, but Angie and Erika get a bit tangled up. Then there's the Dummy Drag and five-story tower climb. Both Vinny and Carnie can't seem to catch their breath during this demanding exercise, but everyone does their best to make it to the top of the tower. At the end of the competition, the only thing left burning is Nick's temper.

At the Weigh-In Ceremony, Erika admits to Dr. Linda that she struggles balancing the joys of motherhood with the expectations of show biz. Harvey sends a pretty young woman to Vinny's gym to see if he can be distracted. Will our hidden camera catch him picking up weights or dates? Angie admits to a sleepless night prior to the Fit Camp, but somehow her `burning the candle' has seemed to help her burn off the pounds. Nick also drops more weight, and claims his new exercise regimen is curbing his urge to "choke" and "punch" somebody. Carnie is humbled by her one-on-one encounter with a rock-climbing wall. She also reflects on a very old box of donuts. Ted's weight loss continues, and he loves hitting the water in a different kind of boat for his exercise session. Bone Crusher tells the tale of how exactly he got his name. Tina reveals newfound confidence when she steps out on the beach in a bathing suit, with her family and Dr. Linda along for support.

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28 :04x04 - The Cast Melts Down!

At the halfway point of the season, an old Fit Club twist throws the teams into turmoil, triggering a series of events that results in the first full-on cast meltdown ever on Celebrity Fit Club. First, there are fireworks when Angie is voted off the Blue team and a surprising choice is made by Carnie's Red team. Angie feels dissed, then announces she wants to be captain of her new team. There's more commotion when the women think Angie is sneaking cigarettes before the Fit Camp, which she denies.

The Fit Camp this week is a two mile mountain hike. The red team's Angie and Vinny quickly fall behind, and Ted grows weary of Angie's snail-like pace. On the blue team, Bone Crusher's stride has been reduced to a slow walk. Drama ensues when a medic arrives to give Angie oxygen. Ted then does a 180, and assists Angie for the rest of the hike. Tina has her own take on Angie, and berates her for not conditioning herself. Angie sadly admits that she feels like she doesn't belong with either team.

At the Weigh-In Ceremony, Angie breaks down in tears. She's exercised only once, and her weigh-in shows it. Dr. Ian says he's sending her get a heart study done to make sure she's in the shape she needs to be in. She's made captain of the red team, which adopts a new name, "Hot Buttered Soul." Individual exercise efforts are a great success. Bone's sumo wrestling shows him handling his professional opponent quite well. Also, with encouragement from Dr. Linda, Carnie's return to the rock climbing wall is a triumph.

Then things turn ugly again. Vinny tries to pass off his weight gain as muscle he's added from working out. This turns into a tirade from Vinny about how some in the cast are asked to lose more weight than others. He feels ridiculed and threatens to walk off the show. Angie also feels misunderstood and angry. But then Erika steps up and schools Vinny, and pleads with the cast not to pick on the Panel - Harvey, Linda and Ian. Tina and Ted also side with the Panel. Angie suddenly walks out. Tina follows in an attempt to comfort Angie. Vinny seems to walk out, or maybe he's just confused.

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29 :04x05 - You Just Got Injected With Victory Juice!

At the end of the last episode, the weigh-in ceremony ended with a full cast meltdown. Vinny erupted. Ted called out his cast mates. Angie stormed off. And for the first time ever, the teams never even made to the giant scales. This week, we pick up where we left off as Tina challenges Angie to step up her fit club game, and re-commit to the show.

Just in time to soothe these battle-worn fit clubbers, last week's fit camp winners, the Fat Crushers, are spirited off to Palms Springs the next morning for their prize-a spa vacation at the famous Two Bunch Palms. Nick stretches his definition of fitness with a pretty yoga instructor. Bone is blissfully cradled in a pool. Carnie enjoys a relaxing massage. And Erika sums up the wild weigh-in they are all recovering from as "Groundhog Day on crack."

Tina's Hot Buttered Soul lost the previous week's challenge, so they are treated to some extra motivation to get their spirits in shape. The red team is taken to a ranch where they find a bonfire, a teepee, a Native American medicine man, a band of spirit drummers and.... Gary Busey! The Fit Club veteran imparts wisdom as only he can: "Winners do what losers don't want to." To this weary group searching for inspiration, Busey's words somehow make sense. Tina finds a special connection to Gary as he reminds her of her father. And Angie gets some much needed perspective. Clearly all are inspired. The day closes with more Indian song, as the celebs dance along.

Later at the weigh-in, our cast quickly jumps back into fighting form when Carnie confronts Dr. Ian over an issue she knows intimately: gastric bypass surgery. The mood lightens briefly when Tina reveals her mom's stunning success at following Tina's fit club example. We also see footage of Nick back in New York for a basketball game with his brother John Turturro, and get his take on Nick's progress. Finally, Angie weighs in and we find out if the physical complaints she had at the previous fit camp will prevent her from working out and sticking with the fit club program. At a trip to the doctor, we discover that she hasn't been taking her medication and therefore can't take the heart stress test that Dr. Ian recommended. Angie starts taking her medications as prescribed, and Dr. Ian is able to take her back to the hospital for the test-where they get the happy news that she can safely participate in all fit camp activities. Now that she has the go-ahead from her doctor, Harvey offers to meet Angie the following morning to start a week long regimen of work outs. Angie agrees, but team captain Tina can't hold her tongue any longer, and lets Angie know how frustrated she is with her performance thus far. Angie's not happy, and neither is her team.

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30 :04x06 - Put Up or Shut Up

At end of the last episode, Harvey was fed up with Angie's excuses. It was time for her to "put up or shut up." Harvey challenged Angie to work out with him everyday of the week. He was determined to get her back into the program. But at the Giant Scale, Angie had another plan in mind-telling her fellow Fit Clubbers: "I quit!"

The following morning Harvey waits at the gym to see if Angie will even show up. Time goes by and still no Angie. Harvey has no patience. The clock is ticking for Angie to turn things around. This is her last chance. The fate of the Red Team depends on it.

This week takes our celebrities to a Fit Camp from hell. Our celebrities walk up to find themselves in the middle of an empty ranch. They are put to the test in the scorching hundred degree heat for Harvey's version of "cowboy games". For the first event, Harvey reveals what's waiting for them behind the stables. A pile of manure. The celebrities get squeamish when they realize they must race to pile 300lbs of manure all the way across the field. The Red Team quickly strategies a plan while Carnie yells, "this is sick!" at the site of manure. The competition is fierce. Then it's on to the second event, a mud crawl. When Ted beats Nick again, Nick cries fowl and blows up on Ted for cheating. Ted wants Harvey to show Nick how it's really done. Harvey gets down and dirty. He quickly plows through the mud course. Nobody can mess with Harvey. Harvey smears mud on Ted's face and screams, "Are you happy now!" In the end, the winning team's rewards all go to a worthy charity.

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31 :04x07 - Carnie vs. the Lie Detector

It's the home stretch of Celebrity Fit Club with only two weigh ins left to go. The competition gets underway as Harvey puts the teams through the most difficult physical fitness test yet, the first Celebrity Fit Club triathlon. Carnie is surprised to go up against her good friend, Tina, in the pool. But the story gets better when Angie gets back on a bike after her famous meltdown riding a bike at the second fit camp. Nick and Ted's fierce rivalry builds as they race a mile around the track, but who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Over the past month, Carnie's only lost two pounds even though she swore she's been working out and dieting. So Harvey and Dr. Ian go on a covert mission to uncover the truth. Like CIA operatives, they kidnap her and take her to an abandoned warehouse, somewhere in LA. Carnie has no idea what they have in store for her. They put her to the ultimate test and find out if she's been lying or not.

Now that Bone is less than 400 pounds, he finally gets his one on one match with Harvey on the basketball court. When Bone gets tough, Harvey literally goes flying. But can he pick himself up and show Bone who's boss. Nick shows off his slimmed down body in a brand new Speedo, grossing out his kids. We catch up with Angie performing at BB Kings in NYC and check out if she's being good or bad with all the tempting food backstage. Dr. Ian is in the audience to keep an eye on her. Back on the scales, Vinny talks about how surreal it is to celebrate his 60th birthday on Celebrity Fit Club. Harvey honors him with a special gift from the Marine Corps. To everyone's surprise, the race between Tina and Erika for the greatest individual weight loss gets closer as they compete for the Camry Hybrid. Ted is all smiles about maintaining his goal weight for the show until the panel challenges him to lose an extra three pounds to help his team.

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32 :04x08 - Tears at the Grand Finale

The Grand Finale of Celebrity Fit Club is full of surprises, tears and record-breaking numbers. After 100 days of grueling hard work, our celebrities open up about how much the experience has meant to them, and at last, their final weight loss results are revealed.

First the teams fight it out one last time at Fit Camp. Harvey puts them through a series of exercises to see how much they've improved since day one. After push-ups, jump rope, long jump and a quarter mile run, the results are staggering, proving just how far some of these celebs have come. The winning team receives a mystery prize that could upset the final outcome. Then during the Fat Blob Run, each fit clubber wears the weight they lost to feel how those pounds were dragging them down. The cast is shaken when they realize the incredible difference it makes, especially Angie who's overwhelmed with emotion.

At the final weigh in ceremony, Carnie reflects on her lifelong journey with weight loss and the progress she's made on Fit Club. She receives a special message from her dad, Beach Boys legend, Brian Wilson, which brings her to tears. A modest Vinny apologizes to Linda and explains what it took for him not to quit. Ted performs a rap to commemorate his experience on the show. He gets fired up about the inspiration Harvey and Dr. Ian gave him and turns it around to let them know how proud he is of their accomplishments. Nick finishes like a champ and becomes emotional when he discusses how happy his late mother would be to see him now. After all her struggles on the show, Angie says she's determined to stick to the program and make the panel proud. She even breaks out into a song she dedicates to Celebrity Fit Club. We find out if Bone manages to extend his Fit Club record of 47 pounds, already the biggest individual weight loss in Fit Club history. Erika moves everyone to tears with her words of gratitude. And then she electrifies the room when her astonishing weight loss is revealed, leaving Tina biting her nails knowing she needs to go beyond her target to win the 2007 All New Camry Hybrid that will be awarded to the fit clubber who loses the greatest percentage of their starting weight.

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Celebrities | Fitness
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: VH1 ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 09, 2005
Ended: April 05, 2010
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