Bon Voyage, Angels - Recap

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The scene opens 4 years ago. Kate is meeting with other police officers. The head guy gives Kate a wad of money. Suddenly, Kate sees someone spying on them. The man tells her to “take care of it”. She chases after the woman who was spying on them and catches her. She is a reporter named Amanda Cain. She tells Kate that she has dirt on everyone in the circle. She tells her to get out of there after she smashes Amanda’s SD card. The scene fast forwards to present day and the Angels are getting back from a mission. Abby laughs that Eve drives every time they chase down a bad guy. Scott Foster is there. Bosley says that he is the new client. His fiancé has gone missing and Kate tells that she is just a missing person for now. Charlie tells Scott that they have internal business. He says that the missing journalist is Amanda Cain. Bosley says that Kate can bow out, but Kate is not one for backing down. She says that she is in.

They get to Sunrise Cruise and Kate poses as a director of services. Bosley and Eve pose as guests on the cruise ship and Abby is the IT department. Abby goes into the tech room and tells the guard that there is something wrong with the system. He says that it is fine, but when Abby plants a disturber under the table, the computer says that there is a problem. The guard leaves and Abby says that she is in. Kate and Eve get to Amanda Cain’s cabin and look around. Eve asks if Kate is alright and says that if she doesn’t want to talk about what happened with Amanda then she will drop it. Kate tells that she cracked open a case and took down a bunch of dirty cops. She ruined her career for the good and now she is going to help her as a way of saying thank you. Kate finds a canister, but it is empty. Abby tells that she found Amanda in the surveillance cameras a day before. The guard comes in and Abby is gone.

She goes back to the room to find Bosley, Eve and Kate watching the video of Roman Stone, a dealer at the casino, grabbing her and pulling her. Eve says that she like to gamble and Bosley says that she is in. Later, Bosley goes up to Roman and points out Eve. He closes out his shift and goes up to Eve. He asks what her style is and flirts with her. He says that he has a suite and she follows. Inside, Eve looks through the drawers to find a gun and another container. This time, there is a flower inside of it. Roman comes in to find her putting on lipstick. Suddenly Roman gets a call which tells him that the Bidders are there. He tells Eve that he and she have to go now. He reaches in a box and pulls out keycards. Afterward, Kate tells that she is going to go down in the casino and take pictures of the Bidders as they come in. Ivan Dunski, Erica Leone and Juan Molina are identified as heads of organized crime families and Drug Cartels. One is missing from the Bidders. Abby finds that it is Ricardo Stancati is the one missing and there is no picture of him at all. Bosley volunteers himself to the cause, but needs a card. One of the high rollers is getting a massage and Abby is assigned to it.

She massages the mafia member later and knocks him unconscious. She takes his card and flower. Bosley goes up to Roman and apologizes for being late. Later that evening, Bosley goes up to the room and there is a disturber that blocks listening devices. Roman comes in and says that tonight they toast. However, it is laced with a drug that knocks all the Bidders and Bosley unconscious. Bosley wakes up in a bed naked and a man comes in and tells him to get dressed and join them outside. He comes out to meet the other Bidders and he says that they are going to look at the merchandise. Meanwhile, Charlie tells the Angels that they have a location owned by Carlton Fitch, a tax exile that is very dangerous. On the island, Fitch says that he like to garden as there are hundreds of flowers. He shows them the drug called “Island White”. It is heroin on steroids. Fitch asks Bosley what his offer is. The Angels arrive on the island and Charlie tells that the police won’t be there for an hour. They tell that they have this now.

They get to the house and see the guards. They go inside the compound. Meanwhile, Bosley stalls and says that he doesn’t believe that “Island White” is the most addictive drug. He says that he has proof and tells them to follow him. Abby gets on the surveillance system and sees where Amanda is. Fitch escorts the Bidders in and Amanda is there in a chair hooked up to the drug. She is controlling her own dosage and Fitch says that she is the face of the new drug addiction. The Bidders raise their bids and Bosley remains quiet. Eve and Kate get in to where the flowers are and Eve sees Poison. She says that she can connect it with the sprinkler system. In the surveillance room, Abby gets caught. Kate is caught as well as she is spying on the work force. Bosley sees that Kate has been caught and offers $50 Million. Fitch hits Kate and Bosley says that if the security is not air tight, they won’t do business.

Kate is escorted to where Amanda is. Meanwhile, Eve is caught and starts fighting with the guard. Roman calls Fitch and tells that they have an imposter. Fitch hits Bosley and tells that the people he is working with is dead already. He asks if Bosley believes in an afterlife and he says that he believes in Angels. At the same moment, the Angels fight back and take down the guards. Bosley grabs the gun of the guard and takes down Fitch. The slaves of the island are set free and sent back to their families. Bosley calls up Charlie and tells him that they are going to need a bigger transport. They get back to Townsend Agency and Charlie congratulates them on another successful mission. Kate meets with Amanda and tells her that she did her a favor for reporting on the dirty cops and says that she is doing something now that is great. Amanda thanks Kate and they part ways. Eve comes up to Kate and tells her that she is always going to be in her corner and that she can talk to her. The episode ends.