Angels in Paradise - Recap

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The scene opens with Charlie telling the Angels about a mission involving a family who was on a yacht when they were attacked by Pirates. He says that the leader is Fredrick Mercer and he is dangerous. They organize a drop off and Abby and Kate take a boat out to the yacht while Bosley and Eve get ready to dive. They arrive at the ship while Bosley and Eve swim underneath the boat. They verify that the family is safe and Eve gets on the yacht and goes into where the family is being held. They tell that their youngest son is being held by Mercer. Abby says that there is a problem with the transfer and Bosley sets off the bomb that is on the boat of the pirates. This creates the disturbance for Eve to take down the crew. However, Mercer jumps ship.

Back on land, Charlie thanks the Angels and Bosley for a successful mission except they need to get Mercer. Bosley shows the Angels the video footage that he pulled up on the cameraman’s SD card. They see that there is a woman and boy on the camera later earlier on. They realize that they are mother and son. Bosley pulls up the registration and says that it belongs to Jennifer Rice. The boy is named Wyatt and he is a Polo Player. Abby recognizes her face and they find out that the woman’s real name is Lisa Hansen. Abby realizes that she is the wife of Michael Hansen, a corrupt banker. They realize that Mercer might be thinking that she has a lot of money from the life with Hansen. However, when they visit her, she says that he left them broke when he killed himself. Wyatt comes in and asks if he is going to have to miss the World Cup opportunity. Abby goes in the kitchen and tells him if he can follow some rules, he can play.

The Angels go with Lisa and Wyatt. Bosley poses as a Polo player and the Angels watch around for any strange things going on. Mercer arrives and tells someone that the girls are there from his last attempt. The Angels watch a man takes pictures of Wyatt and Mercer calls the man and tells him that they have “made” him. He walks off and then runs away from them. Bosley walks with Wyatt and is clubbed in the back of the head. Bosley says that Wyatt has been taken and Eve sees the truck and trailer. She rides a horse to it and shoots out the tire. The truck crashes and the Angels find Wyatt safe in the back. They take him and Lisa back to the agency and they don’t know why Mercer is going after Lisa. They believe that the man taking pictures at the Polo match is an enemy of Michael Hansen. Charlie says that they need to follow the money and he says that he had a Power Lunch with Victor Sampson, Abby’s father. They think that he can ID the man and Charlie asks if she will go and talk with her father. She agrees and Kate agrees to drive her. Eve asks if her father lives in Florida and Abby says that he is in prison.

On the road, Kate asks Abby if she is alright. She asks how things got bad and Abby says that she was always trying to get her father’s attention so she decided to steal something of his and give it to him for his birthday. She says that they never got along. At the agency, Eve tells Wyatt that the scouts liked what Wyatt did and they are signing him. He tells Eve that he has to call Lily, his girlfriend. However, Bosley says that they are on lockdown until they find Mercer. Meanwhile, Abby meets with her father and shows him the picture. He says that he doesn’t know who the man could be. He says that it is like chess and that she needs to look at the assistants and lower level employees or “pawns” of Hansen to see which one would have a better time without him. He says that if the information he gave her pans through, she has to visit him on days that she can. She agrees.

Back at the agency, Bosley pulls up the lower level employees up and Bosley says that Francisco Gonzalez stands out. He was Hansen’s bodyguard/driver for several years. They go to the Café that Gonzalez owns and Bosley and Kate pose as health inspectors to the health inspectors. Abby stands up and talks about health violations and takes Francisco’s keys off of him. She goes up to the upstairs apartment and finds a computer with a bunch of pictures. She also finds medicine that someone coming off of plastic surgery would have. The man from the Polo match comes in and Abby tells them to help her. They catch the man and he says that Wyatt is his son. The man is Michael Hansen.

They call Eve up and tell her the news. Bosley says that Wyatt and Lisa need to go with her so that they can protect them. Hansen tries to call Mercer, but it is no use. He says that he hired Mercer to kidnap Wyatt for him. Eve goes into the bathroom where Wyatt was and finds out that Wyatt ran away. Eve says that she knows where he would have gone. However, when they get to Lily’s, she is with a police officer and she tells Eve and Lisa that some men came and took Wyatt. Eve and Lisa get back to the agency and Lisa smacks Michael. She tells him that he left her with nothing. They get a call from Mercer. He says that he is going to triple the fee because of the difficulty of the tasks. They arrange a location to meet.

Michael waits as Mercer pulls up. Kate pretends to be a homeless woman and has her cart of cans get hit. She slowly picks up the cans and she hits the driver. Mercer gets out and Abby takes him down. Michael tries to get the elevator down and the Angels get Wyatt out of the trunk. Michael is stopped by Bosley. Wyatt is reunited with his mother and Charlie tells Abby that he knows that it was hard for her to see her father, but it was them who cracked the case. Abby doesn’t know why families have to be messed up. Eve says that she has them. Later the next day, Abby goes to the prison and asks why her father didn’t tell her that Michael was alive. She says that she is a smart girl. Victor pulls out a chess set and asks if she wants to play. Victor tells Abby that he knows Charles Townsend has an agenda and he says that she will know if she is on the good guy’s side after her does. He tells her that it is her move and the episode ends.