Deep Cover Band - Recap

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The scene opens with Operative Blanke going up to Rick and tells him that he knows about him and Adele. He asks him to slip his mission proposal during dinner next time he sees her. Rick says that he doesn’t think so and Michael tells that Rick is needed. They get to Adele’s office and she tells that Higgins is gone this week and she says that she wants everything to run smoothly. They watch a video of a gang fight. They see a man named Constantine Gallo. He is a CIA Agent who has infiltrated a drug ring in Hamburg, Germany. They watch Gallo’s last transmission and he says that he is done with the mission and for them not to contact him now. Michael tells that they need to know what they are going up against. Fay tells them that Gallo infiltrated the Gunther Voight heroine drug gang and says that he has been running the “Rathskeller”, a bar in Germany. Michael realizes that they have to talk to “The Duke”. Rick asks who that it.

Rick meets him for the first time and finds that “The Duke” is actually Byron Duke, a CIA Operative who is in charge of running fronts for the CIA. He tells that he doesn’t want them to destroy the “Rathskeller” and says that it his most successful. The team arrives in Hamburg, Germany and meets Gallo at the “Rathskeller”. Michael and Rick try to talk to him, but Gallo runs out of the bar out the back. Casey and Billy follow behind him when he jumps on his scooter. Casey tells Billy to give Gallo a push, but Billy holds back. Gallo rides off a cliff and into the water. Casey and Billy believe that Gallo killed himself rather then go back to the CIA. The team gets back to the bar and Rick tells that they should stay and finish the mission. The other team members agree with him, but Rick realizes that they had already planned on doing the same. They just need to get their hands on some heroine to show that Vahalla, a former heroine drug ring that was closed by the CIA, but held onto just in case it was needed, needs to make a comeback.

Rick calls Adele and says that they need the heroine and says that the mission has shifted. She agrees that she will send it. Adele calls Operative Blanke into her office and tells that he is going to take 10 kilos of heroine on the plane to Hamburg, Germany. Adele calls Michael up and says that Blanke is enroute to give them what they need. Fay says that their cover as a music industry is set up and they are going to be promoting a band. Fay sends over a picture of Anders Schmidt, Gunther’s right hand man. She tells that he is very dangerous and for them to be careful. Later, Billy is at the bar waiting for Gunther and his men to arrive. Casey and the rest of the team hang back. An attractive woman approaches Billy and he tries to impress her. However, when Schmidt and Klaus, Gunther’s men, come in, he realizes that the girl is Gunther’s girlfriend, Greta. Rick and Casey take Schmidt’s and Klaus’s jackets and Rick sews a listening device as a button on the jacket.

Meanwhile, Blanke arrives at the Dulles Airport and his bag is a little too big to be checked on. However, Blanke goes to the bathroom and flushes some of it. He comes back with his foot soaking wet and manages to squeeze the bag in. Back in Hamburg, Billy is escorted to Gunther’s place and Schmidt leads Billy to a “security protocol”. This means that Schmidt telling him that he has to not mention heroine to Gunther after beating Billy up a little bit. Meanwhile, Casey, Michael and Rick are on the other side of the building arming a device to explode the wall out if they have to. Billy goes in to meet Gunther and realizes that Gallo is not dead. Billy offers the proposal, but Gunther tells that he wants to gain trust with people before he jumps into business with them. Billy wants to know why he had to get beaten up by Schmidt. Gunther says that he wants Billy to have his eyes open when or if they enter the deal together. The ODS get back to the “Rathskeller” and tell Gallo that he has some explaining to do. He tells that he is in love with Greta. They have to take out the competition. Rick calls Adele and tells that they need a drone to attack the village in Pakistan to take out the supply. She asks if he is using their relationship as a stepping stone to advancement. Rick is asking her to trust him.

Blanke arrives at the Hamburg Airport and makes a joke at the security’s accent. This leads to his bag being searched and the heroine is discovered. Back at the “Rathskeller”, Greta comes in and tells that Gunther got a call saying that the shipment he normally has is not available. She warns them not to push too hard. Klaus comes in and tells that Greta needs to get back to Gunther. They share a beer together and Klaus finds the listening device sewn on his jacket. He realizes that it was Billy and tells that he is going to call Gunther. Howver, Rick hits him on the back with the stool and knocks him unconscious. Casey and Rick take the body around the other side of the bar and Michael tells the team that this is not going to be easy. He says that they are going to have to sit on it for a while. However, Greta says that she is pregnant and that they can’t wait. Gallo is happy that he is going to be a father. Michael realizes that they could sell something to Gunther, but Gallo isn’t listening.

Later that night, the ODS wait for Blanke. Adele calls and says that the German government has him, but agrees that they want to take down Gunther too. However, Michael says that they will lose control of the mission. Adele tells them to play nice. Billy goes with Schmidt and Gunther in a limousine and Guther tells him that they are not going to the meeting place because he has associates who do that work. Meanwhile, the German police and the rest of the ODS watch as Gunther’s men get there. Casey tries to stop the Germans from arresting the men, but they don’t listen. Gunther gets a call that tells him that it is no good and that Schmidt needs to take care of Billy. Gallo tries to step in and tell Gunther that he doesn’t need this on his hands. Billy gives the ODS the signal and the wall explodes. Gunther gets up and laughs that they are leaving with nothing. However, Billy tells that Gallo is a CIA agent that has been undercover for years and says Greta is pregnant with Gallo’s baby. Gunther’s pride makes him reach for the gun and the German police are there to take Gunther into custody.

The ODS take Gallo and Greta back to the CIA and Byron says that Gallo is going to be in the dinning hall at a prestigious school where the world’s leaders send their children. Gallo will have to keep an ear out for any plots to take over the world. Byron says that Gallo’s child will get free admission. Greta convinces Gallo to take the job and says that it is perfect. Later, Rick goes up to Adele and tells the update. She says that she knows. Adele says that she is getting “big” phone calls. Adele says that their relationship isn’t going to work because they are too ambitious. Rick says that he has a big heart. Higgin’s aide runs up and says Blanke needs help. Blanke is at German customs and tries to say that he has heroine residue from before. He says that he is going to need to get out of there soon. The episode ends.