Glory Days - Recap

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The scene opens with Adele and Rick walking through the hall of the CIA when Billy and Casey come up and tell that they have a meeting. Rick asks what the meeting is about and Casey says that it isn’t about how they know about Rick’s secret relationship with Adele. He asks how they knew and they point out the obvious things to him. In the meeting, Michael tells that an asset has information that the U.S. Embassy in Croatia has a Russian spy named Sam Crowley infiltrating. Higgins asks if Crowley is really a spy and Michael tells that he knew Sam Crowley and that he is dead. The Russian spy is using his social security number now. Michael says that he wants them to go in and stir things up for him. Higgins, without hesitation, tells that the mission is approved.

The ODS arrive in Zagreb, Croatia and talk with the members of the U.S. Embassy. They call Crowley to an office and talk to him. His accent is perfect and they ask him questions about the people who might be suspicious. He leaves after Rick and Michael question him and goes to his car. Billy and Casey are already in their car and pick up Rick and Michael. They follow and see a man get into Crowley’s car. They speak in Russian and the ODS can hear thanks to Casey putting a listening device in the car. The Russian visitor asks Crowley if they have been compromised. Suddenly they hear a shot with a gun with a silencer. Casey gets out of the car and chases down the stranger. Billy follows close behind with the car while Michael and Rick confirm that Crowley is dead. Casey is about to catch the stranger, when he is kicked into an electric unit and is electrocuted. Billy asks if he is alright and he says that he is.

They get back to the Embassy and they don’t have anything. Casey says something in Russian. Michael says that Casey should go to the hospital, but Casey says that he is fine. Casey says that he shocks himself with an electric current daily to build up a tolerance. Fred Farmer tells that he might have something for Casey that will allow him to shock himself more often. Michael asks what he found to link Crowley to the Russians and he says that he found a digital recording device on the copier. Casey says something in Russian again and the team shakes their heads. The ODS get back to the CIA and Higgins wants to know why several people went underground and that they need Michael’s field asset to come in. Michael tries to refuse, but Higgins demands it. Michael says that it is Ray Bishop, an old spy of the ODS and enemy of Higgins. Ray comes in and tells Higgins has done good with getting a big office. Ray says that he wants to know about his contract as a contract, but Higgins says that he is not a contractor and tells that he can do his country a service and give the information. Ray refuses and leaves. Higgins says that they need to break into Ray’s place and steal any information that Ray has.

Fred and Fay look at the recording device and Fred says that it was made from the private sector of spies and that they are looking for a company that doesn’t play by the rules. Fay wants to know why. Meanwhile, Michael and Rick sit down and talk with Ray and Rick asks why he left the CIA and Ray says that Higgins fired him. He says that he recruited Michael to the ODS before Higgins fired him. Michael tells that Ray is a civilian and that he is out of the game because a good spy would know that his place is being searched by the other team members are at his apartment to hack his computer. Rick tells that they want to help him and Ray says that his home is a prison. Billy and Casey enter to find two men, who say that they are from the FBI, are there. They ask what they are doing and Casey outs them when he finds latex gloves on them. They fight the men, but Billy and Casey are taken down by a taser. Ray comes back with Michael and Rick and Michael asks who he made enemies with. Ray says that “Global Intel”, a high profile private security company, is the one trying to kill him. Casey says that the computer with all the data is fried because the men must have cleared it before leaving. But when Casey shows that he is electric, Billy asks if it was him and not the men. Casey says another thing in Russian without realizing it.

Adele has Rick come in her office and she says she has something and shows that Higgins used to be ODS and that Ray fired Higgins from the ODS and then Higgins fired Ray. She says that some of them keep grudges. Meanwhile, Fay tells about “Global Intel” and their finances. The director is Kurt Neimeyer is responsible for organizing a network of spies and they are selling secrets. Ray tells they need to play the game and tells Higgins that he will go in and tell that he is going to give the information that he has to the CIA and see if Kurt will pay him off or try to kill him. Michael doesn’t like the plan, but Higgins says that it is a great plan. Later that evening, the ODS listen to Ray as he meets with Kurt and Rick asks why no one told him that Higgins was ODS. They hush him and tell him that it is not to be spoken of. Ray sits down with Kurt and he tells that he has information. Kurt tells that he doesn’t know of anything and Ray says that he has all the information and if he dies, the CIA will get the information. He eats the soup and tells that Kurt is a smart guy and knows the game. Ray tells that he is going to call someone. He meets the ODS out in the parking garage and tells that they have him. Ray starts breathing heavy and says that Kurt will be singing. Ray collapses and says that Kurt poisoned him.

A little later, Ray wakes up in the hospital and Michael says that Kurt didn’t poison him. Ray suffered from a minor angina attack. Michael says that his spy days are over. However, Ray says that they should leave him in the hospital. At the CIA, Adele tells Higgins of the plan and Higgins says that it is a go. However, Adele tries to tell that she doesn’t want personal feeling to interfere of Ray’s safety. Higgins says that he will handle the case personally. Later, Higgins goes into Ray’s room at the hospital and tells Michael that he, himself is going to lay next to him in case Michael and his team fail to stop him. Rick and Billy wait in the lobby and Billy tells that blood makes him sick and says that he is afraid of chins. Rick sees a suspicious guy. A man badly wounded is brought in and Billy is sick. However, the man with the multiple wounds gets up and has a nurse’s outfit on. Meanwhile, Ray and Higgins talk and Higgins says that many people’s lives are in his hands and they are waiting in line while Higgins takes care of this case. Ray says that Higgins makes a great Director and they agree that they got what they wanted out of life.

In the hall, Casey sees the assassin and chases after him. He loses him in the elevator and tells that he lost him. Higgins gets up and Ray says that he thought that Higgins would have kept his pants on. Casey tells them that the assassin is trying to leave the building. Rick and Billy go outside and Rick sees him stealing a car. Billy follows and Rick gets inside. They chase after the car and manage to crash into it and knock the man unconscious. Back at the CIA, Higgins thanks Ray for his information and says that he was a great asset to the CIA. Ray meets with the ODS for drinks and says that he doesn’t see Rick as a member of the ODS. However, when Adele comes up to him and asks if he is ready, Ray tells the rest of the ODS that Rick’s got it.