Angel with a Broken Wing - Recap

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The scene opens with Charlie telling the Angels that a 16-year-old named Sara Daniels is missing. Abby walks up to a man and takes his phone. She walks off after putting a listening device on it. Kate comes in and says that she is going to the service courters. Gloria talks to the buyer when Bosley wires into the system and can track the calls. Gloria takes the buyer to the beach and she gets out and asks where the girl is. He gives up the location after Gloria scares him a little bit. She tells him to call the kidnappers and he does. Bosley gets a location on Sara. Kate and Abby storm into the room and take down the kidnappers and rescue the girl without any problems. The Angels get back to Townsend Agency and Charlie tells them that Sara’s parents are grateful. Abby tells the girls and Bosley that they have to celebrate, but Bosley and Gloria both have other engagements. Gloria gets into her car and it blows up. Abby and Kate watch in horror.

Bosley comes up and says that Charlie is devastated too and they hug. The next day, Bosley has Charlie talk to the Angels and he says that they need to remember that they are Angels of justice, not vengeance. Bosley brings up surveillance cameras that show a motorcyclist leaving before the car bomb and they zoom in to find a tattoo that is Gloria’s old family. Kate has Bosley run facial recognition on a the woman on the motorcycle on the surveillance video through her ex-fiancé’s badge number. Bosley finds out that the woman’s name is Eve French. She has a history and was put in prison after killing the driver in a car accident. Bosley gets an address and Abby and Kate tell Bosley that they are going to pay her a visit. Bosley reminds them that they are not out for vengeance. They tell that their guns are only conversation starters. Bosley tells them to be careful. Abby and Kate get to the houseboat to find it empty. Suddenly, Eve comes out and fights with Abby. Eve gets the upper hand and gets Abby’s gun. Suddenly a helicopter comes up and shoots the boat. The Angels and Eve jump into the water. They come out aftr the helicopter leaves and demand answers from Eve. She tells them that Gloria was like a sister to her.

They get back to Townsend Agency and Eve says that Gloria texted her and said that she wanted to show her something. Bosley comes in and confirms that she is telling the truth. Abby still doesn’t trust Eve and Eve tells Abby that she is just jealous that Gloria turned to her first. Bosley says that if Gloria was working a case, he can’t find any trace of it. Eve tells them that they need to go to Gloria’s apartment. They get there to find a patrol car outside. Abby sees the balcony and says that she can get up there. Kate tells Eve that Abby put the “cat” in cat burglar. Abby climbs up to the balcony and tosses over a line. They get inside the apartment to find it tossed. Abby sees a little box and realizes that Gloria never had a cat. They find a floor safe under the rug and Abby manages to crack the safe open without any problem. Inside, they find that there are two samples that match the same person. They find a picture of Ernesto Rodrigo, a millionaire. Eve recognizes him a “Baharo”, a kingpin to a human trafficking ring. She grabs Kate’s gun and tells Abby to lose hers. She says that she made a promise to Gloria to kill “Baharo”. Kate tells Eve that they are trying to take down “Baharo” and if she kills him, there will be other girls not found. Eve puts the gun down.

Bosley meets up with the Angels and Eve and asks if it is really true. Eve says that she saw Rodrigo with her own eyes as he and a group killed nouns and took the girls away. She says that Rodrigo is “Baharo” because she saw his face when she hit it with an Angel statue. Abby and Kate tell Eve that she is not going to take Rodrigo down because there is too much hatred in her. They talk with Charlie later and he says that there is no information on Rodrigo to being a criminal. Kate says that the information has to be somewhere and Charlie says that it is in the mind of Nadia Kaslova, a Russian native with a photographic memory. Bosley thought that she was an Urban Legend. Eve comes in and Charlie says that she is the new Angel. Abby says that there is a party and they are going to kidnap Nadia.

Later at the party, the Angels are dressed as devils and they pose as servers. Abby sprays instant laxative on the food and walks up towards Nadia. However, she is stopped by two girls she knew in college. They tell her that her father robbed their uncle out of a lot of money. She offers some food with the laxative spray. Kate tries to give Nadia some of hers, but she denies them. They call in Bosley to use his “charms”. It works and he kisses her and tells her to go somewhere private with him. He offers the catering truck and she puts a knife to his throat and asks who he really is. Kate comes up behind and knocks her out. They tell Eve to go and she says that she is one her way. She bumps into Rodrigo and has to take off her outfit. She gets inside and tells the Angels to go on without her. She walks in a room and finds the Angel that she hit Rodrigo with. He comes up and says that he kept it as a memento. She tells that they have Nadia and that his past is going to catch up with him. The Angels know something is wrong when Eve’s earpiece is destroyed.

On a plane, Abby wakes up Nadia and tells her that they are going to take her to the Russian mobster that wants her dead. She tells them that she doesn’t know where they would have taken Eve. However, when Kate tells Nadia that she knows Boris, the mobster, personally, she panics and tells them that they would have taken Eve to the Flamingo Boatyard. Abby tells Bosley that they are going to leave and Nadia tells them not to open the door. However, they never took off. Meanwhile, Rodrigo tortures Eve and she tells that she is just getting warmed up. Kate, Abby and Bosley arrive at the compound and hear Eve. Abby says that she will get Eve and Kate and Bosley need to get to the other girls who are kidnapped. Rodrigo tries to get the information out of Eve, but she isn’t cracking. Abby sneaks up and takes down Rodrigo. Eve takes down the other henchman and Rodrigo manages to knock Abby over and stumbles away. Meanwhile, Kate and Bosley are looking for the girls when two men try to stop them. They manage to take them down and find the girls chained up. Eve is freed by Abby and they get in a car and catch up to Rodrigo. Eve hits him with the back end of the car and tells him that he is going to spend the rest of his life in a cage.

Later, Bosley finds Eve at Gloria’s uncle’s old body shop and says that he heard that Charlie called her. He asks if she accepted his offer. She says that she doesn’t understand why he would want her. Bosley says that Charlie believes in second chances. She asks what Bosley did and he tells her that he was looking at a 20 year sentence for tax fraud. She says that she is not worth their time, but Bosley says that is not true and tells her to pick up the phone when Charlie calls. The next day, Abby and Kate tell Eve that the hours are long, but worth it. Charlie welcomes Eve to the team and they ask when they are going to meet Charlie. He says that he is not going to today. The episode ends.