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Season 6

112 :06x01 - Valhalley of the Dolls (1)

Paige suspects that Leo has erased Piper's memories of their relationship, but her attempted memory recovery spell accidentally causes Piper to lose all her other memories too. Phoebe and Paige go off to find Leo, but he is currently being held captive on Valhalla, an island controlled by amazon warrior women called Valkyries. Also, Phoebe becomes an Empath, and Paige is startled when she sees a dog turned back into a human.
Guest Stars: Ivana Milicevic as Mist | Brian Oerly as Biker | Nicole Basanda as Valkyrie Trainer | Damian Poitier as Magi Warrior | Arnold Chon as Samurai Warrior | Dan Lemieux as Soldier | Colleen Porch as Kara | Stephen Snedden as Chad Carson | Sandra Prosper as Sheila Morris | Smash Mouth as Themselves | Tracey Aileen Leigh as Leysa | Dan Femieux as Soldier | Lee Coleman as Braveheart Warrior | Aria Wallace as Crying Little Girl | Teddy Chen Culver as Asian Perp
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Brad Kern
Songs: Balligomingo -- New Favourite Thing, Smashmouth -- You Are My Number One

113 :06x02 - Valhalley of the Dolls (2)

Phoebe and Paige enlist Chris' help to go undercover as Valkyries, while the sight of Leo brings Piper's memories flooding back. While everyone else escapes, Piper decides to stay behind with Leo. Unfortunately, the angry Valkyries followed them through the portal back to San Francisco.
Guest Stars: Colleen Porch as Kara | Evan Marriott as Oscar | Arnold Chon as Samurai Warrior | Damian Poitier as Magi Warrior | Nicole Basanda as Valkyrie Trainer | Brian Oerly as Biker | Eric Dane as Jason Dean | Teddy Chen Culver as Asian Purp | Ivana Milicevic as Mist | Smash Mouth as Themselves | Tracey Aileen Leigh as Leysa | Dan Femieux as Soldier | Lee Coleman as Braveheart Warrior | Aria Wallace as Crying Little Girl
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Brad Kern
Songs: Richard Wagner (composer) -- Ride of the Valkyries

114 :06x03 - Forget Me... Not (aka Dragon's Heat)

After young Wyatt mistakenly conjures a dragon, a neutral group known as The Cleaners comes to remove the child and erase any traces of his existence. The Cleaners' mission is to prevent human kind from discovering magic, and they will not risk failure. The sisters can sense that something is amiss, and use a spell to regain their memories and bring Wyatt home. Also, Leo assigns Chris a new charge.
Guest Stars: Christian Keiber as Frank | Melissa Greenspan as Flo | Scott Klace as Mr. Stewick | Darin Cooper as Cleaner Two | Shaun Robinson as Kinesha Robinson | Sarah Aldrich as Natalie | Jason Simmons as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell | Kristopher Simmons as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman | Kirk B.R. Woller as Cleaner One | Amanda Sickler as Sophie | Andrew Reville as Co-Worker
Director: John Kretchmer

115 :06x04 - The Power of Three Blondes (aka Dirty Blondes)

Three evil sisters steal the powers and identities of the Charmed Ones, and the real Piper, Phoebe, and Paige must convince Chris of what happened. Meanwhile, Leo continues to search for answers about who sent him to Valhalla, and Piper realizes that Wyatt needs more time with his dad.
Guest Stars: Eric Dane as Jason Dean | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman | Jenny McCarthy as Mitzy Stillman | Jernard Burks as Security Guard | Bill Smillie as Husband | Gwen Van Dam as Wife | Robert Beuth as Salesman | Glenn Taranto as Foreman | Joanna Sanchez as Lupita | Jennifer Sky as Mabel Stillman | Michael Patrick McGill as Ray | Todd Tucker as Gremlins | Niki Botelho as Elf Nanny | Melody Perkins as Margo Stillman | Kip Martin as Jack
Director: John Behring

116 :06x05 - Love's A Witch

While at a new job, Paige falls for an attractive male witch named Richard Montana, whose family is engaged in a longstanding feud with another magical clan named Callaway. The spirit of Richard's dead first love isn't accommodating to Phoebe's plans to end the rivalry, and takes possession of her body. Also, Leo begins to question Chris' motives.
Guest Stars: James Sutorius as James Callaway | Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana | David Greene (1) as Steve Montana | Michael Muhney as Seth | Mako as Asian Alchemist | Marjorie Lovett as Rosaline Montana | J. Michael Flynn as Benjamin Montana | Rachelle LeFevre as Olivia Callaway | Christine Healy (1) as Grandma Callaway
Director: Stuart Gillard
Songs: Conjure One -- Conjure One

117 :06x06 - My Three Witches (aka Fantasies in the Flesh)

Feeling that the Charmed Ones are putting their personal lives before their responsibilities, Chris uses a demon named Gith to teach them a lesson. Gith creates alternate realities for each sister, where all three get their deepest desire fulfilled. However, if Piper, Phoebe, and Paige don't escape these delusions and face reality, they may not make it out alive.
Guest Stars: Eric Dane as Jason Dean | Desmond Askew as Gith | David Backus as Deranged Fan | Ken Weiler as Fan #1 | Jessica Friedman as Fan #2 | Alex Estronel as Male Model | Catherine Reitman as Excited Fan | Martin A. Papazian as Assistant Director | Susan Allison as Burned Woman | Annabelle Gurwitch as Nina Halter | Kathryn Joosten as Wife | Gina Ravera as Mary | Kathryn Fiore as Elizabeth | Sam Vance as Blake | Art Frankel as Old Magician | Fynn Turfeld as Nurse
Songs: Stereophonics -- Maybe Tomorrow

118 :06x07 - Soul Survivor (aka Soul Sister)

In an attempt to save her boss's immortal soul , Paige goes behind her sisters' back and makes a deal with the demon intent on claiming it. Also, Piper learns that Wyatt has been sabotaging her dates, and Leo finds himself trapped in the distant past with Chris after an attempt at traveling to the future goes wrong.
Guest Stars: Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana | Keith Szarabajka as Zahn | Steadman as Themselves | Rob Farrior as Ryan | Brian Wedlake as Brett | Chris Gann as Navy Stunt | Justine Moore as Female Demon | Alla Korot as Mrs. Henderson | Patrick Stinson as Demon Bidder #2 | Googy Gress as Spencer Ricks | Johnny Sneed as Larry Henderson | Craig Gellis as Gray | Simon Brooke as Grimlock | Jean St. James as Female Lawyer | John Bisom as Confederate Soldier | Gwendolyn Osborne as Demon Bidder #1
Director: Mel Damski
Writer: Curtis Kheel
Songs: Steadman -- No Big Deal

119 :06x08 - Sword and the City (aka Charmed in Camelot)

The mythical Lady of the Lake appears to the Charmed Ones, asking for their help to protect the legendary Arthurian sword Excalibur. The sword still resides its stone casing, and soon dozens of magical beings arrive to try their luck at pulling the powerful object free. Piper finally pulls the sword out, but that leads to the arrival of a mysterious figure known as Mordaunt, who may have his own ulterior motives.
Guest Stars: Matthew McGrory as Ogre | Edward Atterton as Mordaunt | Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana | Danielle Bisutti as Lady of the Lake | Lamont Johnson (1) as Soul Blaster Demon | Bjorn Johnson as Cranky Satyr | Simon Brooke as Grimlock | Todd Tucker as Creeper Demon | Amanda Sickler as Female Staffer | Scout Taylor-Compton as Fairy | Danny Woodburn as Dwarf
Director: Derek Johansen
Songs: Cherie -- I'm ready

120 :06x09 - Little Monsters (aka Hot Mamas)

After vanquishing a Manticore, the sisters become temporary guardians to its half-monster offspring. Chris urges them to get rid of the child before it can lead to danger for everyone, but the Charmed Ones believe that they can raise him to be good instead of evil. When the baby's beastly father comes to retrieve him, things really get complicated.
Guest Stars: Seth Peterson as The Beast | Eric Dane as Jason Dean | Brady Smith as SWAT Commander | Armando Pucci as Wine Captain | Alec Fedd as Tristan | Caleeb Pinkett as Virgil
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Julie Hess
Songs: Shanti -- The Beauty

121 :06x10 - Chris-Crossed

A Phoenix named Bianca arrives from the future, with plans to forcefully escort Chris back to the future that he came from. It is revealed that Chris and Bianca are engaged, and that Chris was sent back to prevent Wyatt from turning evil. The Charmed Ones are powerless to stop his departure, but do slip him a parting gift. Also, Piper tells Phoebe and Paige to move in with their boyfriends, jeopardizing the Power Of Three.
Guest Stars: Marisol Nichols as Bianca | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman | Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana | Ashlyn Sanchez as Little Bianca | Rebecca McFarland as Lynn | Lisa Kushell as Tour Guide | Jason Shaw as Greg | Wes Ramsey as Adult Wyatt Halliwell

122 :06x11 - Witchstock

Paige tries on a pair of her grandmother's old go-go boots, and finds herself transported back to the 1960's. While there, she meets a younger hippie version of Grams, who is obsessed with ridding the world of evil through the power of love. Piper and Phoebe go back to make sure she doesn't alter the timeline. In the present, Leo, Chris, and the spirit of Grams battle a slime that consumes all magic around it.
Guest Stars: Kara Zediker as Young Penny Halliwell | Jennifer Rhodes as Penny 'Grams' Halliwell | Jake Busey as Nigel | Patrick Cassidy as Allen Halliwell | Peter Pergelides as Guard | Michael Storer as Sawmill Worker | Gabe Vanderwalker as Stoner | Tim Elwell as Officer | Jill Small as Celene | Kam Heskin as Robin

123 :06x12 - Prince Charmed

After saving Wyatt from a demon, Piper decides to swear off relationships and devote the remainder of her life to raising and protecting her son. Paige and Phoebe decide to conjure a magical Mr Right, in order to remind Piper what love is like. Meanwhile, Chris tries to use Mr. Right's influence to get the sisters to bind Wyatt's powers, but the child is kidnapped before they even have a chance to consider it.
Guest Stars: Eduardo Verástegui as Mr. Right | Sandra Prosper as Sheila Morris | Jason Shane Scott as Dream Guy | Ryan Culver as Dream Guy | Joe Cappelletti as Acolyte #3 | Luke Massey as Acolyte #2 | Joseph Hodge as Acolyte #1 | Bruce Payne as Order Leader
Songs: Vanessa Carlton -- Rinse

124 :06x13 - Used Karma

Phoebe's boyfriend Jason sees the sisters using their powers, freaks out, and dumps Phoebe. Richard Montana casts a spell to try and rid himself of his family's negative karma, but accidentally sends evil spirits into Phoebe's body, leading a possessed Phoebe to try to kill Jason. Elsewhere, Piper and Paige try to vanquish what Chris tells them are the last significant demonic threats to Wyatt's future.
Guest Stars: Jean-Christophe Febbrari as French Army Sgt. | Eric Dane as Jason Dean | Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana | Tom Schanley as Swarm General #1 | Joe Torrenueva as Reporter #2 | Lisa Canning as Reporter #1 | David Greene (1) as Steve Montana | Rock Reiser as Reporter #3 | James Black as Swarm King | Derek Anthony as Swarm General #2
Director: John Kretchmer
Songs: Sarah McLachlan -- Fallen

125 :06x14 - The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell

Gideon, Leo's old mentor at Magic School, asks the Charmed Ones for help finding out who at the school cast the spell that conjured up the deadly Headless Horseman. The Horseman is running around decapitating the faculty, and needs to be stopped before he claims more lives. Elsewhere, a shaman student named Enola sends Phoebe on a vision quest to the future, where she learns Chris' true identity.
Guest Stars: J. Anthony Woods as Herman | Betsy Randle as Mrs. Winterbourne | Gildart Jackson as Gideon | Adam Hendershott as Slick | Ziggy Marley as Special Musical Guest | Sarah Rafferty as Mother | Elena Finney as Enola (Shaman) | Dean Shelton as Zachery | Mitchah Williams as Quentin | Cate Cohen as Teacher's Aid | Christopher Neiman as Sigmund
Director: Jon Paré
Songs: Third Eye Blind -- Danger, Soulstice -- Fall Into You, Ziggly Marley -- Rainbow in the sky

126 :06x15 - I Dream of Phoebe

Phoebe frees a seemingly kind genie named Jinny from her bottle, only to find out that she now has to take her place in captivity. Chris attempts to use Phoebe to wish for Piper and Leo to get back together and thus ensure his own conception, but Phoebe's new genie powers grant the request in an entirely too literal fashion. Richard is worried about losing Paige, and wishes for her to come back into his life.
Guest Stars: J. Michael Flynn as Benjamin Montana | Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana | Saba Homayoon as Jinny | Marco Khan as Thief #1 | Mark Deklin as Bosk | Jason Shaw as Greg | David Greene (1) as Steve Montana | Amanda Sickler as Sophie
Director: John Kretchmer
Writer: Curtis Kheel

127 :06x16 - The Courtship of Wyatt's Father

Gideon makes a secret deal with the Darklighters to get rid of Leo, but the plan backfires when Leo and Piper are both inadvertently trapped in the realm of the dead. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Paige mistakenly believe that Leo and Piper have both been killed, and a worried Chris reveals that he must be conceived before the end of the night or he will cease to have ever existed.
Guest Stars: Jon Erik as Darklighter #4 (as Jon Erik) | Edoardo Ballerini as Damien | Gildart Jackson as Gideon | Sian Heder as Mom #2 | Jenni Pulos as Mom #1 | Wayne Mitchell as Frank [Dad] | Ellis E. Williams as Bus Driver | Linda Tran as Sara | Lou Beatty, Jr. as Darklighter #1 | Derrick McMillon as Darklighter #3 | Bruno Gioiello as Darklighter #2
Writer: Brad Kern
Songs: Goldfrapp -- Strict Machine

128 :06x17 - Hyde School Reunion

While getting ready for her high school reunion, Phoebe is possessed by her wild teenage personality and hooks back up with the bad crowd that she traveled with in her youth. Things get worse when her former friend Rick uses her powers to commit a robbery. Also, Piper calls upon her father Victor for answers as to why Chris is avoiding her.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Pierce as Todd Marks | James Read as Victor Bennett | David May as French Waiter | Sheila Levell as Stacy | David Hugghins as Armored Car Driver | Lesli Margherita as Ramona Shaw | Kevin Burke as Male Sheriff | Claire Rankin as Paula Marks | Lou Richards as Male Lawyer | Jeanie Hackett as Female Lawyer | Chris Gann as Sheriff | Rodney Rowland as Rick Gittridge | Mary-Pat Green as Miss Hickhock
Director: Jonathan West
Songs: Stone Temple Pilots -- Sex Type Thing

129 :06x18 - Spin City

Piper is held prisoner by the Spider Demon, a creature that emerges once a century in order feed off of a powerful magical being. Chris is infected by the spider's venom during the attack, which causes him to begin mutating into a spider himself. It's up to Paige, Pheobe and Leo to rescue Piper from the spider's web, and reverse the effects on Chris. Also, Leo finally figures out why Chris resents him.
Guest Stars: Sonje Fortas as Ugly Witch | Katie Evenard as Wood Nymph | David Joseph Steinberg as Leprechaun Riley | Nathaniel Lamar as Jeremy | Jeff Asch as Wrong Guy | Sonje Fortag as Ugly Witch | Kieren Hutchison as Mitch | Gildart Jackson as Gideon | Christopher Neiman as Sigmund | Scout Taylor-Compton as Fairy | Matthew McGrory as Ogre | Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Spider Demon | Andy Stochansky as Himself | Danielle Andrew as Old Woman Fairy
Director: Mel Damski
Songs: Butterfly Boucher -- Life Is Short, Andy Stochansky -- Shine

130 :06x19 - Crimes and Witch-Demeanors (aka Charmed on Trial)

Phoebe and Paige are caught using their powers by an SFPD officer, and The Cleaners move to cover up the situation by framing the sisters' cop friend Darryl as a murdered. The Charmed Ones plead with a council of good and evil magical beings to set Darryl free, but the fear demon Barbas turns the proceedings into a trial of the Halliwells. Leo and Chris team to rescue the sisters, but Phoebe doesn't emerge entirely unscathed.
Guest Stars: Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Sandra Prosper as Sheila Morris | Gildart Jackson as Gideon | Billy Drago as Barbas | Ken Page as Tribunal Elder #2 | Christopher Cazenove as Tribunal Demon #1 | Dennis Keffer as Killer in Alley | Ian Abercrombie as Aramis | Darin Cooper as Cleaner Two | Kirk B.R. Woller as Cleaner One | Esteban Powell as Fenx | James Horan as Tribunal Demon #2
Director: John Kretchmer

131 :06x20 - A Wrong Day's Journey into Right (aka Stormy Leather)

With Piper away at magic school, and Phoebe stripped of her powers, a stressed out Paige brings back Mr Right for some quality "stress relief". Unfortunately, she also unleashes Mr. Wrong, who appeals to Paige's latent dark side. To save Paige, Phoebe goes undercover as one of Mr. Wrong's "Demonatrixes". Meanwhile, Chris gets arrested, and Darryl refuses to keep covering for the Charmed Ones.
Guest Stars: Amy Grabow as Demonatrix One | Amy Bernhardt as Demonatrix One | Chad Gabriel as Blake | Annie Wersching as Demonatrix Two | Sy Richardson as Father Wilkins | Jennifer O'Dell as Elisa | Christopher Neiman as Sigmund | Gabriel Olds as Mr. Right/Mr. Wrong
Director: Derek Johnson
Songs: Kylie Minogue -- You Make Me Feel

132 :06x21 - Witch Wars (aka Reality Check)

Gideon is worried that the sisters are close to discovering his plot to corrupt Wyatt, and makes the Charmed Ones unknowing contestants on a demonic reality show called "Witch Wars". If a demon "player" succeeds in hunting down and vanquishing a witch, they then gain her powers. Meanwhile, Chris tells the sisters that whoever is pursuing Wyatt will take him before Chris' birth.
Guest Stars: Betsy Randle as Mrs. Winterbourne | Paul Vinson as Rork | David Ramsey as Upper Level Demon | Jim Pirri as Male Gamesmaster | James Joseph O'Neil as Darklighter | Elaine Hendrix as Female Gamesmaster | Gildart Jackson as Gideon | Steve Cell as Apprentice Demon | Christopher Neiman as Sigmund | Kevin Grevioux as Brute Demon | Daniel Blinkoff as Thor | Steve Gibbons as Shapeshifter | Bodhi Elfman as Kyle Donney | Vicki Davis as Tali

133 :06x22 - It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1)

Under the pretense of sending Chris back to his own time, Gideon traps Chris and Leo in a mirror universe where evil always wins in the end and good is useless. Phoebe and Paige travel there to try and rescue them, but encounter a good version of Barbas, and find themselves doing battle with their own dark sided doppelgangers.
Guest Stars: Blake Robbins as Patrol Officer | Sandra Prosper as Sheila Morris | Betsy Randle as Mrs. Winterbourne | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Gildart Jackson as Gideon | Billy Drago as Barbas | Lorna Scott as Mrs. Nobles
Director: Jon Paré
Songs: Liz Phair -- Take A Look

134 :06x23 - It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (2)

Unable to vanquish their own counterparts, Phoebe and Paige return to their own world, only to discover that it has become too saintly and every infraction is now a capital crime. The travel between worlds erases Piper's memory, and Gideon casts his own spell over Phoebe and Paige. This leaves Chris and Leo to both save them, and protect piper until Chris can be born.
Guest Stars: Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Betsy Randle as Mrs. Winterbourne | Gildart Jackson as Gideon | Billy Drago as Barbas | Juan Pope as Mike | Kerry O'Malley as Nurse Ann | Samantha Miller as Cindy | Dayna Devon as Female Vulture Demon | John Todd as Elder | Jim Abele as Dr. Roberts | Kristopher Logan as Male Vulture Demon | Wes Ramsey as Adult Wyatt Halliwell
Director: Jon Paré
Warning: Charmed guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1998
Ended: May 21, 2006
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