Runway Angels - Recap

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The scene opens with a fashion show taking place. Bosley watches as Abby and Eve are on stage. Kate watches from the stands and tells them that Jerry “The Stalker” is back there somewhere. Abby and Eve find him and he sees them. He starts running and they follow behind. Bosley and Kate cut him off and they ask him about the disappearance of Gabriella Tucker, a young model. He says that he doesn’t know and reaches in his pocket. Eve thinks it is a gun and tackles Jerry in the water. After they get out of the water, Jerry says that he was only reaching for his phone. He says that he came to the fashion show because he had heard that Gabriella was involved in it and they realize that his alibi checks out. He asks for his camera, but Eve takes out the SD card. Bosley says that if Jerry is involved with the disappearance, then he is going to come back for him.

The Angels and Bosley watch Gabriella’s video message that her parents got from her. Charlie tells them that they need to bring Gabriella back home safe. Bosley shows the Angels pictures that he pulled off of Jerry’s SD card. There are pictures of Gabriella meeting with another model, Devon Ross. They watch the slide show of Devon arguing with Gabriella. Kate says that it was probably a Rookie Detective. Suddenly, Ray Goodson, Kate’s ex-fiancé, comes up and reveals that he was the Detective working on it. Abby realizes that Ray is Kate’s ex-fiancé and is shocked. Kate says that Gabriella’s parents hired them to handle the case. Ray asks to talk to her alone and Eve asks what their story is. Abby tells her that Ray was going to marry Kate, but dropped it when Kate got busted. Abby says that Kate hasn’t gotten over it because she hasn’t given the ring back yet.

They look at Devon more closely and see that she is looking for a new roommate. Kate says that Abby fits the requirements that Devon is looking in a roommate. Kate poses as a photographer and takes pictures of Devon. Abby is called in and Kate pretends to not be interested in her. Eve comes over and gives Abby luggage and pretends to kick her out of their apartment. Abby pretends to cry and Devon watches as Kate comes over and tells her that she is fired. Devon offers her a place at her place and tells that they need to stick together. Abby calls Bosley and says that she is in. Devon calls someone and says that she has a great candidate for the program. Devon shows her around the place later and tells that they have a new Self Defense teacher. It is Bosley. Kate and Eve listen from a Catering Van. They get inside and Abby sees that Gabriella’s room is sealed.

Abby sneaks over to Gabriella’s room by the ledge and has Bosley distract the other girls so that Abby can make it over without being seen. Once inside, she puts on camera specs and allows Kate and Eve to see inside the room. They see that there are 14 shoe boxes, but 15 pairs of shoes. Abby sees that the ceiling has been moved in one section and finds a box. Inside is over $100,000 and a deed to a property. A man comes to the mansion and Kate tells Abby to hurry up. As the man gets to Abby’s door, she opens it. The man is introduced as Mitch Dawson. He is a lawyer that has a plan for Abby to supplement her income without doing anything. Abby goes out for a “jog” and meets Kate and Eve in the van to give her an update and give them the deed to look up. They get to the condo and find Ray there. He says that he doesn’t trust Kate’s decisions. Eve calls Kate and Ray in and shows Gabriella’s body in the bathtub. Later, Charlie says that he apprieciates their help and the Angels want to finish the job. Bosley says that Abby has a date with Mitch Dawson and Charlie tells them to be careful.

At dinner Eve and Kate wait for Abby and Mitch and Eve strikes up the conversation of Ray. Kate says that they were 2 weeks from getting married and that the reason she hasn’t given the ring back is because she had always thought that Ray and her would get back together. Abby comes in and Mitch takes her to meet a businessman. He asks her to marry him. Mitch says that she doesn’t have to have any intimate contact, but only has to pose in a few photos and that is it. She says that she has to go to the bathroom. She calls Bosley and the team and they find out that Abby’s soon-to-be fake husband is part of a drug cartel. She goes out of the stall to find Mitch with a gun. She asks if he is going to shoot her and she takes the gun away. Kate gives Mitch a round of swirlies and asks him where Gabriella’s husband is. He says that he can’t tell them because he will kill him. Ray comes in to find the girls fixing their makeup and finds Mitch on one of the stalls. He says that he wants a lawyer and Ray is upset with Kate for making the wrong choices and may of cost them their only lead.

Bosley talks to Devon and tells her that they need to know who the husband is so that they can stop him. She says that his name is Simon Genks. However, it is clear that it is a false identity. They get to the address on file and see the pictures of Gabriella and him. However, in an envelope, Abby finds one that is real and he is with an Army friend. Kate gets a fingerprint and Eve notices a scratch on the floor. She opens a false cabinet and finds a sniper rifle. Suddenly there is gunfire and Eve is grazed by a bullet. Simon gets away with the sniper rifle. The Angels get back and Bosley says that the real identity of the sniper is Nicolai Denko, a Chechen war veteran. They realize that the First Lady of the Russian President is here today and that is who Nicolai is after. Kate calls in Ray and asks for some help on the case and says that she is right about this. He believes her.

They get to the location where Nicolai is posing as a security guard and sets up on a balcony of a hotel. Abby sees him and Ray and Kate run after him while Abby and Eve go after the First Lady to protect her. Abby gets there in time and Nicolai misses. He runs downstairs and is blocked by Kate and Ray coming up the stairs. He goes to the roof and surrenders. His radio relays something in Russian and Kate says that the man on the other end told Nicolai that he will do it himself. Kate relays to the others that there is another hitman. Bosley spots him and takes him down right before he is about to kill the First Lady of the Russian President. They get back to Townsend Agency and tell Charlie the good news. He thanks them and Abby and Eve go out while Kate goes out with Ray. However, she gets there and says that she knows that it is over between them now and gives back his ring. She walks away and the episode ends.