Proof of Life - Recap

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The scene opens with Rick talking to Higgins about a mission from an asset who has information. Higgins warns him and Rick tells that his asset has given him the right information. Higgins asks the other ODS members if Rick is ready. He gives the go-ahead on the mission and Michael says that now that Rick has the green light and Rick says that he is not a child and asks how many times that he has to prove himself. They tell that he has to go to the doctor if he is going to Bangkok. Rick meets with Dr. Adomaitis and she tells that he is going to have to watch out for prostitution while there. He tells that he doesn’t have any of those issues and tells that he will be fine. She gives him an information packet. Adele goes up to Rick and he tells that everyone around the office is acting like this is the first mission he is going on. Adel asks what the mission is when she sees a “safe sex” pamphlet.

Rick gets to Bangkok and meets his asset. He gives the asset $10,000 and he gets the disk. Rick gives him the money and tells that it has a blue dye stick on it. Rick checks the disk and it has the information he wants. He gives the code to his asset. Suddenly a van pulls up and the asset tells Rick that he set him up and punches him. It is Michael, Billy and Casey in the van. Rick is upset and says that he had it. Michael looks at the information and says that it is old information. Michael says that he didn’t get good information. Rick gets back to the CIA and Higgins says that he hopes that it wasn’t a complete loss and tells that they just wasted money. However, Faye comes in and says that there is something that Higgins needs to see. George Kelling is one of the men in the photo, but they see that a man is a match to Carson Simms. Billy says that Simms was an agent who was presumed dead. They ODS tell that Carson was a member of the ODS before Rick.

Later, Agent Blanke asks Rick if Simms is alive. Rick asks what happened and he says that the ODS were hunting down Salazar, a counterfeiter that they were trying to arrest. Rick gets called out and the ODS tell that they need to find Salazar and they need to get to the right person. They go up to Doris and she is happy to see Rick still around. Michael asks how Greece was. She tells that it was alright. Doris tells Rick smells good and the ODS ask if there have been anything on Salazar and she tells that the Secret Service has everything. They go to the Secret Service and they tell that they are not going to be searching for Simms. Michael gives Harris a robot and he says that he is still not going to release any information. They get back to Doris and tell that they hid the transmitter in the robot. They got the information and they tell that they have to speed the process. She asks for Rick to go with her to Panama.

Harris comes in and tells that the ODS crossed the line that tapped into their database. He threatens Higgins that he is going to go to the President with this. The ODS and Doris get ready to board when Higgins comes up and says that they are going to get arrested when they come back. They still get on the plane. They get to Panama and Doris tells that she is open to whatever Rick wants to give her and he tells that he is not interested. He tells that he is dating the Deputy Director. They see Salazar and Doris sits down and Doris tells that her name is Margarite. She tells that the bills that they have are tracked by the Secret Service. Billy asks some kids for their shoe polish and Doris shows that there is a signal. She tells that she is in possession of “clean” ink. He says that he is going to have to test it out. Billy writes “U.S. Spies” on the back of the Secret Service Van and police come up and arrest the men in the van.

Faye calls Michael later and tells that the White House is involved and that heads are going to roll if they are not careful. Adele gets into the office of Higgins and says that she can make some calls and says that he can’t sell out the ODS. Higgins says that he has a tough position because even if he takes the sword, every mission comes under scrutiny and he would sacrifice everyone. She doesn’t have an answer for him. The ODS get to Salazar’s compound and Billy tells that there are 4 guards. They get inside a building and find Simms. They reunite and Simms asks if Rick is his replacement and Simms says that he is glad to see them. Michael calls Faye and says that Higgins sold the ODS out. He tells the other ODS members and Michael says that he is going to have to send Simms home. However, Simms says that he is with them. They decide that they are going to take down Salazar’s operation.

Michael walks up to the guards and Casey comes out and takes the guards down. They get into the building and find a half a Billion Dollars. They douse it in gasoline and set it on fire. Simms says that they have to get the plates and by burning the place down, they are going to be sending Salazar on the run with the plates. At the airport later, Billy watches and so do the others. Michael spots Salazar and Rick goes up to him and tells that the Feds have Margarite. He tells Salazar to follow him and they go to the hall. Simms tackles Salazar and Rick sees that the plates are there. Simms handcuffs Rick to Salazar and takes off with the plates. Later, the ODS talk to Doris and she tells that they can get out of this and says that Salazar is their bargaining chip and says that she can get the plates back.

Two months later in Greece, Doris waits for Simms for the plates. He comes in and the ODS come up and take him into custody. Rick asks if Doris is alright and she tells that she is fine. She tells that the interlude that they have is coming to an end and says that she is putting herself out there one more time. Rick tells that she is a remarkable woman, but he is with Adele and that is it. She tells that when Adele breaks his heart, he can run up to her. Later, Rick goes up to Adele and says that they have a handle on the mission. He gives her a briefcase to her to give to Higgins. He says that he can’t wait until tomorrow and says that he loves her. She tells him to get in the back seat and they get “busy”. The next day, Higgins tells Harris to put an end to all of this and says that no charges are to brought to Simms and says that they can give the plates to Harris if he clears the investigation. Michael says that there is a place in Poland where Salazar is being held. The case is handed to Harris and they make a deal. Rick tells that they did something for Rick and they go inside to find Rick’s desk gone. Blanke tells that the new desk won’t be in for 6-8 weeks. Blank is happy to officially be part of the ODS. The episode ends.