Black Hat Angels - Recap

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The scene opens with Bosley running away from the police. He gets caught and says that he has been framed. The scene goes back 24 hours and Eve comes up to Bosley and says that he has a postcard from France. He says that there is no message except for his name and address. Abby and Kate come in with coffee and cookies. The Angels get their next mission. They have to find where Lee Bowen, an artist with a photographic memory, has gone missing. A woman named Zoe Sinclair is their client and she is worried that he has been kidnapped. Bosley and the Angels meet with Zoe and she tells them that Lee was like a brother to her and that she doesn’t know what could have happened to him. She says that an Art Gallery owner wanted exclusive rights to Lee’s work and was muscling him to go with him. Kate and Abby tell her that Lee’s talent could be worth a lot of money.

Bosley and Abby go to the Loescher Gallery and speak to Stephen Graff, the owner of the Gallery. Posing as art lovers, Abby and Bosley are escorted in. Kate is already there posing as an air conditioning repair company and Bosley and Abby get down to business. They ask where Lee is and he says that he doesn’t know. Abby pulls out a gun and tells him to talk or she will shoot. He still says that he doesn’t know anything and Abby shoots. However, it is not a real gun. It is a paintball gun and she just shot an expensive painting. This goes on with 2 other paintings and finally, Stephen talks and says that he sold a couple bogus paintings to very influential people and may have mentioned Lee’s name after they were going to extort him. He says that he never met the guy and says that they communicated through email. Bosley takes a copy of the email. Stephen says that they ruined millions of dollars worth of paintings. However, they take off the plastic film that show that there was no harm done to the paintings.

At Townsend Agency, Bosley pulls up the information on the email address and says that it is easy to crack. He finds out that it is him. He has been hacked and doesn’t understand how or why. He says that it is impossible that he was hacked, but has a suspicion as to who could be able to do it. Bosley meets with Zoe and gives her an update to what is going on in the investigation. He says that it is possible that she had contact with the kidnappers without even knowing it. Zoe says that Bosley can’t imagine how hard it is to lose someone so close to him. Bosley says that he can. Back at the station, Kate looks at the information that the hacker got on Bosley, but sees that no money has been taken out. They see that the hacker took out a Safe Deposit Box out at a bank. Eve goes into the bank pretending to be a successful business woman an the bank manager tells her that she is going to have to wait because Abby and Bosley are already there. They go into the vault and open the box. However, what Bosly finds is a bomb that was activated. Abby tells Eve to evacuate the bank now. A voice comes out and it is the thief. He says that his name is Oswald. Abby manages to disarm the bomb. However, it reactivates and they take cover. The bomb goes off and Eve wonders if Bosley and Abby are alright. They are.

The Angels get back to the agency and Kate reveals that there is a print on the bomb. They might be able to find Oswald. They ask who Oswald is and Bosley says that Oswald is a person who he worked with during a heist. However, Oswald got caught and had to work for the Russian Mafia to get out of jail. The fingerprint leads to a lease on a Condo. They go to it and find monitoring equipment. Bosley gets into the computer by using Oswald’s old password. They see Lee shackled to a desk. Zoe comes up to him and the Angels wonder why she is there. Bosley says that Zoe is Oswald. They watch Oswald packing up duffle bags full of something when she spots them. Oswald sees that Bosley didn’t die in the bomb and says that she is impressed. She brings up Bosley’s personal life and mentions Elizabeth. He tells her not to mention her and at the same time, Bosley is tracking her location. Oswald says that she knows that he is trying to track her, but says that she won’t allow it. She hangs up before the trace could come through. However, Bosley is good and shows that he has it along with everything from her computer.

They go to the location where the signal came from and find it a maze of sorts. However, they manage to get to Lee and get him free from the shackles. However, police officers come in and tell Bosley that they have a warrant for his arrest. However, Bosley says that it is false and that he was framed. The Angels come in and tell the police officers that they have the wrong person. They show their badges and it seems that the police are going to let Bosley go, but one of the officers tells the other that Bosley killed a cop. Bosley hits the police and runs for it. He is eventually caught and put into the back of a police car. However, Eve is driving the police car and they drive down the road. They pull to the side and Bosley brings up the files that he copied from Oswald’s laptop. They find that there is a flight that is going to Rio and Bosley cancels the flight.

At that moment, Oswald realizes that the plan has gone south for a moment and calls Bosley up. She says that she doesn’t care because she printed enough money to live for a while. He says that she is going to hit him where it hurts most, the women in his life. They follow the truck that Oswald is in. The car parks and Bosley and the Angels get out. However, Bosley recognizes it as a trap and they back up. The truck explodes and the counterfeit money that she printed goes up in flames. Later, Charlie congratulates them on a job well done. The Angels ask about Elizabeth and Bosley says that he was in love with Elizabeth, but she went to a bad place. He fought hard to get her out, but it was too late and Elizabeth died. They tell him that it wasn’t his fault at all. Later on at the Prison where Victor Samson is, Oswald visits him and tells him that she can help unmask Charles Townsend. Victor’s attention it grabbed and he says that he is listening. The episode ends.