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Song of the North - Recap

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The scene opens with Rick going into the CIA office and meeting the roamer in the elevator. He tells that he still gets the thrill of walking through the doors. Rick sees that the guy has trainers on. He says that there is a mile of hallway in the building and says that Rick is always welcome to join them. Rick looks over to see a group of hall roamers. Meanwhile, Higgins is meeting with his secretary, Adele Ferrer, when an agent comes in and tells that he has to see something on CNN. Ryan, Billy, Casey and Michael are watching the same thing and they see that North Korean Diplomat Song falls asleep when the United Nations decided to go against North Korea proposal to launch missiles. He then stands up and claps along with them. They feel that he is going to defect from North Korea. Michael says that Higgins wants them to go to New York to get to Song first. He says that Song is their only chance to get information on North Korea.

The team arrives in New York and sees that the FBI and other agencies are there. They tell Rick that everyone is going to want to get a piece at Song before anything happens. Michael tells Rick to go to the roof and see if it is enough for a helicopter to land. He runs up the stairwell to find Song at the top of the building. He is on the ledge and Rick talks to him. He says that his wife is still in North Korea and if he defects, she will be killed. Rick promises that they will get his wife out of North Korea. Later at the CIA and Higgins wants to know why Rick promised Song that they would get his wife out of North Korea and that he allowed him to go. He tells that he didn’t think and is sorry. Higgins tells that he is going to North Korea and going to get Song’s wife to him like he promised. He leaves and asks Adele if he is fired. She tells that she will talk to him later after lunch and says that Higgin’s mood changes and tells him to wait. The team comes in the break room and tells him to not have a negative attitude. Rick tells them that he has to get Song’s wife out of North Korea. Michael says that they will figure it out. They find out that Song’s wife is a Deputy in the Ministry of Culture and there is an event where they will have a chance. It is the International Film Festival. Michael has an in, but asks if Ricky can get them an out.

Michael and Billy go to Burt Hecker to make a film for them to enter into the festival. There is another film “American Totalitarianism” was entered into the Film Festival. Michael says that they need to get on the credits and that their men need to put the director on a no fly list so that they can pose as Producers to the film. Meanwhile, Rick and Casey get a passport for Song’s wife and they thank the woman who made the passport and she asks how they are going to sneak her out and Casey tells that the North Koreans can’t put things together because it is evident that they have not overthrown their leader. Rick goes to Higgins and tells him their plan. He likes it. The team arrives in Pyongyang, North Korea and arrives at the Film Festival. They look around and pick out Song’s wife. They go up to her and tell that they are the producers of the film “American Totalitarianism” and Michael asks if Song’s wife is related to him. They confirm that she is who they suspect, but doesn’t have a clue what is going on. They sit down with her and Michael shows a film of Song falling asleep. She gets upset and runs out the room. They follow her into the bathroom and Michael tells her that they need to trust them. They tell that they are going to fly home and tells that she can be on the flight too. She tells them to go.

Meanwhile, Congressman Fuller arrives at the CIA and Adele tells that he was supposed to check his phone up front. He says that their secrets are safe with him. She asks what they can do for him and he says that he wants information on Song and says that he is going to be Chairman soon to the CIA and she needs to tell him. She tells that the operation should be concluded by tomorrow. Back in Korea, the team is not liking the movie that they put their names on and Casey sneaks out a chocolate bar. He says that he would love to share, but he will have to do most of the fighting later. Song’s wife comes up and tells Michael that she is going, but needs to show him something. They go out to find that she has her sister and her family. Michael says that they can’t take them and Song’s wife says that she can’t go then. Billy tells the team that Song and his wife is a pair of star-crossed lovers.

They sit down and plan to cross the bridge into China and they all agree to go along with the plan. They pile in the bus and head toward the border. Rick calls Higgins up and tells that they are headed to the Chinese border. Higgins puts him on hold and tells an agent to bring in Song. Higgins gets on the phone again and tells that they have their full support. He hangs up and Adele asks if they are going to call China. Reluctantly, Higgins agrees and tells that they need a removal point. The team arrives at the border and waits to hear from Higgins for clearance. Back at the CIA, Song arrives and asks where his wife is. Higgins assures that they have his wife with agents. He says that he will tell Korea that he surrenders and give up. Higgins offers that Song call his wife. Song talks to his wife and tells that he is going to turn himself in and she reluctantly agrees. However, Michael tells that he has crossed in and out of North Korea and promises to get his family back. Rick talks to him and convinces him that his wife is in safe hands. Rick asks Michael about crossing over in and out of North Korea and he says that he lied and that no one gets out of North Korea alive.

Back at the CIA, Higgins gets word that the team has clearance from China. However, Adele tells that Congressman Fuller leaked the defection of Song to the press. In Korea, the team tries to figure out what they are going to do and Rick talks about a girl that he would take a bullet for and Casey shares as well. However, Billy remains quiet. Michael comes over and tells that North Korea knows about the defection now. Billy says that they are going to ram the bridge with the van. They manage to ram the van through the gate and they take down the men. As they get the family across the bridge, a soldier shoots in the air and drops it. Billy says that he can come too. They cross safely into China. Later, Congressman Fuller comes in and apologizes. Higgins says that he is a shameless opportunist and shows a file that tells about how Congressman Fuller lied about his involvement. He says that they can get past this one and says that they can work with him, but not for him. Song and his wife meet up and they shake hands. In the office, Rick talks about the girl who he would take a bullet for and Billy tells his girl that he would take a bullet for. Casey tosses a chocolate bar at Billy and says, “Thanks for sharing”. The episode ends.