Core Fortitude - Recap

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The scene opens with Rick walking into the CIA with a box full of memorabilia of his past. The security guard pulls out a baseball that has “Rocket Rick” written on it. Rick tells that is his nickname when he used to play in Pee-Wee. He meets a woman behind him and introduces him as Rick Martinez. A man paces through the hall to Higgins’ desk. He looks at him seriously and says that he will have the 3 egg white omelet. Higgins asks Faye what is next and Faye brings up the Humanitarian situation in Somalia. They need to find who is selling weapons to El Shabab, a terrorist group. She suggests the ODS because they have no one else ready to go. Meanwhile, Rick gets in the office and they laugh at Rick bringing personal items. Michael says that he should never bring in things that could leave him open. Michael gets a call from Higgins that tells that Rick needs to see him. They find that interesting.

Rick goes up to Higgins and says that he should have not told Rick to spy on the ODS. He says that he wants to mend fences. He takes him on a tour of the CIA and Rick is on the ODS as their “moral compass” and his allegiance is to his partners. Later, the ODS get to the location of the ship that holds the identity of who is selling weapons. They tell Rick to get down in the ship and finds food down there. Suddenly, a tank pulls up and Rick aims his gun at it. A white flag is flown and it is the crew and the manifest. They go through the cargo and Rick finds Butterfly Mines. Michael says they are called that because they look like butterflies when they fall and children pick them up. After they explode, Nitric Acid deploys and blinds them. There are thousands of them. Casey looks at the manifest and it doesn’t tell where the shipments came from, but they were headed to Somalia. Bernard LaRouche is on the manifest though. They find LaRouche’s location. Back at the CIA, Rick looks at the picture of him facing down a tank. Rick asks what they are going to do about LaRouche. Billy tells that it is out of their hands.

Michael gets to Faye’s office and looks for her secret stash. She tells that she moved it because she is moving on after their divorce. Michael asks about LaRouche and she tells that they are not pressing changes because they see that it is not worth it. Michael is outraged and Faye tells that LaRouche has his ship back and is porting it now. The ODS walk down the hall and Casey tells that they looked and saw that LaRouche had no record. Rick asks if they looked at his Argentine name, Silva. He tells that Bernard LaRouche would be Bernard Silva in Argentina. Rick tells that he has training to get to. Once there, he meets the woman again. He asks her name, but she ignores him. They sit down for training and Donald Combs is running the training Core Fortitude. The woman introduces herself as Deputy Director Adele Ferrer. She suggests that she would like to shift focus and talk about the mistakes he made that lead to his capture in the first place. The rest of the ODS check out the new name and Rick was right, LaRoche has a record under the named “Silva”. Michael tells Faye to hold off telling the Government about it.

They go to Boston to find Operative Blanke and asks if LaRoche is inside. He says that he is and that Justice is on their way. Michael sits down with LaRoche and asks why he profits on death. He tells that he doesn’t like war and laughs. Michael shows a Butterfly Mine and puts on the table. Security come in and takes down Casey. Office of Justice comes in and Michael tells them to arrest LaRoche. However, they aren’t charging him with anything and escort the ODS out. Back at the CIA, the lawyer tells that they can’t extradite LaRoche on this. Michael tells them to lean on the White House if they have to. Higgins tells him to come back to the CIA. Meanwhile, Billy asks Casey how his ego is holding up and says that the guards were Gurka, mercenaries. He says that Casey was way out of his league. Rick gets into the office and Casey calls. He tells Rick to open the filing cabinet and bring the red envelope. He tells that he needs to get to Boston. He tells that he has training and Casey tells him that he needs to get out of it.

Back in Boston, the rest of the ODS ask if Rick is going to tell Higgins and Casey tells that it is highly probable. However, Billy feels that he won’t. Back at the CIA, Rick goes into Adele’s office and asks to be excused from training to go to his Grandfather’s funeral. She tells that his grandfather died years ago and that she knows why he really wants to get out of training. She tells that he is clear to go. Higgins meets with Office of Justice and tells that they have a case, but he says that it is not good enough. Rick gets into Boston and gives Michael the envelope. He opens it and there is a knock on the door. Operative Blanke says that he ordered pizza for their meeting. He tells Rick that the memo was written by the original ODS members. They like to read it from time to time. He asks what it means to him and Rick says that they have to get their hands dirty. Michael tells that they are going to kidnap LaRoche. He asks if Rick will do the mission and he agrees with no problem at all. Billy tells that it is all up to him. The ODS get into a Motel and Casey tells that the Gurka caught him by surprise and Michael gives Rick a syringe full of a drug that will knock LaRoche out. Back at the CIA, Combs comes in and tells that Rick missed training because Adele gave him permission. Higgins’ aide tells that Rick boarded a plane to Boston. Combs tells that Higgins needs to watch out for Adele. Higgins tells that he doesn’t need to deploy the security detail.

Back in Boston, Rick is ready for the kidnapping and Billy gives him a pep talk to boost his willingness. Michael asks if they need to be worried and Billy tells that they do. Rick goes into the bathroom and pretends to be a bathroom attendant. LaRoche goes to the bathroom and sees the needle in Rick’s hand. Rick tries to fight him off, but proves to be harder than he thought. Rick manages to get him down. Blanke gets LaRoche in the trunk of his car and the Gurka take him out of the car. They open the trunk, but it is Casey, not LaRoche. Billy is there with a gun. Michael and Rick take LaRoche on a boat. Meanwhile, Casey takes down the head Gurka and Billy is impressed. On the boat, Rick and Michael tell LaRoche that they are going to Argentina and tell that he is going to be arrested. Later, Rick goes up to Adele and she tells that she knows already about LaRoche. He thanks her for letting him go. She tells that Higgins knows about the sneaking and tells that Higgins wants to take down the ODS and says for him to come to her when they are in a bind.

Higgins’ aide comes up to Adele and tells that Higgins wants to talk to her. She gets into his office and says that he has been unsuccessful to get the cooperation from Rick. He asks if she has had any success and she says that Rick is sweet on her already. Rick asks the rest of the ODS if they thought that he tipped off Higgins. Michael says that he has proven to be deceptive to them. However, their doubt is washed away and that Billy was inspired to write a poem, “Two Humble Warriors” about Casey and Rick. They agree that it is good and that it can go on the board. The episode ends.