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Challenge of the SuperFriends: The History of Doom

Lex Luthor creates a solar flare, which is used and it ends up destroying the earth. Now, aliens make a plan to restore the Earth by undoing Lex’s evil deed.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x16
Production Number: 128-16
Airdate: Saturday December 23rd, 1978

Starring Roles
Danny DarkDanny Dark
voiced Superman
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Toyman
Michael RyeMichael Rye
voiced Green Lantern / Apache Chief
Ruth FormanRuth Forman
voiced Giganta
Stanley Jones (1)Stanley Jones (1)
voiced Lex Luthor / Manatoo
Stanley Ralph RossStanley Ralph Ross
voiced Gorilla Grodd
Vic PerrinVic Perrin
voiced Sinestro
William WoodsonWilliam Woodson
voiced The Narrator / Rayno

Guest Stars
Casey KasemCasey Kasem
voiced Robin
Dick RyalDick Ryal
voiced Captain Cold
Marlene AragonMarlene Aragon
voiced Cheetah
Michael Bell (1)Michael Bell (1)
voiced Young Lex Luthor
Olan SouleOlan Soule
voiced Batman
Shannon FarnonShannon Farnon
voiced Wonder Woman
Ted CassidyTed Cassidy
voiced Black Manta
Louise WilliamsLouise Williams
voiced Young Giganta
Episode Notes
This episode ends the Challenge of the SuperFriends show.

Like most of the SuperFriend shows, this series only lasted 16 episodes.

Giganta's origin story is completely different that what's shown in this episode.

Her real origin story involves an evil scientist named Professor Zool artificially evolving an ape named Giganta into the red haired villain.

She was also a nemesis for Wonder Woman not Apache Chief.

Episode Goofs
Even at his full height, it would be impossible for Apache Chief to place the bear where he does, behind the furthest mountain

When Captain Cold freezes the Super Friends in ice, their positions are (from left to right) Apache Chief, Aquaman, Black Vulcan, Robin, Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Samurai & Hawkman ...

but when we see them flying through space on their way to Saturn not only are they suddenly standing shoulder to shoulder, their placement is... Flash, Green Lantern, Samurai, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, Robin, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Batman & Superman and Aquaman is missing entirely.

Also when we first see the Super Friends frozen in their “ice bullet” the rounded part is nearest Superman on the left side but when we see them in space the rounded part is on the right and the Super Friends are facing the camera.

In order to have the round part on the right we'd have to be seeing the Super Friends from the back.

Episode References
Two of the tapes Sooba, Rayno & Manatoo view are actually clips from previous episodes, “The Giants of Doom” & “Revenge on Gorilla City”

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