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Season 5

99 :05x01 - Angel in Hiding (1)

Kris and Kelly go undercover as models to solve the brutal slaying of a would be cover girl.
Special Guest Stars: Christopher Lee as Dale Woodman |
Guest Stars: Dack Rambo as Steve | David Hurst as Stovich | Vic Morrow as Lt. Harry Stearns | Jack Albertson as Edward Jordan | Katherine Moffat as Louise (as Kitty Ruth) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jesse Logan as Betty | Mae Marmy as Miss Delp | Jerrold Ziman as Eddie | Matthew Tobin as Barry | Charles Picerni as Benson | George Dickerson as Lloyd | Diane Lander (1) as Sally | Nancy Bleier as Terry | Earl Colbert as Jason Mills |
Uncredited: Don Stroud as Jimmy Joy |
Featuring: Vivian Ford as Ellie | Nancy Harewood as Jody Mills (as Ann McCurry)
Director: Dennis Donnelly

100 :05x02 - Angel in Hiding (2)

Model Julie Rogers joins the Angels to break a prostitution ring exploiting would be models.
Special Guest Stars: Christopher Lee as Dale Woodman |
Guest Stars: David Hurst as Stovich | Dack Rambo as Steve | Vic Morrow as Lt. Harry Stearns | Jack Albertson as Edward Jordan | Katherine Moffat as Louise (as Kitty Ruth) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jesse Logan as Betty | Jerrold Ziman as Eddie | Matthew Tobin as Barry | Charles Picerni as Benson | George Dickerson as Lloyd | Diane Lander (1) as Sally | Nancy Bleier as Terry | Earl Colbert as Jason Mills |
Uncredited: Don Stroud as Jimmy Joy |
Featuring: Vivian Ford as Ellie | Nancy Harewood as Jody Mills (as Ann McCurry) | Mae Marmy as Miss Delp
Director: Dennis Donnelly

101 :05x03 - To See an Angel Die

The Angels ask a psychic to help find Kris after she is abducted by a man blaming her for his wife's death.
Special Guest Stars: Jane Wyman as Eleanor Willard |
Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as Tom Grainger | Gary Frank as Ted Grainger |
Co-Guest Stars: Katie Hanley as Charlene Grainger
Director: Dennis Donnelly

102 :05x04 - Angels of the Deep

A knife waving diver attacks Julie and her new friend while they are searching for shipwrecks off Honolulu.
Special Guest Stars: Soon-Tek Oh as Lt. Torres | Anne Francis as Cindy Lee | Bradford Dillman as Tony Kramer |
Guest Stars: Moe Keale as Chin (Chin Lu Sin) | Sonny Bono as Walrus (Marvin) | Gary Lockwood as Claude | Patti D'Arbanville as Bianca | Antonio Fargas as Blackie
Director: Kim Manners

103 :05x05 - Island Angels

Julie's capture of an assassin who tried to kill a peace leader seems too easy, leading the Angels to think there is a partner.
Special Guest Stars: Soon-Tek Oh as Lt. Torres | Randolph Mantooth as Mark Williams | Carol Lynley as Lisa Gallo |
Guest Stars: Barbi Benton as Toni Green | Keye Luke as Lin | Richard Jaeckel as Bud Fischer | Don Knight as Fredrick Ober | Lyle Waggoner as Jack Barrows
Director: Don Chaffey

104 :05x06 - Waikiki Angels

The Angels go undercover as lifeguards to rescue a congressman's daughter from the dune buggy riding men who kidnapped her.
Special Guest Stars: Soon-Tek Oh as Lt. Torres | Richard Anderson as Sam Knight | Edd Byrnes as Ted Burton |
Guest Stars: Christopher Goutman as David | Rex Holman as Lee Dain | Patrick Wayne as Steve Walters | Dan Haggerty as Bo Thompson | Denise DuBarry as Marti
Director: Dennis Donnelly

105 :05x07 - Hula Angels

The wife of a kidnapped Honolulu nightclub owner hires the Angels to make a fake ransom drop and nab the abductor.
Special Guest Stars: Joanna Cassidy as Stacy | Pat Crowley as Marion Moss |
Guest Stars: Soon-Tek Oh as Lt. Torres | Shawn Hoskins as Donna | Branscombe Richmond as Bob Ahuna | Patch MacKenzie as Amy | Gene Barry as Steve Moss |
Co-Guest Stars: Elizabeth Lindsey as Lily | Kristin Larkin as Margot | William Bryant as Lamont Burns | Barry Woodruff as Danny
Director: Kim Manners

106 :05x08 - Moonshinin' Angels

The Angels try to prevent a profit hungry New York businessman from setting two whiskey running families at war with each other.
Special Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Bluford Catlin |
Guest Stars: Robert Lesser as Burt Walker | Tisch Raye as Melinda Catlin | Miriam Byrd-Nethery as Flo Bartlett | Steve Hanks as Bobby Dan Bartlett | Dennis Fimple as George Bartlett | George Loros as Max Lacy | Andrew Duggan as Hawkshaw |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Fullerton as Turk Swanson | Barbara Lang as Etta | Arnie Moore as Josh
Director: Kim Manners

107 :05x09 - He Married an Angel

Kris poses as a con artist to trap a swindler who left town after cheating two sisters out of their inheritance.
Guest Stars: Ernest Sarracino as Father Benedictine | Eloise Hardt as Barbara Stone | Beege Barkette as Monica Regis | Harold Stone as Joe Fenell | David Hedison as John Thornwood |
Co-Guest Stars: Lee Terri as Jane Stone | George Ball as Bill Connors |
Featuring: Sharon Johansen as Ms. Fricke | Louie Nicholas as Gus | Jack Kosslyn as Harrison
Director: Don Chaffey

108 :05x10 - Taxi Angels

The Angels step in when dangerous attempts to drive a cab company out of business threaten innocent lives.
Special Guest Stars: Scott Brady as Sarge |
Guest Stars: Robert Costanzo as Mac Gossett | Norman Alden as Jake Barnett | Sally Kirkland as Laurie Archer |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Henderson as Punk Rocker (as Jimmy A. Henderson) | Donald Craig (1) as Fred Simon | David Pritchard as Tom Archer | Charles R. Penland as Jammer
Director: John Peyser

109 :05x11 - Angel on the Line

A hostile call on a private phone in a singles club ends in murder when the threatened patron is run down in the parking lot.
Special Guest Stars: Bruce Watson as Edward Ford |
Guest Stars: Tisha Sterling as Mary | Diane McBain as Penny | Paul Cavonis as Harry Stark |
Co-Guest Stars: Brad Maule as Bartender | Clare Peck as Lois |
Featuring: Tobi Allyn as Waitress | Frank Arno as Master of Ceremony
Director: Kim Manners

110 :05x12 - Chorus Line Angels

A producer suspects sabotage when his choreographer and star performer vanish just before his show is to audition for Las Vegas.
Guest Stars: Eileen Barnett as Renee | Lee Travis as Jessica Thorpe | Nancy Fox as Nancy Swenson | Mary Doyle as Ruth Traina | Pamela Peadon as Marcia Howard | Mark Slade as John Summers | Michael Callan as Darian Mason |
Co-Guest Stars: Sandy Rovetta as Grace | Louis Zito as Mr. Karnes
Director: David Doyle
Songs: Edward J. Lakso -- Dancing Lady, Edward J. Lakso -- Pals, Buddies and Friends, Edward J. Lakso -- Sleepless Rag

111 :05x13 - Stuntwomen Angels

The Angels pose as stunt women when a crossbow wielding attacker descends upon a movie remake set.
Special Guest Stars: Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Jake Webner |
Guest Stars: Ed Ruffalo as Bob Micklin | Beth Scheffell as Ellen Travers (as Beth Schaffel) | Pat Cooper as Jonathan Tobias | Denny Miller as Jeff Stanowitch |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Wells as Director | Tommy Reamon as Ed | Tony Epper as Big Teddy | Meredith Chapman as Miss Taylor
Director: Dennis Donnelly

112 :05x14 - Attack Angels

Julie becomes an unwitting accomplice in a hypnotist's plot to undermine a company and pave the way for a corporate takeover.
Special Guest Stars: Barbara Luna as Cynthia Weaver | Joyce Brothers as Dr. Lantry |
Guest Stars: David Sheiner as Robert Carver | Brett Halsey as Steve Briggs | Norman Bartold as Edward Tustin | Darleen Carr as Darlene Warden | Eric Braeden as John Reardon |
Co-Guest Stars: Randy Scott Harris as Attendant | Stephanie Hoff as Francine Miller | Mickey Cherney as John Danvers
Director: Kim Manners

113 :05x15 - Angel on a Roll

Twelve banks hire the Angels after 12 automatic teller machines are emptied following the resignation of the devices' designer.
Special Guest Stars: Joseph Sirola as Boris |
Guest Stars: Mark Pinter as Ted Markham | Rick Casorla as Hank |
Co-Guest Stars: Danielle Aubry as Sales Lady | Micki McHay as Miss Withers | Alvin Ing as T. Yagamuchi | Stephen Liska as Steve | Noah Keen as Bank president | Robert Rockwell as Harrison |
Featuring: Deborah Donnelly as Girl Cashier | Anthony Ragonese as Policeman | Tom Dunstan as Player | Michelle Lynn Troxell as Desk Clerk | Lawrence L. Levine (1) as Bartender | Johnnie Decker as Las Vegas Dealer | Buddy Lewis as Dealer
Director: Dennis Donnelly

114 :05x16 - Mr. Galaxy

The Angels race against the clock to find the culprit behind several attempts on the life of a body building contender.
Special Guest Stars: Floyd Levine as Norman Powers |
Guest Stars: Bonnie Keith as Selena Hansen | Joseph Ruskin as Danny Barr | Ric Drasin as Chuck Wilde | Richard Bakalyan as Artie Weaver (as Dick Bakalyan) | Roger Callard as Ron Gates |
Co-Guest Stars: Louie Elias as Frank | Will MacMillan as John Wheeler | Karen Haber as Sally |
Featuring: David Alan Graf as Carl (as Allan Graf) | David Wendel as Deliveryman (as David Wende)
Director: Don Chaffey

115 :05x17 - Let Our Angel Live

A stakeout to nab a white collar thief ends in tragedy when Kelly is shot in the head and given only even odds to live or die.
Guest Stars: Michael Witney as Police Officer | George Ball as Dr. Jackson | Gary Wood as Joe Danworth |
Co-Guest Stars: Amelia Haas as Nurse Farrell | John Bernabei as 2nd Ambulance Attendant | Michael Magnusen as 1st Ambulance Attendant | Patricia Mariano as Nurse Stratton (as Patti Mariano) |
Featuring: Ray Vitte as Sharp (archive footage) | Vic Morrow as Lt. Harry Stearns (archive footage) | Eddie Lo Russo as Miller (archive footage) | Michael Hershewe as Greg Cates (archive footage) | Christopher George (1) as Chadway (archive footage) | Simon Oakland as Sgt. Cates (archive footage) | Cameron Mitchell (1) as Frank Desmond (archive footage)
Director: Kim Manners
Warning: Charlie's Angels (1976) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1976
Ended: August 19, 1981
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