Mincemeat - Recap

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The scene opens with the ODS at a hospital for the rich. They have a mission to talk to the Dictator of Miristan, Belada Mehrak. Casey poses as an orderly and gets inside Mahrak’s room. He cuts the cord so that Mahrak can’t call anyone and tells him that he needs him to urinate in a cup for him. He agrees. Later, Rick goes to Adele, who is Acting Director, and places the urine on her desk. She tells him congratulations and says that he can take the urine to the lab now. He takes it to Dr. Sheila Levine and asks why Operative Blanke is there and he says that he saw them in the hallway. Levine tells that Mehrak had liver cancer and has only a few weeks to live. The ODS go into Adele’s office and she tells that Mehrak’s successor is his son, Sadegh, a killing machine who tortures for fun. She tells that their mission is to find out more information of four missing American hikers that could be in Sadegh’s control. Adele tells that they need to find and talk to Rostam, the older brother who is in London living the high life on his father’s money. She tells that she “knew” Rostam. Michael asks for ideas and Casey suggests “Operation Mincemeat”.

Later, Fred Farmer is there and explains “Operation Mincemeat” to Rick by telling that it is the best form of deception in history. Casey says that is how WWII was won and that they took a dead body and rerouted the Germans to where they wanted them to be by taking a dead body and dressing him up like one of the soldiers. Fred says that he has a body and Rick catches on and realizes that they are going to frame the evil son of betraying his father. They use the corpse of the Deputy Chief of Files and Records. Rick talks to Adele about the mission and says that they need her to go to London and convince Rostam to go back to his home country and take his place at the head of the country. She agrees. Meanwhile, Fay talks to Michael and Billy. She tells that Mehrak has been buying up religious relics from all over claiming to have a cure. Michael and Billy tell Adele that they are going to offer Mehrak a fake cure. She likes the plan and tells that she is on board.

Later in London, Adele comes out in stunning dress and Rick loses focus for a moment. She goes up to him and says something that is outrageously incorrect. She says that she had to do something to get the girls away from him. Meanwhile, Billy and Michael go to Miristan and meet with Mehrak. He asks what they have brought him. Billy tells that it is the venom of the Blue Devil Octopus. Back in London, Rostam comes in and sees Casey and Rick. He says that he thought it was going to be him and her. Rick says that Rostam needs to return home and take his place as the head of Miristan. He says that he doesn’t want to and leaves. However, Adele tells that his father has cancer and is going to die. Back in Miristan, Michael injects the adrenaline and steroids into Mehrak and tells that he will feel immediate relief. He says that he does and asks why he hasn’t brought the cure before. Michael asks who has been in charge of his care. He tells that Sadegh has been and asks if he has been stopping the best care. They ignore it and tell him that they are there now.

Sadegh comes in and Mehrak shows that he is walking around by himself. He takes Michael and Billy to the side and asks what they gave him. He says that he knows who they are and says that they are conmen. He tells that he doesn’t care if his father wants to believe them and says that he knows who they are. Michael calls Adele and she tells that Farmer is on his way with the addition. Rostam comes in the room and Michael and Billy tell that he is doing better. Sadegh asks if he is there about his money and Rostam doesn’t want anything about money and tells that he wanted to see him. Michael tells that Mehrak needs to stay away from stressful situations. Farmer shows Casey and Rick the body that they are going to frame Sadegh with and Casey points out all the detail that is involved. He says that he loves working with someone who appreciates the details as much as he does. Back inside, Michael and Billy go to Rostam’s room and tell him and they need to see the hikers and wants to make sure they are alright. Rostam takes them down in the dungeon and Michael sees the hikers. Rostam asks the soldier how often the people eat and tells him to feed them three times a day. Rostam sees his old English Teacher, but he doesn’t recognize him. They go back upstairs and Sadegh is there. He takes Michael and Billy hostage.

On the lake, Farmer, Rick and Casey get ready to dump the body and Martinez starts to mumble a prayer and Casey says that he never mumbles a prayer. They dump the body, but realize that it isn’t floating, but sinking. The call and tells that they lost the body. Operative Blanke says that he can do the documentation and tells that he has a photographic memory. Back inside the compound, Sadegh tells that Michael and Billy are spies and Rostam says that he believes that they are who they say they are. Sadegh tells that Rostam is in league with them. Mehrak says that if the cure works, then they are going to live. Back in the CIA, the Vice President wants to be involved. Farmer gets the paperwork and Casey and Rick have a new body. Casey drags the corpse to shore and dives back in the water. Rostam talks to Michael and Billy and tells that if he was to take over, he would need the support of America. They agree. Sadegh and Rostam are called in and Mehrak is there with the body. He tells that the man has paperwork of an individual supplying to America. He says that the person’s name is Rostam.

Billy and Michael are confused with Farmer and Mehrak comes in and tells that he believes that Rostam would never betray him and that it is the CIA’s way to disguise the true betrayer. He says that it is Sadegh who is the true traitor. Mehrak grabs a gun and kills two guards. He says that Rostam is to take his place after he is gone. They get to a bridge and see Rick. They go down it and Sadegh and his men start shooting at Rostam. Casey is up on the bridge and he takes down Sadegh and his men with no problem. Later at the CIA, Fay tells that everything went smoothly. Higgins’ aide comes racing in and says that the Vice President wants to commend the individuals involved in “Operation Mincemeat”. She says that is great. The ODS and Farmer talk about how they are getting commended for doing their job. Billy says that Farmer was a genius to put the wrong name. He says that he didn’t do the paperwork and Operative Blanke realizes his mistake and the ODS say that they will keep that to themselves. The episode ends with the ODS getting cheers.