Angels in Chains - Recap

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The scene opens with the Angels looking at a map of Cuba and Charlie tells them that they are going to go there to rescue a girl name Tess Walters, an American girl who has gone missing. She is among six other American girls who have been kidnapped. The Angels are to play the loud and obnoxious tourists. They fly into Havana, Cuba and go up to the Hotel Manager. He tells the Angels to leave their bags and that they will take care of them. The manager calls up someone and tells them that he has three girls for them. He pulls out three bags of cocaine. The Angels go and meet up with Bosley, who is posing as a native Cuban. He tells them that they have an inside man and his name is Santos. Suddenly the military comes in and searches the Angels’ suitcases. They find the cocaine that the manager of the hotel took out of the drawer and take them away.

The Angels are taken to Prison De Val Verde, Cuba and Warden Gloria Galvez comes up and smacks Eve. Later in the yard, Santos comes up and gives them earwigs to be able to communicate. He tells that their friend got thrown into the hole. Santos gives Abby her tools. Abby asks the other two how they are going to get Tess out of the hole. Eve says that she is going to get herself and Kate thrown in too. They stage a fight and Galvez comes out with a gun and shoots it into the air. She tells the guards to send Kate and Eve to the hole and to put Abby back in her cell. After Eve and Kate are inside the cell, they find Tess. They ask what the guards make the prisoners do what they want or they kill them. The guards hear them talking and tell them to be quiet befor spraying them with a fire hose. Meanwhile, Bosley prepares to go get the Angels out of the prison and tells Santos that he will double the fee and tells him to be at the drop site. The lights go out and Bosley turns around to find Samantha Mathers, a person from Bosley’s past. She is a CIA agent. She asks what he is doing in Cuba and she tells that she won’t make the same mistake.

Samantha holds Bosley and he tells her that he is not a criminal anymore. She doesn’t believe Bosley and he tells her that he needs to be at the drop site and says that he needs to leave. She agrees, but says that she is driving. Back at the prison, Abby manages to use her tools to pick the lock on her cell. A guard comes by and she knocks him out. Down in the hole, Abby isn’t able to communicate with the other too when suddenly guards come in and tell the girls that they are “needed”. However, they take the guards down and leave. Samantha and Bosley arrive at the drop site and watch Santos come out with the Angels and Tess, but he is shot. Galvez comes up and tells that they are wrong that they think that they’re going to be able to break out. Samantha tells Bosley that they don’t have a chance. The next day, Bosley says that they have to try to save them and Samantha says that the CIA exciled her to the worst Duty Station. They watch as Tess and the Angels are escorted to Jonathan Cartwright. Samantha says that Cartwright is a “business man” who is in leagues with bad people. She says that if she can nab him, she will have a huge case. Bosley and Samantha try to follow him, but the van that Bosley got is dead.

Cartwright and Galvez escort the women to a place where he has the woman change into nice clothing and are told that they are going to be “entertaining” other “businessmen”. Tess tells the Angels to listen. Cartwright goes up to Tess and asks if she missed him. Eve tries to give herself up for Cartwright to pick, but he has eyes only for Tess. The Angels work their “magic” to blend. Meanwhile, Bosley tells Samantha about his new leaf and has Samantha says she is with them trying to help. Charlie says that he needs them at the bay soon or they are going to be stuck. Back at the party, Abby makes her “date” pass out and uses his phone to call Bosley to trace. Galvez grabs Abby and asks who she was talking to. She tells that he was passed out. She tells her to find another guy. Bosley and Samantha arrive. Back inside, Eve goes up and Kate relays that Bosley is coming. She relays the information.

Bosley and Samanthat move in and Bosley takes the guard down and takes his clothes. He goes inside and starts to fire off the gun. The Angels spring into action and Cartwright tells them to lower their guns or he will kill Tess. Eve offers herself as a hostage. The Angels are forced to leave Eve behind. They escape and Eve is taken to a cell. Cartwright tells Galvez that she is going to have to earn her share of the New Cuba and goes over to Eve. He says that he will crack her and Eve says that he can try. Kate and Abby tell the other girls and Tess that Bosley, Samantha and they are going to be back. Samantha says that the CIA would call this an acceptable loss. Samantha says that he is heroic and asks if it is about Elizabeth. He freezes and tells Samantha not to mention her name again. They go to the hotel and talk to the manager. Bosley talks to Cartwright and Cartwright already knows who they are. He says that he will make a trade. He will return Eve for Samantha.

They meet up and Abby and Kate tell Bosley that it is a good trade, but Bosley gets a good idea. He goes over to Samantha and says it is suicide. However, Samantha says that she will die for her country to be able to take Cartwight down. Bosley says that he did everything he could to save Elizabeth and she says that it is in her job description to die. They meet up with Cartwright and the make the trade. However, Samantha grabs Cartwright and puts a gun on him. He says that she has awoken a storm and they see Galvez and her men arrive. However, Galvez says that all of Cartwright’s illegal doings are being broadcasted. She tells that she doesn’t want to see any of them. Cartwright walks off and is put into the car. The Angels realize that Bosley cut a deal with Galvez and he says that she won’t get far because he recorded the entire thing. Samantha says that she knows the right people to give it to.

The Angels get ready to go and Tess thanks Eve for helping her. She says that it is not a problem. Samantha says that Bosley has a good team and tells Bosley that she is staying in Cuba and that she busted Cuba wide open. Samantha leans in and kisses Bosley. They get back to America and Charlie tells the update of what they did and they decide to go out for Burgers and Beer. Bosely says that he and Charlie have some business to go through. Charlie says that he is glad that Samantha became an asset. Bosley says that Samantha brought up Elizabeth. Charlie says that his daughter loved him very much and that it was not Bosley’s fault at all. He says that he knows and says goodbye to Charlie. The episode ends.