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Remote Control - Recap

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The scene opens with Rick walking through a parking garage and finds Adele changing in her car. He avoids looking at her and she tells that she spilled coffee on her suit. Rick asks Adele if she is going to the reception with anyone. She tells that she wants someone to tell her that they want to be with her and Rick is open with her and asks her out. She tells that she will think about it. Rick gets in and the ODS team says that Rick is late for a meeting. Rick is confused and Casey tells that the translator that normally fills that job has food poisoning. Rick gets in and Higgins asks about the normal translator. Rick tells that he doesn’t know. Higgins tells that they are tracking to find Hassan Ohana, a known terrorist that has a history of violence. Higgins says that they need to get a team and run surveillance. Rick offers the ODS to allow them to go. Higgins agrees.

Rick gets in and tells that they are going to Paris, the place where they are going to run surveillance on Hassan. After hearing the name Hassan, Michael tells that their vacation to Paris just got serious. Later, Michael goes to Faye and tells that they are going to Paris and are staying at the Honeymoon Suite at the same Hotel they had on their honeymoon. Faye tells that Michael doesn’t know the meaning of divorce. Michael tells that it is going to be boring without her and she tells that she is not going to go to Paris. Michael goes up to Operative Blanke and tells that he can use their office while they are away. He asks Blanke what he knows about marriage. The ODS get into France and Rick has hacked into the cell towers. Casey, Michael and Billy tell that they are going down for dinner and tell Rick to stay and listen to chatter. While down at the restaurant, Michael starts to tell what is good and Casey and Billy tell him that they don’t want to hear about Michael’s failed marriage. Operative Luc Mounia comes up to them and asks what they are doing there. They lie and say that they are in Paris for their health. Luc has his team confiscate the surveillance equipment from Rick and tell Casey, Michael and Billy to have a nice day.

Later, Michael calls Faye and asks if they had any luck getting information from the conversation that Rick was able to pick up before Luc and his team confiscated their equipment. Faye tells him that they did. Michael starts to think that the French were tipped off that the CIA was going to be there. Casey suggests that it was “Cocktail Barry”, a CIA operative at the U.S. Embassy. Michael tells Luc to look alive because “targets” are on the move. Meanwhile, Higgins tells Adele that she needs to go to Paris and convince the Ambassador that their spying is harmless. He also tells that she is to swap out Rick’s cell phone so that he can spy on Rick and the ODS. He says that she had the mission to win Rick over, but it has moved slowly. She tells that she will be on the next plane out. The ODS go to Barry and tell that they need a word. He asks why they are talking to him and they ask how the French knew that the CIA was coming. He tells that he didn’t say anything and the team starts to destroy vases that are expensive. They find that Barry’s place has been bugged. Barry tells that his career is over and Billy asks if Barry is a really good driver. Outside, Luc sees cars leaving and Barry drives his SUV into Luc’s car while the ODS leave in their car. Meanwhile, Operative Blanke goes up to Faye and asks what kind of perfume she is wearing and says that it smells French. Faye tells that she knows what he is doing and tells him to tell Michael that he tried, but didn’t succeed.

The ODS go to an apartment building that is supposedly a hideout for Hassan. Inside, they find that phones are in trash can with bleach in it. A man comes through the door and Billy knocks into the dirty dishes. The man asks who is there and Michael tells Rick to tell him not to shoot. The man shoots and Michael takes the refrigerator door off and uses it as a shield. One of the bullets ricochets and kills the man. Michael tells that the man is not Hassan. He says that Hassan has never been here because Hassan is a loner and Rick says that it must be a terror cell. Michael says that they need the French to help on this. The French arrive and Luc tells that he has been instructed to take the ODS to their Hotel and then to the airport. Michael tells that they are close to catching Hassan and that they need to continue their mission. Luc tells that they always leave their mess for French to clean up. He tells that they destroyed Luc’s wife’s car and asks how he is going to get his kids to soccer practice. Michael tells that they can work together and get Hassan. Luc agrees and tells that he will pick them up later after the team does their work.

At the Hotel, Adele shows up and tells that she wants to go out with him. Rick and Adele go to dinner and she tells that she wants to step it up and tells that she will blow Rick’s mind if he has the chance to have sex with her. He leans over and kisses her. Adele tells that she is going to give Rick her personal cell phone number. She makes the switch. Later at the apartment, Luc asks what they are going to find and Billy finds a guitar. He plays it and Luc wants to know why he is playing. Billy sings that terrorists don’t have guitars in their apartments and busts it open. They find documents inside. At the CIA, Higgins is happy that they got information that will lead them to Hassan and they get an ID on Hassan Ohana. Higgins goes up to the conference room and talks to the Ambassador of France. They tell that the French cell towers are down, but ask if they could use the CIA’s. Higgins, realizing that the French know about their cell towers, tells that they can arrange that.

Luc and his team along with the ODS get the location of Hassan and they use an EMB machine to block out cell phones. However, when it goes off, it takes out all electricity in the building. Luc tells that the team is falling back because they can’t see anything. However, the ODS go in and tells that they will get Hassan. The ODS split up and Rick manages to spot Hassan. He and Billy chase him to a window. Hassan jumps and Rick follows behind. However, Rick doesn’t land it too well and hurts himself. Billy jumps and chases after Hassan. He manages to corner him and knocks him out. Afterward, Luc congratulates them and tells that the French and Americans can work together after all. Later, Adel gets in and Higgins says that it was a successful mission on both ends. He tells Adele that now he will be able to hear everything that the ODS is doing when Rick uses his phone. The team gets in and goes through their things to make sure that the French didn’t bug their belongings. Rick is shocked that they would do that and Michael finds the bug that Higgins planted on Rick’s phone. Thinking it is the French’s doing, Rick destroys the phone.

Michael goes to Faye’s office and puts down perfume that she loves from Paris. Faye is surprised that Michael remembered and Michael confesses that he had to dig up the dress from storage and test the perfume in the Lab. She smiles and says that is romantic. She thanks him and he leaves. Later in the break room, Adele goes up to Rick and he kisses her. She tells that she doesn’t know if they will work and tells that she is not trustworthy. He tells that he doesn’t care. She tells him that she is sorry. He walks away and pulls out his phone. She asks about Rick’s phone and he says that he destroyed the old one because it had a bug in it. She tells Rick that she wasn’t done with their conversation. The episode ends with Operative Blanke walking through the parking garage and catches Rick and Adele starting to get busy in the back seat of Adele’s car. He walks away and they feel ashamed that they were caught in the act.