Defending Sofia - Recap

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The scene opens with Rick making coffee. However, it is not going yet and he is getting impatient. Michael tells Rick to come with them. He tries to tell them to give him a minute, but they tell Rick that Higgins wants to see them now. As Rick leaves, the coffee starts up. Faye informs them and tells them that in Rukovia on the Bulkin Peninsula, there are elections of Sophia Vukola are underway. They watch as the car carrying Sophia is bombed. Faye tells that Sophia was a friend of hers. Higgins tells the ODS that they are to go to Rukovia and retrieve a cell phone that Sophia’s press secretary had on him. He says that he was working for the CIA and that the phone puts them at the assassination. They agree to go right away to get information posing as voting officials.

The ODS arrive in at the Rukovia International Airport and get their ID badges for the voting job. The organizer, Warren Smith, tells them to be there a 6:00 AM tomorrow. The ODS go to the Morgue and tell Rick and Casey to watch out for anyone. Michael and Billy go in and talk to the Morgue employee. They tell that they have to get the phone off of George, Sophie’s secretary because of some photos of Billy and him in a inappropriate act that George’s wife wouldn’t want to see. The employee tells them to give him $500 and it is a deal. Michael lets Casey and Rick in and they find the phone. Suddenly they hear voices and see soldiers come in. They demand to have the employee do something and Casey sees them take a body out. They then shoot the employee and leave. Rick says that the body that they took was Sophia. However, Michael says that the soldiers might think that Sophia used a decoy because he is known to do such things. Michael says that he doesn’t believe that she is dead either.

They look through Sophia’s belongings and realize that the purse that Sophia had on her and the purse she normally had has some discrepancies. Faye says that she has an Analyst that can tell them for certain. They go to Violet Green, Faye’s Analyst. She tells that they don’t match at all and that the lipstick is supposed to be a different color. However, Higgins says that he is going to need more than that to take to the Director of the CIA. She tells that she profiled him and that Higgins can take that with him to prove her talent. Higgins is impressed. Back in Rukovia, Michael and Rick walk up to Jovan, a member of Sophia’s political party and ask him where they can find Sophia. He says that he doesn’t know, but Michael tells him that he is there to help her. He writes down a location. The ODS go to the location and Casey gives them bouquets of flowers. He says that it is psychology and will give them another 5 seconds. They enter with the flowers, but the men inside open fire with their shotguns. Billy tells them that they are there to help and that they know about Sophia and can help. A woman’s voice tells them to come inside. They go in to find Sophia.

Michael calls Higgins and gives him an update. Higgins says that they need to get her to the U.S. Embassy. Casey sits down with Sophia and says that he is envious of the country having a militia and Sophie says that it is not fun. Sophia says that the CIA hasn’t been for her like her people. Michael says that the government will kill all of them if she doesn’t go with them. She tells the men that she is going to go to protect the ODS. They drive to the U.S. Embassy to find it surrounded. Warren calls on their radio and asks where they are. He says that he is manning the poll station that they were supposed to be at. Michael tells Warren that they are on their way. Warren says that they better hurry because the entire world is watching. Michael gets an idea and tells Higgins that they need to leak that Sophia is alive. Faye tells them to record Sophia making a statement to make it convincing. They drive to a clearing and videotape with the camera phone Sophia talking. Suddenly the phones get cut off and they are no longer allowed to call out. Higgins realizes that the government shut the cell reception down. Michael says that they are afraid of Sophia. They tell that they have to get Sophia to safety, but she tells that she has to vote in order to be President. Casey says that it is stupid to do that and Sophia says that she will leave. Michael says that they will take her.

Back at the CIA, Adele tells Higgins that they have a cell phone tower on the border on Romania and says that they could try to crank up the signal. Back in Rukovia, Casey tells that it seems quiet and Billy and Rick go to the polling booths to look around. They talk to a lady who says that their co-workers already inspected them. However, they are not ones from the same Voting Officials. They leave and the two men follow. Billy tells Rick to duck and proceeds to hit the men with a fire extinguisher. They manage to fight the men and knock them unconscious. They get back to the car and tell that the government is already there. Billy suggests that they bring the polling station to them. Michael gets a hold of Warren and the team meets him in the forest. He is defensive about it until he sees that the woman who needs to vote is Sophia. They reveal that they are CIA and Warren is not happy that they are interfering, but is alright to let her vote.

On the road, Warren is impressed that she is a beacon of freedom. Adele says that they have an extraction team, but Michael says that they have to let Sophia vote. Higgins yells at Michael and Sophia talks to him. She tells that she thanks them and says that they are courageous. Higgins says that wasn’t fair to Michael and they get company. Men in ski masks inspect cars. They disguise Sophia and the men search the truck. They take the ballots and Rick tells that is the least of their problems. A little girl in a car behind them recognizes Sophie and Casey punches a guard. They drive off with the soldiers behind them. They throw the ballots out of the car and cause the car following them crashes. Later that evening, Sophia casts her vote and they video tape it. Higgins tells Adele and Faye that it was a good day at the office. Back in Rukovia, Sophia thanks the ODS and Warren says that it was nice to be able to ride in the same truck as the CIA. Michael says that they are not that bad and says that Warren stepped up. Billy says that Warren had courage and Warren asks if they are trying to recruit him and he says that he is not interested. However, when they get a ride back in a helicopter, Warren asks for a business card. The episode ends.