Royal Angels - Recap

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The scene opens with the Angels at a College basketball game where Bosley is playing in a game. Abby points out the basketball player that could go pro. His name is Mark Bakale and his father is African Royalty. Meanwhile, a person in a hooded sweatshirt makes their way to the stairs with a bag. Kate sees that her ex-fiancé, Ray. She says that she broke off the relationship and that she is over him. Suddenly, there are shots fired and Mark’s father is hit. The Angels and Ray rush to his side as Bosley takes Mark away. Kate checks to see if they can save Mark’s father, but it is too late. He is dead. Later, Ray tells his boss that he has the case. The Angels wonder why there were four shots heard, but only two shots. They find that the shooter was not just targeting Mark’s father, they were targeting Mark too. Eve asks where the security detail took Mark.

They go to the compound and meet up with Detective Miller, who recognizes Kate. They go inside and see that the FBI is already there. Ray says hello to Agent Carter and he tells Ray that the police don’t need to be there. The Angels walk up to Bakale’s right hand man, Richard Enbakle. Bosley says that he is sorry about his loss and introduces the Angels. They ask to talk to Mark and Kate tells Carter that Mark is their client. However, when they go into the room, he is gone. At Townsend Agency, Richard tells the Angels that Mark is going to have to claim the throne to make sure of the country’s stability. They wonder where they can look and Charlie says that the Homeland Security and FBI are going to stay out of it for now. Bosley manages to hack Mark’s social media account and finds that a woman named Dominique Berry is in pictures with Mark in an album marked “Best Day Ever!!” They find out that Dominique is a lifeguard.

They get to the beach and Bosley and Eve go up to Dominique and ask if she has seen Mark. However, Bosley goes inside and finds him hiding. Bosley tells him that he has to come with them. Mark tells Bosley that he got nervous because the men started calling him “Your Highness”. Bosley says that someone is after them and they need to get them to a safe place. Kate and Abby look through the video footage of the shooting and realize that it is a different area where the shooter is. They find the shooter and then find her picture. They call over to Bosley and Eve sees her on the beach. She goes up to her and fights her. She manages to get the upper hand and takes her into custody. Eve gets back and Abby tells her that the video already has 10,000 hits on YouTube. They find out that the shooter tried to ditch a motorcycle key in the sand. Bosley chooses to hang back and talk to Mark.

After they leave, Bosley talks to Mark and he says that he doesn’t really remember much of his childhood, but remembers when he was sent to boarding school. He says that he doesn’t know how to be a King. Bosley says that he knows what to do. He says that he isn’t ready, but Bosley says that he needs to think of the bigger picture. He reassures him. Meanwhile, the Angels find the motorcycle. Even opens the lock box and Abby find a wad of cash and a cell phone. They find out that the phone is registered to Hillary Kimmel, a known alias in the US Army. She is a sniper who was in the G.H.O.S.T. program. She supposedly died in Afghanistan. They find that Tabitha Williams is the real woman’s name. Abby says that they need to talk to her and suggests that Kate talk to Ray to allow them to do it. She is hesitant, but agrees. Kate meets with Ray and asks for 5 minutes with the sniper in exchange for her real name. He agrees to allow her to do it.

Kate gets in and tells her that she knows about the other woman. She reveals that she knows that it is her sister. Kate tells her that she needs the same of the company who paid her to kill Mark and his father. She refuses to talk. Kate tells her that they know about the money that she has been depositing into her sister’s college tuition. She tells her that they are going to press her and convict her for accepting blood money. Tabitha says that her sister didn’t know about the money and that she will tell her where she got the money. She says that a company gave it to her called Mason Winkler LLC. Ray finds out that it is a shell company that links to Langley Diamonds. Archard Langley is the man in charge and asks for Kate’s help in getting the job done.

Bosley, Mark and Dominique are at the safe house and Charlie talks about Archard’s plans and Charlie says that they need to have a full rundown. Kate says that Langley has property. They go to it and Abby and Eve go to the neighbor kids. They ask them to throw a ball through the window and they will give them $100. A kid does it and Abby pays him. He asks for her phone number and she tells him that it isn’t going to happen. Kate gets a call and pretends to be a window repair place. She tells the housekeeper that they are on their way. Eve and Abby go in and when the housekeeper goes back to her routine cleaning, they sneak off to investigate. They find a computer and start showing Bosley what Archard’s plans and the fact that it was all about Lithium Batteries. Archard comes home and Kate tells the girls to hurry up. Inside the home, Eve finds a picture of Dominique. She is friends with Archard. And they think the worst.

Bosley walks up to Mark and tells him that they have to get him out of there. However, Dominique tells them that she can’t allow that to happen. Bosley tells Mark that Dominique is the leak. He can’t believe it and while Dominique is distracted, Bosley manages to take the gun from her. She tells him that it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. The alarm of the safe house goes off and Bosley send Mark and Dominique to the panic room. Bosley manages to take down two men who were trying to get into the compound. Dominique tells Bosley that Mark took Bosley’s car and left. Bosley reports the car stolen. They realize that Mark is going after Archard. The Angels get there and see that Mark has Archard on his knees. Bosley tells Mark to put the gun down and tells him that it won’t do anything. He listens. When Archard gets up, he reaches for a gun and Eve shoots Archard in the leg.

Mark goes into see Bosley and Bosley gives him a gift of a St. Christopher necklace. Later, Ray and Kate meet and Kate asks him how Carter felt about the Police Department solving the case before the FBI. He says that he is. He offers to take Kate out again to the basketball game. Later, Ray is playing basketball with a bunch of guys. Carter gives Ray the money he owes him from the bet. Kate shows up and asks if Ray wants to get a drink. Liz comes up and kisses Ray. Kate tells them that she sees that they have plans and Kate is clearly devastated. She stays and shoots baskets. Abby and Eve show up and Kate tells that Liz and Ray are together. Eve tells Kate that they brought sandwiches and beer. They walk off and the episode ends.