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Celebrity Ghost Stories Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Joan Rivers, David Carradine, Scott Baio, Teri Polo

First aired: Oct/03/2009
Guest star: Joan Rivers (Herself), David Carradine (Himself), Scott Baio (Himself), Teri Polo (Herself)

Joan Rivers asks a voodoo priestess to help her with an angry ghost; Scott Baio's unresolved issues with his father haunt him when his dad dies; Teri Polo has a horrifying encounter one night when she's just 8 years old; and David Carradine has a strange encounter with his wife's dead husband.

2 :01x02 - Barry Williams, Debi Mazar, Greg Grunberg, Sammy Hagar

First aired: Oct/10/2009
Guest star: Barry Williams (Himself), Debi Mazar (Herself), Greg Grunberg (Himself), Sammy Hagar (Himself)

While at a a memorial service for Barry Williams father, strange happenings occur. Then, a ghost gives Debi Mazar a hostile welcome. Also, Greg Grunberg meets up with a ghost. Lastly, Sammy Hagar meets Van Halen's dead manager.

3 :01x03 - Carrie Fisher, Rue McClanahan, John Waters, Federico Castelluccio

First aired: Oct/17/2009
Guest star: Carrie Fisher (Herself), Rue McClanahan (Herself), John Waters (Himself), Federico Castelluccio (Himself)

Carrie Fisher has a spooky experience after her best friend dies in her bed; John Waters still remembers a scary night in the woods back in the 1950s; Rue McClanahan asks her best friend, on his deathbed, to come back and contact her; and Federico Castelluccio thinks he's all alone in his workshop while working on a painting--but someone's watching.

4 :01x04 - Tom Arnold; Dee Snider; Carnie Wilson; Nia Long

First aired: Oct/24/2009
Guest star: Tom Arnold (Himself), Dee Snider (Himself), Carnie Wilson (Herself), Nia Long (Herself)

Tom Arnold believes he angered a vengeful spirit as a teenager; Dee Snyder feels he has received a message from beyond the grave from his brother-in-law; Carnie Wilson was introduced to the spirit world by her sister; Nia Long has an experience on the eve of her grandfather's death.

5 :01x05 - Lisa Rinna, Jeffrey Ross, Vincent Curatola, Illeana Douglas

First aired: Nov/07/2009
Guest star: Lisa Rinna (Herself), Jeffrey Ross (Himself), Vincent Curatola (Himself), Illeana Douglas (Herself)

Lisa Rinna's family is haunted by a lonely ghost seeking a family of her own; Vincent Curatola rediscovers his mother's love after she dies; Jeffrey Ross's high-flying lifestyle is brought down to earth by a strange haunting; and Illeana Douglas's new apartment comes with a surprise.

6 :01x06 - Carnie Wilson, Eric Roberts, Elisabeth Rohm, C. Thomas Howell

First aired: Nov/14/2009
Guest star: Carnie Wilson (Herself), Eric Roberts (Himself), Elisabeth Röhm (Herself), C. Thomas Howell (Himself)

Carnie Wilson meets the ghost of a drunken barber from the 1890s; Eric Roberts has an out-of-body experience after a car wreck; Elisabeth Rohm's blissful retreat from the grind of Law & Order is interrupted by an unhappy spirit; and C. Thomas Howell has a ghostly encounter in an abandoned hotel.

7 :01x07 - Justine Bateman, Traci Lords, Jay Thomas, James Kyson Lee

First aired: Nov/21/2009
Guest star: Justine Bateman (Herself), Traci Lords (Herself), Jay Thomas (Himself), James Kyson Lee (Himself)

A spirit makes Justine Bateman's life a lot merrier; Jay Thomas mistakenly uses stones taken from a tombstone for a home renovation and pays a price; Traci Lords has a life-saving run-in with a miner's ghost; and James Kyson Lee opens the door to a hellish nightmare when he reads an underground ghost magazine.

8 :01x08 - Ali Landry, Gina Gershon, Ernie Hudson, Kelly Carlson, Anson Williams

First aired: Dec/05/2009
Guest star: Ali Landry (Herself), Gina Gershon (Herself), Ernie Hudson (Himself), Kelly Carlson (Herself), Anson Williams (Himself)

Anson Williams gets help from the world beyond after a terrible car accident; Kelly Carlson is bullied by six violent spirits; Gina Gershon experiences a strange presence in a college dorm; Ernie Hudson agrees to stay at a haunted hotel while promoting his movie, Ghostbusters; and Ali Landry gets an unbelievable phone call on the eve of a family tragedy.

9 :01x09 - Morgan Fairchild, Lili Taylor, John Salley, Vincent Curatola

First aired: Dec/12/2009
Guest star: Morgan Fairchild (Herself), Lili Taylor (Herself), John Salley (Himself), Vincent Curatola (Himself)

A young Morgan Fairchild is abused by a spirit when she moves into her new husband's family home; an unidentifiable stranger comes to John Salley's aid during a nightclub shooting; Lili Taylor hears unexplained noises when she goes on retreat with her acting troupe; and Vincent Curatola communicates with his dead father.

10 :02x01 - Michael Imperioli, Joan Collins, Donna D'Errico, Corey Feldman

First aired: Jul/17/2010
Guest star: Michael Imperioli (Himself), Joan Collins (Herself), Donna D'Errico (Herself), Corey Feldman (Himself)

Michael Imperioli meets a tormented spirit at a legendary New York hotel; Joan Collins enrages a vengeful ghost during a dinner party in Venice; a young Donna D'Errico befriends a little girl who's not what she seems; and a spirit gets Corey Feldman's life back on track.

11 :02x02 - Tracey Gold, Alice Cooper, Fred Dryer, Katherine Erbe

First aired: Jul/24/2010
Guest star: Tracey Gold (Herself), Alice Cooper (Himself), Fred Dryer (Himself)

The spirit of a lonely child seeks refuge with Tracey Gold; a mischievous spirit plays pranks on Alice Cooper; Fred Dryer sees more than the campus while visiting a school with his daughter; and the evil spirit of a camper taunts teenage Katherine Erbe.

12 :02x03 - Billy Baldwin, Tempestt Bledsoe, Tracy Nelson, Eric Balfour

First aired: Jul/31/2010
Guest star: William Baldwin (Himself), Tempestt Bledsoe (Herself), Tracy Nelson (Herself), Eric Balfour (Himself)

A stay at a desolate hotel confirms Billy Baldwin's belief in the other side; a terrifying encounter forces Tempestt Bledsoe out of a hotel room in the nick of time; the ghost of Errol Flynn haunts the house of Tracy Nelson; and Eric Balfour gets more than he bargained for when ghost hunting in an infamous, abandoned hotel.

13 :02x04 - Paulina Porizkova, Chass Palminteri, Michael Urie, Karina Smirnoff

First aired: Aug/07/2010
Guest star: Paulina Porizkova (Herself), Chazz Palminteri (Himself), Michael Urie (Himself), Karina Smirnoff (Herself)

14 :02x05 - Shirley Jones, Lindsay Wagner, Mykelti Williamson, Matthew Settle

First aired: Aug/14/2010
Guest star: Shirley Jones (Herself), Lindsay Wagner (Herself), Mykelti Williamson (Himself), Matthew Settle (Himself)

Shirley Jones has a life-threatening run-in with a ghost who plays with fire; Lindsay Wagner has a paranormal experience with a tortured teenage spirit; Mykelti Williamson gets a terrifying phone call from the other side and Matthew Settle has a spooky experience with the spirit of a distraught woman.

15 :02x06 - Jermaine Jackson, Karina Smirnoff, Diane Ladd, Haylie Duff

First aired: Aug/21/2010
Guest star: Jermaine Jackson (Himself), Karina Smirnoff (Herself), Diane Ladd (Herself), Haylie Duff (Herself)

Jermaine Jackson encounters the spirit of an elderly woman haunting his family's estate; a desperate spirit contacts Diane Ladd and pleads for help; Dave Foley learns his apartment has a dark and brutal past; and an angry spirit attacks a young Karina Smirnoff.

16 :02x07 - Christopher Knight, Carol Alt, Dick Van Patten, Marissa Jaret Winokur

First aired: Aug/28/2010
Guest star: Christopher Knight (Himself), Carol Alt (Herself), Dick Van Patten (Himself), Marissa Jaret Winokur (Herself)

Young Christopher Knight is visited by the spirit of a tormented girl; a spirit lures Carol Alt into buying her first home; Dick Van Patten is visited by a ghost who foreshadows his future; and Marissa Jaret Winokur stumbles upon a sad spirit in her friend's home.

17 :02x08 - Deborah Gibson, Joey Pantoliano, Kimberly Locke, Willie Garson

First aired: Sep/11/2010
Guest star: Debbie Gibson (Herself), Joe Pantoliano (Himself), Kimberley Locke (Herself), Willie Garson (Himself)

Deborah Gibson receives a message from the ghost of her idol; a murdered matriarch terrorizes Joey Pantoliano and his girlfriend; Kimberly Locke faces off with an evil spirit who has a long history with her family; and Willie Garson discovers that a ring belonging to his dead father holds special powers.

18 :02x09 - Laura Prepon, Vince Neil, Connie Stevens, Haylie Duff

First aired: Sep/18/2010
Guest star: Laura Prepon (Herself), Vince Neil (Himself), Connie Stevens (Herself), Haylie Duff (Herself)

A small room in Laura Prepon's new home leaves her feeling very uneasy; a young Vince Neil hears mysterious noises coming from his bedroom closet; Connie Stevens discovers that she and her children are not alone in their new L.A. mansion; and Haylie Duff has an encounter that leaves her with a dark premonition.

19 :02x10 - Daryl Hannah, Maxim Chmerkovskiy, Shana Moakler and Marilyn Manson

First aired: Oct/30/2010
Guest star: Daryl Hannah (Herself), Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Himself), Shanna Moakler (Herself), Marilyn Manson (Himself)

A young Daryl Hannah meets a mysterious woman who changes her life forever. Maxim Chmerkovskiy recovers from a devastating injury with the help of a woman who's not what she seems. As a young model Shana Moakler is provoked by a restless spirit. A teenage Marilyn Manson faces terrifying consequences after reading an ancient text.

20 :02x11 - Rebecca DeMornay, Michael Rappaport, and Margaret Cho

First aired: Nov/06/2010
Guest star: Rebecca De Mornay (Herself), Michael Rapaport (Himself), Margaret Cho (Herself)

Faced with the possibility of death, Rebecca DeMornay is greeted by angelic spirits. A young Michael Rappaport and friends stumble upon ghosts in their high school basement. Margaret Cho moves into a new house and discovers she's not the only inhabitant of the home.

21 :02x12 - Vince Neil, Charisma Carpenter, Cynthia Rowley, Orlando Jones

First aired: Nov/13/2010
Guest star: Vince Neil (Himself), Charisma Carpenter (Herself), Cynthia Rowley (Herself), Orlando Jones (Himself)

Spiraling into a deep depression, Vince Neil has an encounter that brings him back to life . A young Charisma Carpenter must fight off an evil energy into her childhood home. Cynthia Rowley flees her vacation home after discovering the history of its previous owner; and a missing memento forces Orlando Jones to face a deceased family member.

22 :02x13 - Don Most, Gina Lee Nolan, Fred Willard, Lolita Davidovich

First aired: Nov/20/2010
Guest star: Don Most (Himself), Gena Lee Nolin (Herself), Fred Willard (Himself), Lolita Davidovich (Herself)

Don Most takes on the apparition who haunts his girlfriend's home; Gena Lee Nolin is confronted by a murdered spirit when it appears during a violent exorcism; a protective force warns Fred Willard and his family about a forthcoming disaster; Lolita Davidovich is contacted by the spirit of a close friend and role model after her untimely death.

23 :02x14 - Taylor Hicks, Janine Turner, Charles Dutton, Joshua Leonard

First aired: Dec/04/2010
Guest star: Taylor Hicks (Himself), Janine Turner (Herself), Charles S. Dutton (Himself), Joshua Leonard (Himself)

24 :02x15 - Shelley Long, Daniel Stern, Gail O'Grady, Matt Sorum

First aired: Dec/11/2010
Guest star: Shelley Long (Herself), Daniel Stern (Himself), Gail O'Grady (Herself), Matt Sorum (Himself)

25 :02x16 - Sugar Ray Leonard, Aida Turturro, Larry Manetti, Johnathon Schaech

First aired: Dec/18/2010
Guest star: Sugar Ray Leonard (Himself), Aida Turturro (Herself), Larry Manetti (Himself), Johnathon Schaech (Himself)

26 :02x17 - Joey Lawrence, Gabrielle Carteris, John Ventimiglia, Paul Shaffer

First aired: Jan/01/2011
Guest star: Joey Lawrence (Himself), Gabrielle Carteris (Herself), John Ventimiglia (Himself), Paul Shaffer (Himself)

27 :02x18 - Cheri Oteri, Corbin Bernsen, John Schneider, Sharon Angela

First aired: Jan/08/2011
Guest star: Cheri Oteri (Herself), Corbin Bernsen (Himself), John Schneider (Himself), Sharon Angela (Herself)

28 :03x01 - Regis Philbin, Harry Hamlin, Ana Gasteyer, Jaime King

First aired: Jun/18/2011
Guest star: Regis Philbin (Himself), Harry Hamlin (Himself), Ana Gasteyer (Herself), Jaime King (Herself)

29 :03x02 - Bret Michaels, Natasha Henstridge, Penelope Ann Miller, Eva Amurri

First aired: Jun/25/2011
Guest star: Bret Michaels (Himself), Natasha Henstridge (Herself), Penelope Ann Miller (Herself), Eva Amurri Martino (Herself)

30 :03x03 - Jerry Stiller, Mindy McCready, Nick Hogan, Lourdes Benedicto

First aired: Jul/09/2011
Guest star: Jerry Stiller (Himself), Mindy McCready (Herself), Nick Hogan (Himself), Lourdes Benedicto (Herself)

31 :03x04 - Mindy Cohn, Valerie Harper, Matthew Gray Gubler, Nicole Eggert

First aired: Jul/16/2011
Guest star: Mindy Cohn (Herself), Valerie Harper (Herself), Matthew Gray Gubler (Himself), Nicole Eggert (Herself)

32 :03x05 - Best of

First aired: Jul/23/2011

33 :03x06 - Keisha Knight Pulliam, Ming-Na, Chi McBride, Mia Tyler

First aired: Jul/30/2011
Guest star: Keshia Knight Pulliam (Herself), Ming-Na (Herself), Chi McBride (Himself), Mia Tyler (Herself)

34 :03x07 - Brett Butler, Cassandra Peterson, Phil Varone, Ana Gasteyer

First aired: Aug/06/2011
Guest star: Brett Butler (Herself), Cassandra Peterson (Herself), Ana Gasteyer (Herself)

A protective spirit saves Brett Butler from an abusive relationship; a murdered man threatens Cassandra Peterson's life in her own home; lonely spirits stalk Phil Varone in his Los Angeles mansion; and Ana Gasteyer inadvertently summons the former residents of a historic hotel to her suite.

35 :03x08 - Beverly D'Angelo, Sally Struthers, Melissa George

First aired: Aug/13/2011
Guest star: Beverly D'Angelo (Herself), Sally Struthers (Herself), Melissa George (Herself)

Beverly D'Angelo invites the spirit of singer Cass Elliot into her home; Sally Struthers meets the ghost of a woman who died in her home; and Melissa George has a strange experience during the filming of "The Amityville Horror"

36 :03x09 - Loretta Lynn

First aired: Aug/20/2011
Guest star: Loretta Lynn (Herself)

Loretta Lynn recalls an experience.

37 :03x10 - Alan Thicke, Fairuza Balk, Kevin Pollak, Laila Ali

First aired: Oct/29/2011
Guest star: Alan Thicke (Himself), Fairuza Balk (Herself), Kevin Pollak (Himself), Laila Ali (Herself)

Alan Thicke and his son encounter a Russian ghost on a trip to Moscow; a teenage Fairuza Balk senses something evil in her hotel room; Kevin Pollak's girlfriend is possessed; and Laila Ali is frightened by a spirit in her friend's home.

38 :03x11 - Dyan Cannon, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Quinton Aaron, Bridget Marquardt

First aired: Nov/04/2011
Guest star: Dyan Cannon (Herself), Wendi McLendon-Covey (Herself), Quinton Aaron (Himself), Bridget Marquardt (Herself)

A young Dyan Cannon is visited in the night by a guardian spirit. Wendi McLendon-Covey has a paranormal encounter after a walk through a cemetery. Quinton Aaron encounters a menacing spirit on a deserted college campus. And Bridget Marquardt connects with an evil spirit after playing with a Ouiji board.

39 :03x12 - Joan Osbourne, Ahmad Rashad, Mia Tyler, Renee Taylor

First aired: Nov/12/2011
Guest star: Joan Osborne (Herself), Ahmad Rashad (Himself), Mia Tyler (Herself), Renée Taylor (Herself)

Joan Osborne is attacked by a female ghost; Ahmad Rashad meets a witch; Mia Tyler is attacked by spirits at a Los Angeles Hotel; and Renee Taylor is visited by the ghost of her mother.

40 :03x13 - Chaka Khan, Kristin Bauer, Iqbal Theba

First aired: Nov/19/2011
Guest star: Chaka Khan (Herself), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Herself), Iqbal Theba (Himself)

Chaka Khan is rescued by a guardian angel; Kristin Bauer encounters the spirit of her father; and Iqbal Theba is haunted by an evil spirit.

41 :03x14 - Mickey Rooney, Brande Roderick, Eric Mabius, Kim Coles

First aired: Nov/26/2011
Guest star: Mickey Rooney (Himself), Brande Roderick (Herself), Eric Mabius (Himself), Kim Coles (Herself)

Mickey Rooney receives a message from a spirit; a demon scares Brande Roderick; Eric Mabius meets a grieving ghost; and an angel saves Kim Coles from an abusive relationship.

42 :03x15 - Beverley Mitchell, Mark Curry, Donovan Leitch, Phyllis Diller

First aired: Dec/03/2011
Guest star: Beverley Mitchell (Herself), Mark Curry (Himself), Donovan Leitch (Himself), Phyllis Diller (Herself)

Joey Lawrence is haunted ghost of a murdered bride at a hotel; Gabrielle Carteris is helped during a difficult time by her grandfather's spirit; John Ventimiglia is haunted by a ghost as a child; and Paul Shaffer is visited by the spirit of a friend.

43 :03x16 - Susan Olsen, Rita Coolidge, Fairuza Balk, Enrico Colantoni

First aired: Dec/10/2011
Guest star: Susan Olsen (Herself), Rita Coolidge (Herself), Fairuza Balk (Herself), Enrico Colantoni (Himself)

Susan Olsen is attacked by a spirit; Rita Coolidge meets evil ghosts; Fairuza Balk encounters the ghosts of two people who died tragically; and Enrico Colantoni has an experience connected with the death of his sister.

44 :03x17 - Scott Patterson, Maria Conchita Alonso, Christopher Atkins

First aired: Dec/17/2011
Guest star: Scott Patterson (Himself), Maria Conchita Alonso (Herself), Christopher Atkins (Himself)

Scott Patterson; Maria Conchita Alonso; and Christopher Atkins.

25 Scariest Moments

First aired: Oct/06/2012

A countdown of the Top 25 most frightening moments from the series.

Ten Scariest Ghost Children

First aired: Dec/01/2012

Beverly Mitchell is chased by the apparitions of tortured children in an abandoned insane asylum; Lili Taylor is haunted by the spirits of two belligerent sisters; Donna D'Errico befriends the ghost of a young girl who drowned near her home. These are just a few of the scariest ghost children moments you'll see as Celebrity Ghost Stories counts down its top 10 scariest ghost children stories of all time.

20 Most Evil Entities

First aired: Dec/22/2012

Cindy Williams is chased by a spirit; Skylar Grey is attacked by an incubus; and Alan Thicke encounters a Russian ghost.

45 :04x01 - Cindy Williams, Audrina Patridge, Giancarlo Esposito, Joan Van Ark

First aired: Jun/02/2012
Guest star: Cindy Williams (Herself), Audrina Patridge (Herself), Giancarlo Esposito (Himself), Joan Van Ark (Herself)

46 :04x02 - Billy Dee Williams, Jenna Morasca, Dee Wallace, Kathrine Narducci

First aired: Jun/09/2012
Guest star: Billy Dee Williams (Himself), Jenna Morasca (Herself), Dee Wallace Stone (Herself), Kathrine Narducci (Herself)

Billy Dee encounters a woman who was killed; Jenna conjures up evil spirits; Dee has an unexpected encounter; Katherine is frightened after visiting a cemetery.

47 :04x03 - Erik Estrada, Micah Sloat, Joan Osborne, Reginald VelJohnson

First aired: Jun/16/2012
Guest star: Erik Estrada (Himself), Joan Osborne (Herself), Reginald VelJohnson (Himself)

Erik Estrada is visited by an apparition; Micah Sloat and his sister experience paranormal activity in their home; Joan Osborne encounters the restless spirits of children while playing a bar gig. Also, Reginald VelJohnson's new residence houses the specter of the previous owner.

48 :04x04 - Rowdy Roddy Piper, Skylar Grey, Frank Whaley

First aired: Jun/23/2012
Guest star: Roddy Piper (Himself), Skylar Grey (Herself), Frank Whaley (Himself)

Rowdy Roddy Piper's late best friend watches over him from the beyond; Skylar Grey is attacked by an evil spirit in a hotel room; and Frank Whaley's young son has a spectral visitor.

49 :04x05 - Aaron Carter, Chris McDonald, Kaya Jones, David Proval

First aired: Jun/30/2012
Guest star: Aaron Carter (Himself), Christopher McDonald (Himself), David Proval (Himself)

Aaron Carter promises to perform a ritual after his grandmother dies to prove spirits exist; Chris McDonald discovers a door that releases ghosts into his home; Kaya Jones makes an unpleasant discovery about an apartment; and David Proval is saved by a ghost.

50 :04x06 - Tito Ortiz, Cary Elwes, Sally Kellerman, Drake Bell

First aired: Jul/07/2012
Guest star: Tito Ortiz (Himself), Cary Elwes (Himself), Sally Kellerman (Herself), Drake Bell (Himself)

Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend encounter a spirit; Cary Elwes sees a skeletal ghost in a Spanish castle; Sally Kellerman has an unforgettable run-in with an apparition; and Drake Bell takes an interest in a haunted house near a movie set.

51 :04x07 - Tiffany, Tony Plana, Morgan Brittany

First aired: Aug/04/2012
Guest star: Tiffany (Herself), Tony Plana (Himself), Morgan Brittany (Herself)

Tiffany recalls an encounter she had with an evil spirit; Tony Plana has a run-in with a cannibalistic entity; and Morgan Brittany is pestered by the ghost of a young actress.

52 :04x08 - Lorenzo Lamas, Charles Schaughnessy, Kristen Renton

First aired: Aug/11/2012
Guest star: Lorenzo Lamas (Himself), Kristen Renton (Herself)

Lorenzo Lamas encounters a spirit who is trying to contact his mother; Charles Shaughnessy has a run-in with an angry entity; and Kristen Renton is chased by a ghost.

53 :04x09 - Tyler Blackburn, Lainie Kazan, Shari Headley

First aired: Aug/18/2012
Guest star: Tyler Blackburn (Himself), Lainie Kazan (Herself), Shari Headley (Herself)

Tyler Blackburn encounters angry spirits; a deceased loved one appears to Lainie Kazan; Shari Headley is bothered by a ghost after moving her family into a new home.

54 :04x10 - Jordan Ladd, Adrienne Barbeau, Kyle Massey, Brett Cullen

First aired: Aug/25/2012
Guest star: Jordan Ladd (Herself), Adrienne Barbeau (Herself), Kyle Massey (Himself), Brett Cullen (Himself)

Jordan Ladd encounters the spirit of a murder victim; Adrienne Barbeau sees her deceased grandmother; Kyle Massey and his family are terrorized by a spirit; Brett Cullen is pestered by ghosts from the Civil War.

55 :04x11 - Jack Osbourne, Stephen Collins, Aasha Davis, David Lander

First aired: Sep/08/2012
Guest star: Jack Osbourne (Himself), Stephen Collins (Himself), Aasha Davis (Herself), David L. Lander (Himself)

Jack Osbourne and his family experience an unexplained phenomena at their estate in England; Stephen Collins communicates with his dead grandfather; Aasha Davis encounters the spirit of a deceased girl; David Lander is visited by a ghost who used to live in his apartment.

56 :04x12 - Erin Moran, Pia Zadora, Michael Beach

First aired: Sep/15/2012
Guest star: Erin Moran (Herself), Pia Zadora (Herself), Michael Beach (Himself)

Erin and her husband are terrorized by restless spirits after they stumble upon an old mineshaft on their new property; after moving into Pickfair, the former estate of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, Pia and her children are tormented by the ghost of a starlet; when Michael s aunt passes, he is terrified by her lifeless body in the open casket at her funeral, but she later assures him there is nothing to be scared about.

57 :04x13 - Diane Neal, Debbie Allen, Kevin Sorbo, Debbie Matenopoulos

First aired: Sep/22/2012
Guest star: Diane Neal (Herself), Debbie Allen (Herself), Kevin Sorbo (Himself), Debbie Matenopoulos (Herself)

Diane Neal explores an infamous cannibal's grave; Debbie Allen is visited by her deceased grandmother; Kevin Sorbo encounters the ghost of a dead bride; Debbie Matenopoulos fears that her new house is cursed.

58 :04x14 - Titus Welliver, Johnny Gill, Marcus Schenkenberg

First aired: Oct/13/2012
Guest star: Titus Welliver (Himself), Johnny Gill (Himself), Marcus Schenkenberg (Himself)

Titus Welliver encounters the spirits of murder victims in a Maine barn; Johnny Gill is pestered by a ghost; and Marcus Schenkenberg is visited by an entity while staying at a hotel in Los Angeles.

59 :04x15 - Biz Markie, Erik Palladino, Rita Rudner

First aired: Oct/20/2012
Guest star: Biz Markie (Himself), Erik Palladino (Himself), Rita Rudner (Herself)

Biz Markie receives advice from a ghost; Erik Palladino is assaulted by an entity; and Rita Rudner is consoled by a spirit.

60 :04x16 - Dick Cavett, Monica Keena, Ace Young, Paul Iacono

First aired: Oct/20/2012
Guest star: Dick Cavett (Himself), Monica Keena (Herself), Ace Young (Himself), Paul Iacono (Himself)

Dick Cavett encounters a ghost in a mansion; Monica Keena is threatened by spirits; Ace Young is menaced by an entity; and Paul Iacono has an enlightening encounter with a spirit.

61 :04x17 - Lewis Black, Meshach Taylor, Samantha Harris

First aired: Oct/27/2012
Guest star: Lewis Black (Himself), Meshach Taylor (Himself), Samantha Harris (Herself)

Lewis Black encounters entities in a Michigan forest; Meshach Taylor is lured into a swamp by the ghost of a child; and Samantha Harris visits the site of a mass murder.

62 :04x18 - Charo, William Mapother, Justin Guarini, Hope Dworaczyk

First aired: Nov/03/2012
Guest star: Charo (Herself), William Mapother (Himself), Justin Guarini (Himself), Hope Dworaczyk (Herself)

Charo is attacked by the spirit of a deranged woman; William Mapother encounters the ghost of a woman from a leper colony; Justin Guarini is tormented by a family of spirits; and Hope Dworaczyk is pestered by the ghost of a wheelchair-bound boy.

63 :04x19 - Bill Bellamy, Dawn Wells, Jack Blades, Mary Lambert

First aired: Nov/10/2012
Guest star: Bill Bellamy (Himself), Dawn Wells (Herself), Jack Blades (Himself)

Bill Bellamy discovers a ghost living in his house; Jack Blades has a run-in with Native American spirits; and Mary Lambert encounters an entity in a Hollywood mansion.

64 :04x20 - D.B. Sweeney, Adrien Zmed, Eddie Money, DJ Nicole Leone

First aired: Nov/24/2012
Guest star: D.B. Sweeney (Himself), Adrian Zmed (Himself), Eddie Money (Himself)

D.B. Sweeney is assaulted by a violent entity; Adrian Zmed is attacked by the ghost of a stage performer from the 1800s; Eddie Money encounters the spirit of a young girl; and DJ Nicole Leone senses paranormal activity after getting a tattoo.

65 :04x21 - Linda Blair, Carlos Mencia, Victoria Rowell, Dot Jones

First aired: Dec/08/2012
Guest star: Linda Blair (Herself), Carlos Mencia (Himself), Victoria Rowell (Herself), Dot Jones (Herself)

A house's murderous history is uncovered by Linda Blair; Carlos Mencia is saved by a spirit; Victoria Rowell learns that her childhood home was built on a burial ground; and Dot Jones is terrified by a ghost.

66 :04x22 - Tracy Scoggins, Fairuza Balk, Della Reese, Patrick Muldoon

First aired: Dec/15/2012
Guest star: Tracy Scoggins (Herself), Fairuza Balk (Herself), Della Reese (Herself), Patrick Muldoon (Himself)

After losing her new boyfriend, Tracy seeks solitude in the dark arts and strikes a deal with the devil; Fairuza is attacked and nearly killed in her art studio by a ferocious entity; Della is moments away from death when she is saved by her guardian angel; a spirit follows Patrick Muldoon out of cemetery and forces him into a battle for his life.

67 :04x23 - Jackee Harry, Louie Anderson, Angie Stone, Richard Burgi

First aired: Jan/05/2013
Guest star: Jackée Harry (Herself), Louie Anderson (Himself), Angie Stone (Herself), Richard Burgi (Himself)

Jackee Harry is protected by an angel; Louie Anderson is visited by his mother's ghost; Angie Stone receives love advice from a spirit; and Richard Burgi is terrorized by an apparition.

68 :04x24 - Patricia Velasquez, Susie Essman, Elya Baskin

First aired: Jan/12/2013
Guest star: Patricia Velasquez (Herself), Susie Essman (Herself), Elya Baskin (Himself)

A ghost terrorizes Patricia Velasquez; Susie Essman is comforted by her grandmother's spirit; and Elya Baskin encounters an angry entity.

69 :04x25 - Lisa Lisa, Bernie Kopell, Enrico Colantoni, Heather McDonald

First aired: Jan/19/2013
Guest star: Lisa Velez (Herself), Bernie Kopell (Himself), Enrico Colantoni (Himself), Heather McDonald (Herself)

After moving into an old country house, Enrico has a series of horrifying encounters that make him realize he s not the only one residing in the home. When the girls that Lisa babysits every day go missing, Lisa has a terrifying vision that reveals a tragic ending. Bernie is accosted by the ghost of a woman who was bludgeoned to death on her wedding day. Heather is physically attacked by an entity that depletes all her energy.

70 :04x26 - Beverly Johnson, Charlene Tilton, Jimmy Wayne

First aired: Jan/26/2013
Guest star: Beverly Johnson (Herself), Charlene Tilton (Herself), Jimmy Wayne (Himself)

Beverly Johnson is tormented by spirits; Charlene Tilton encounters the ghost of a murdered woman; and Jimmy Wayne is helped by the spirit of a country-music lege.

71 :04x27 - Mariel Hemingway, Kevin Brown, Curtis Armstrong

First aired: Feb/02/2013
Guest star: Mariel Hemingway (Herself), Kevin Brown (Himself), Curtis Armstrong (Himself)

Mariel Hemingway encounters a deadly entity in her home; Kevin Brown is saved from a fire by a spirit; and Curtis Armstrong's daughter is visited by a ghost.

10 Most Terrifying Places

First aired: Jul/20/2013

A countdown of the Top 10 scariest locations from the series.

72 :05x01 - George Wendt, Wayne Newton, Ace Frehley

First aired: Jun/01/2013
Guest star: George Wendt (Himself), Wayne Newton (Himself), Ace Frehley (Himself), Merritt Matthew Chase (Conductor)

George and his family spend a tortuous night in a cottage haunted by Native Americans and bootleggers; Wayne Newton is paid a surprise visit by the ghost of his dear friend Elvis Presley while performing in Las Vegas; there are vengeful entities in Ace Frehley's estate and all the women in the home are in peril.

73 :05x02 - Marisa Ramirez, Jimmie Walker, Lisa Vidal, Kate Vernon

First aired: Jun/08/2013
Guest star: Marisa Ramirez (Herself), Jimmie Walker (Himself), Lisa Vidal (Herself), Kate Vernon (Herself)

Bloody visions of a violent tragedy haunt Marisa's childhood; Jimmie runs out of gas on an icy, North Dakota road and encounters a mysterious apparition; a close friend of Lisa's dies violently and returns from the other side; Kate has a terrifying paranormal experience that she will never forget.

74 :05x03 - Shar Jackson, Blair Brown, Esai Morales, John Hensley

First aired: Jun/15/2013
Guest star: Shar Jackson (Herself), Blair Brown (Herself), Esai Morales (Himself), John Hensley (Himself)

Shar Jackson discovers the body of her deceased friend; Blair Brown is menaced by a violent spirit; Esai Morales encounters an entity outside his apartment; and John Hensley has a paranormal experience.

75 :05x04 - Coco, Craig Kilborn, Diana DeGarmo,Tommy Davidson

First aired: Jun/22/2013
Guest star: Nicole Austin (Herself), Craig Kilborn (Himself), Diana DeGarmo (Herself), Tommy Davidson (Himself)

A lost male spirit obsessed with Coco attacks her and threatens her life; Craig Kilborn encounters a murderous spirit who kills harmless animals; Diana's brother plays with a spirit board and invites a dark spirit into their home; Tommy is visited by recently deceased love ones.

76 :05x05 - Tom Green, Anthony Michael Hall, Brenda Epperson, Jacklyn Zeman

First aired: Jun/29/2013
Guest star: Tom Green (Himself), Anthony Michael Hall (Himself), Brenda Epperson (Herself), Jacklyn Zeman (Herself)

Tom Green stays overnight in a haunted museum; Anthony Michael Hall is visited by a spirit; Brenda Epperson is menaced by a violent ghost; and Jacklyn Zeman has a paranormal experience.

77 :05x06 - Richard Grieco, Anthony Michael Hall, Ana Ortiz, Barry Bostwick

First aired: Jul/06/2013
Guest star: Richard Grieco (Himself), Anthony Michael Hall (Himself), Ana Ortiz (Herself), Barry Bostwick (Himself)

Richard Grieco experiments with black magic; Barry Bostwick encounters the ghost of a child; and Anthony Michael Hall is visited by the spirit of a deceased friend.

78 :05x07 - Nadine Velazquez, Burt Ward, Adrianna Costa, Bruce Davison

First aired: Jul/13/2013
Guest star: Nadine Velazquez (Herself), Burt Ward (Himself), Adrianna Costa (Herself), Bruce Davison (Himself)

Nadine Velazquez is tormented by an entity; Burt Ward encounters ghosts at an inn; Adrianna Costa senses her dead grandfather's spirit; and Bruce Davison crosses paths with the ghosts of two young boys.

79 :06x01 - Jillian Barberie, Dan Cortese and Bruce Boxleitner

First aired: Oct/19/2013
Guest star: Jillian Barberie (Herself), Dan Cortese (Himself), Bruce Boxleitner (Himself)

80 :06x02 - Michael Madsen, Linda Dano, Joanna Cassidy and Rae Dawn Chong

First aired: Oct/26/2013
Guest star: Michael Madsen (Himself), Linda Dano (Herself), Joanna Cassidy (Herself), Rae Dawn Chong (Herself)

81 :06x03 - Andy Dick, Justin Henry, Nick Turturro and Betsey Johnson

First aired: Nov/02/2013
Guest star: Andy Dick (Himself), Justin Henry (Himself), Nicholas Turturro (Himself), Betsey Johnson (Herself)

Andy Dick visits an abandoned homestead guarded by a long-dead pioneer; Justin Henry shoots on location at an abandoned insane asylum; Nick Turturro witnesses an unexplainable event; Betsey Johnson is visited by a loved one from the other side.

82 :06x04 - Cherie Currie, Joseph Bologna, Diane Farr and Estella Warren

First aired: Nov/09/2013
Guest star: Cherie Currie (Herself), Joseph Bologna (Himself), Diane Farr (Herself), Estella Warren (Herself)

Cherie Currie is possessed by an evil entity who transforms her into a violent teen; Joseph Bologna is visited by his late grandmother; Diane Farr comes face-to-face with an unhappy spirit; Estella Warren befriends a spirit who comes to a violent end.

83 :06x05 - Jim Norton, Penny Johnson Jerald, Peter Scolari and Steven Williams

First aired: Nov/16/2013
Guest star: Jim Norton (Himself), Penny Johnson Jerald (Herself), Peter Scolari (Himself), Steven Williams (Himself)

Comedian Jim Norton encounters a spirit in a Las Vegas suite who was brutally killed by the mob; Penny Johnson is attacked by a demon; Peter Scolari befriends a stray cat who saved his life after it lost its own; Steven Williams is visited by a deceased friend.

84 :06x06 - Marlee Matlin, Kim Carnes and Robert Carradine

First aired: Nov/23/2013
Guest star: Marlee Matlin (Herself), Kim Carnes (Herself), Robert Carradine (Himself)

Marlee Matlin has a profound experience when she loses a loved one; Kim Carnes finds her muse in the spirit of a young girl who once inhabited her home; Robert Carradine sees a ghost who had a tragic ending while living in an old manor house in Ireland.

85 :06x07 - Mary Lynn Rajskub, Dennis Christopher, Barbara Steele, Gary Daniels

First aired: Mar/22/2014
Guest star: Mary Lynn Rajskub (Herself), Dennis Christopher (Himself), Barbara Steele (Herself), Gary Daniels (Himself)

Mary Lynn Rajskub is terrorized by a ghost from her past while performing at club in Los Angeles; Dennis Christopher is confronted by a vengeful spirit inhabiting his new apartment; Barbara Steele encounters a grief-stricken ghost; Gary Daniels is forced to make a difficult personal decision that angers a recently deceased loved one.

86 :06x08 - Pam Grier, David Otunga, Max Adler, Golden Brooks

First aired: Mar/29/2014
Guest star: Pam Grier (Herself), David Otunga (Himself), Max Adler (Himself), Golden Brooks (Herself)

Pam Grier visits her family's farm and receives a message from a deceased ancestor; David Otunga has a menacing entity in his new home; Max Adler is attacked by a violent ghost in a Venice hotel; Golden Brooks grows up fearing a presence in her home.

87 :06x09 - Louis Gossett Jr., Carolyn Hennesy, Nathan Morris, Kevin Nash

First aired: Apr/05/2014
Guest star: Louis Gossett, Jr. (Himself), Carolyn Hennesy (Herself), Nathan Morris (Himself), Kevin Nash (Himself)

Louis Gossett Jr. is attacked by violent ghosts while filming in Louisiana; Carolyn Hennesy is visited by a deceased loved one; Nathan Morris learns about a ghost that met a tragic end; wrestler Kevin Nash is comforted by the spirit of his mother.

88 :06x10 - Downtown Julie Brown, Drita D'avanzo, Jai Rodriguez, Nicholas Brendon

First aired: Apr/12/2014
Guest star: Julie Brown (Herself), Drita D'avanzo (Herself), Jai Rodriguez (Himself), Nicholas Brendon (Himself)

Downtown Julie Brown talks about the spirit who visited her, a woman who died of a broken heart. Drita D'avanzo reveals her violent confrontation with a ghost and his vicious dog. Jai Rodriguez tells of a spooky experience at a motel. Nicholas Brendon reveals that he and his twin got visited by two spirits.

89 :06x11 - Julie White, Roger Bart, Dominique Swain, Thomas Ian Nicholas

First aired: Apr/19/2014
Guest star: Julie White (Herself), Roger Bart (Himself), Dominique Swain (Herself), Thomas Ian Nicholas (Himself)

Julie White talks about the spirit she was visited by backstage. Roger Bart discusses his haunting. Dominique Swain reveals she brought a spirit attached to an antique chair into her house. Whilst Thomas Ian Nicholas comes across a entity whilst filming in a remote cabin.