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Season 7

135 :07x01 - A Call To Arms

Depressed over the loss of the future version of Chris, Piper and Leo are forced by Phoebe and Paige to attend a Hindu wedding ceremony, where they are accidentally imbued with the powers of two Hindu gods. Phoebe and Paige must prevent them from using Piper and Leo's bodies to consummate their love, or the world will end. Elsewhere, Phoebe meets a new man, and Paige resolves to take over operation of the magic school.
Guest Stars: Branscombe Richmond as Fierce Demon | Eddie Matos as EMT | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman | Betsy Randle as Mrs. Winterbourne | Billy Drago as Barbas | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Nick Lachey as Leslie St. Claire | Reggie Rolle as Attendant | Kiran Rao as Priest | James Avery as Zola | Todd Tucker as Creature Head Demon | Hawthorne James as Demonic Healer | Amanda Sickler as Sophie
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Brad Kern

136 :07x02 - The Bare Witch Project

Paige's attempts to save the Magic School are jeopardized when a student conjures Lady Godiva and the evil Lord Dyson. Dyson feeds off of humans' repressed emotions, and must be stopped from killing Godiva before she can return to her time and complete her famous ride. Meanwhile, Phoebe doubts the abilities of the new male advice columnist at the paper.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Schmidt as Simon | Trey Ellett as Ray | Nick Lachey as Leslie St. Claire | Elizabeth Dennehy as Sandra | John de Lancie as Odin | Lyne Odums as Female Elder | Chris Breslin as Customer | Maury Sterling as Lord Dyson | Bru Muller as Policeman | Blake Bashoff as Duncan | Todd Tucker as Creature Head Demon | Kristen Miller as Lady Godiva
Director: John Kretchmer

137 :07x03 - Cheaper by the Coven

Against Piper's wishes, Paige and Phoebe summon Grams for Chris' "wiccaning". In an attempt to end the budding sibling rivalry between Wyatt and Chris, Grams casts a spell on them, which backfires and turns the sisters back into bickering teenagers. This all leads to the Charmed Ones father Victor coming back to town to try to fix things. Also, Wyatt is attacked by a demon, and Leo is determined to find out who it was.
Guest Stars: Marc D. Wilson as Rex | Nick Lachey as Leslie St. Claire | James Read as Victor Bennett | Finola Hughes as Patty Halliwell | Jennifer Rhodes as Penny 'Grams' Halliwell | Charisma Carpenter as The Seer | Mandy Freund as Female Fan | Peter Breitmayer as Emcee | Tac Fitzgerald as Ben
Director: Derek Johansen
Writer: Mark Wilding

138 :07x04 - Charrrmed!

Paige encounters an infamous 18th century pirate Captain, who is cursed to grow old but never die. After he transfers the curse to Paige, Phoebe and Piper must seek out the Fountain Of Youth to reverse things. Also, Leo finds himself being manipulated by the disembodied voice of an evil creature, and the FBI once again investigates the Charmed Ones.
Guest Stars: Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Nick Lachey as Leslie St. Claire | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Donna Hardy as Old Paige Matthews | Harve Presnell as Black Jack Cutting | Shelby Fenner as Carly | Michael E. Rodgers as First Mate Reznor | Sam Rubin as Movie Critic | James Patric Moran as Young Capt. Black Jack Cutting | Bre Blair as Brenda Casteel | Gloria LeRoy as Old Brenda Casteel | John Todd as Elder | Todd Tucker as Creature Head Demon
Director: Mel Damski

139 :07x05 - Styx Feet Under

A demon is attempting to destroy his human half by killing his remaining blood relatives. Paige casts a spell to prevent this, but accidentally stops all deaths from occurring. Annoyed at Paige's messing with his plan, the Angel Of Death insists that Piper helps get things back to their proper balance. Also, Piper finds out upsetting news about Phoebe's future, and FBI Agent Brody reveals his reason for pursing the Charmed Ones.
Guest Stars: Eddie Velez as Detective | Zack Ward as Sirk/Kevin Casey | Nick Lachey as Leslie St. Claire | Christopher Carroll as Older Man | Ely Pouget as Harriet Casey | Katie Wagner as News Reporter | Eddie Kehler as Coroner | Naveen as Doctor | Michael Milhoan as Artie Casey | Simon Templeman as Angel of Death | Charisma Carpenter as The Seer | Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Dan Barrows as Elderly Man

140 :07x06 - Once in a Blue Moon

The Elders have grown suspicious of Leo, and assign a new Whitelighter to the sisters. When the new Whitelighter is nearly murdered by a pack of beasts, Leo is held responsible. Meanwhile, the sisters are surprised at the identity of the aforementioned beasts, Agent Brody informs Paige of a new possible threat to the family, and Phoebe parts ways with her boyfriend Leslie.
Guest Stars: John de Lancie as Odin | Ian Anthony Dale as Avatar Gamma | Patrice Fisher as Avatar Beta | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | Nick Lachey as Leslie St. Claire | John Ross Bowie as Wimpy Whitelighter | Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Todd Tucker as Creature Head Demon | Treva Etienne as Possessor Demon | T.J. Thyne as Danny
Director: John Kretchmer
Songs: Auf Der Maur -- Taste You

141 :07x07 - Someone to Witch Over Me

Agent Brody enlists Paige's help to solve a string of crimes, only to discover that the demon Sarpedon is capturing Guardian Angels in order to protect himself from a new powerful group known as Avatars. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe convince Leo to embark on a vision quest to deal with his issues, but finds himself having to make an impossible choice when he returns home.
Guest Stars: Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Neil Hopkins as Sarpedon | Ian Anthony Dale as Avatar Gamma | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | Delji Lavay as Firefighter | Mark Chadwick as Quincy | Tommy Smeltzer as Quincy's Guardian | Drew Fuller as Chris Perry | The Donnas as Themselves | Peter Woodward as Aku
Director: Jon Paré
Songs: The Donnas -- Fall Behind Me

142 :07x08 - Charmed Noir

While investigating a death at the Magic School, Paige and Agent Brody are trapped inside an unfinished novel that was written twenty years prior. The pair find themselves in a 1930's film noir setting, and are chased by ruthless gangsters. Back in reality, the other sisters try to help Paige and Brody by writing clues into the story, and Leo tries to win Piper back after his decision to become an Avatar.
Guest Stars: Chris Diamantopoulos as Davis | Patrice Fisher as Avatar Beta | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Dennis Flanagan as Flashback Danny Mullen | Michael Lee Gogin as Gnome Professor | Al Sapienza as Johnny the Gent | Ann Cusack as Miss Donovan | Bug Hall as Eddie Mullen
Writer: Curtis Kheel

143 :07x09 - There's Something About Leo

Leo reveals his new Avatar status to Piper, despite warnings from his overseers Alpha and Beta that she wasn't ready for that information yet. Piper is mixing a potion at the time, which messes up and rewinds time. Leo is given several chances to make the right choice in the situation, but each instance ends with a different disaster. Also, Darryl becomes suspicious about Kyle's past.
Guest Stars: Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Elizabeth Dennehy as Sandra | Kevin Alejandro as Malvoc | Patrice Fisher as Avatar Beta | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | David Leitch as Innocent | Jared Ryan Shaw as Sokol Guard | Nicholas Davidoff as Sokol Leader | Brad Hawkins as Vassen
Director: Derek Johansen

144 :07x10 - Witchness Protection

The Avatars insist that Leo protect former enemy The Seer, because she has information that could help them defeat the demon army. Leo finally admits that he is an Avatar, for good this time. Meanwhile, The Seer sends Phoebe a vision of a future without demons, the powerful demon Zankou is sent to take the Seer out of the picture, Brody shares a secret with Paige, and Phoebe and Darryl continue to look into Brody's shadowy history.
Guest Stars: Oded Fehr as Zankou | Ian Anthony Dale as Avatar Gamma | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | Patrice Fisher as Avatar Beta | Dex Elliot Sanders as Swarm King | Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Charisma Carpenter as The Seer | Ryan Hanson Bradford as Young Wyatt | John de Lancie as Odin | Billy Beck as Demonic Wizard | Sierra Parks as Phoebe's Future Daughter | Matt Winston as Manny | David Liry as Shapeshifter | Sierra Miller (1) as Vulture Demon

145 :07x11 - Ordinary Witches

Still not completely convinced of the Avatars good intentions, Piper switches powers with Phoebe in order to experience her premonition of a utopian demon-free world. Sensing their vulnerability during this period, the demon Zankou attacks. Brody's desire to kill all Avatars out of revenge for his parents' death, prompts Paige to take him back to the night they died. Also, the Elders learn that Leo has joined the Avatars, and aren't happy.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Dennehy as Sandra | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | Patrice Fisher as Avatar Beta | James Wellington as Craps Dealer | Anne Dudek as Denise | Jon Hamm as Jack Brody | Jessica Steen as Ruth Brody | Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Oded Fehr as Zankou | Ricky Kurtz as young Kyle Brody | Bruce Gray (1) as Kheel | Peter Woodward as Aku | Max Perlich as Laygan | Michael Maize as Zyke | Brian Howe as Ronnie | Lorin McCraley as Kazl | Brian D. Johnson as Customs Agent
Director: Jonathan West
Writer: Mark Wilding

146 :07x12 - Extreme Makeover: World Edition

The Avatars are preparing to transform the world into a demon-free Utopia, but inform the sisters that humanity must be temporarily put to sleep to allow the time needed to wipe out any remaining demons. Kyle Brody still finds himself skeptical of the Avatars' true intentions, and tries to go to the Elders for help. Instead, he is kidnapped by the demon Zankou, and convinced to help stop the Avatars' agenda.
Guest Stars: Michael Maize as Zyke | John Hillard as Celerity Demon #3 | Gino Montesinos as Van Driver | Alex Avant as Car Driver | Laura Kelly as Patron #2 | Jordan Murphy (2) as Patron #1 | Lorin McCraley as Kazl | Max Perlich as Laygan | Oded Fehr as Zankou | Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | Patrice Fisher as Avatar Beta | Ian Anthony Dale as Avatar Gamma | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman
Director: LeVar Burton
Songs: Seal -- Bring It On

147 :07x13 - Charmageddon

The Charmed Ones are enjoying their new peaceful utopian world, but Leo learns a horrible truth about the lengths the Avatars have to go to maintain an everlasting end to war. Leo then joins with the demon Zankou to overthrow the new rulers. Also, Kyle Brody is rewarded for his heroic efforts by the Elders, and is resurrected as a Whitelighter.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Minion | Laura Kelly as Patron #2 | Gina Montesinos (1) as Van Driver | Reggie Jordan as Cop | Alex Avant as Car Driver | Tawny Rene Hamilton as Wife | Jason Simmons as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell | Max Perlich as Laygan | Kristopher Simmons as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell | Oded Fehr as Zankou | Tom Virtue as Angry Man | Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody | Jordan Murphy (2) as Patron #1 | Joel Swetow as Avatar Alpha | Ian Anthony Dale as Avatar Gamma | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman
Director: John Kretchmer
Songs: Switchfoot -- This Is Your Life

148 :07x14 - Carpe Demon

When Paige attempts to a hire a new teacher for the Magic School, she finds out that one applicant named Drake is an ex-demon who made a deal with an evil sorcerer in order to become human. Drake decides to convince the sisters that he has reformed, but the sorcerer won't abide that, and casts a spell that causes Drake to believe he is Robin Hood and that the owner of the local phone company is the villainous Prince John.
Guest Stars: Bruce Gray (1) as Kheel | Anthony DeSando as Office Manager | Denver Dowridge as Man #2 | Scott Anthony Leet as Flynn | Tara Platt as The Muse | Brian Oerly as Reinhardt | Sebastian Roché as The Sorceror | Kevin Daniels as Rathbone | Ann Cusack as Miss Donovan | Billy Zane as Drake | Elizabeth Dennehy as Sandra | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Jayden Lund as Tall Man / Little John | Erica Shaffer as Anna Woods | Kurt Fuller as John Norman
Director: Stuart Gillard
Writer: Curtis Kheel

149 :07x15 - Show Ghouls

A friend of Darryl's is possessed by the spirit of one of the victims of a deadly 1899 cabaret fire that killed hundreds, and Darryl goes to the sisters for help. It seems that the spirit is working on behalf of all the souls that remain trapped at the site of the blaze, due to the club's owner making a pact with a demon.
Guest Stars: Brian Oerly as Reinhardt | Todd Mason Covert as Father | Vanessa Vander Pluym as Inex/Gypsy Fortune Teller | Anna Bikales as April | Lisa Arturo as Michelle | Jim Cody Williams as Toulouse | Kristen Ariza as Marie | Eric Cohen as Piano Player | Muttalib J. Ibrahim as George | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman | David Anders as Count Roget | Charles Robinson as Mike | Billy Zane as Drake
Director: Mel Damski
Songs: Butterfly Boucher -- I Can't Make Me

150 :07x16 - The Seven Year Witch

A stressed out Piper awaits word from the Elders about Leo's future, but is attacked by demons and ends up comatose. She finds herself in limbo between life and death, and is surprised Cole's spirit waiting for her there. Elsewhere, the Elders try to manipulate Leo into giving up his family, and Drake has to face his impending demise.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Wilhoite as Nadine | John de Lancie as Odin | Stacy Reed as Suzanne | Thomas Lumberg, Jr. as Uniform | Elizabeth Dennehy as Sandra | Julian McMahon as Cole Turner | Billy Zane as Drake

151 :07x17 - Scry Hard

Zankou sends his minions to attack Leo, in the hopes of luring the sisters into a battle, so that he can steal the Nexus from under their house. Also, young Wyatt is scared for his parents welfare, and proceeds to shrink them to doll size for what he believes is their own protection.
Guest Stars: Collective Soul as Themselves | David Goryl as Ad Exec | Tom Schmid as Phil | Julian Bailey as Copy Editor | Jim O'Brien (2) as Waiter | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman | Oded Fehr as Zankou
Director: Derek Johansen
Songs: Collective Soul -- Better Now, Dido -- Sand In My Shoes

152 :07x18 - Little Box of Horrors

The Charmed Ones must stop a demon named Katya from opening the mythical Pandora's Box, and releasing all the horrors contained within. Meanwhile, Paige begins hearing the call to become a Whitelighter, and an Elder named Sandra suggests that Leo send her to save the life of an endangered future Whitelighter named Hope.
Guest Stars: Stacy Barnhisel as Linda | Hayley DuMond as Nina | Shani Pride as Darcy | Don Swayze as Lucius | Steve Bean as Roger | Greg Lindsay (1) as Trey | Sammi Hanratty as Wendy | Kevin R. Kelly as Father | Elizabeth Dennehy as Sandra | Brooke Nevin as Hope | Michelle Hurd as Katya
Director: Jon Paré
Songs: Sarah Brightman -- Free (Swiss American Federation

153 :07x19 - Freaky Phoebe

A beauty obsessed demon named Imara casts a spell on Phoebe, causing her to take possession of Phoebe's body and Phoebe to take her place in the underworld. Meanwhile, Paige's first charge seems to be drifting to the dark side, and Imara plots to take down Zankou through the Charmed Ones.
Guest Stars: Dean Cudworth as Cop | Eric Winzenried as Lantos | Alan Wilder (1) as Dr. Randall | Frank Novak (1) as Councilman Worker | Russell Edge as First Security Guard | Scott Roth as Inspector Ryan | Antonio D. Charity as Minion Guard | Ralph Meyering, Jr. as Judge Hendricks | Will Collyer (1) as Lawrence | Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Seamus Dever as Mitchell Haines | Suzanne Krull as Imara
Writer: Mark Wilding
Songs: Aslyn -- Be The Girl, Simple Plan -- Me Against The World

154 :07x20 - Imaginary Fiends

Wyatt's new imaginary friend is actually a demon named Vicus, who is attempting to gain the child's trust and turn him evil. Meanwhile, Piper tries to cast a spell to make her understand baby Wyatt, but it accidentally conjures up an adult Wyatt from the future. After Vicus curses Wyatt to become evil, the now-malevolent adult version kidnaps his child self to prevent the Charmed Ones from reversing the process.
Guest Stars: Kristopher Simmons as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell | Jason Simmons as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell | Marcus Chait as Vicus | Wes Ramsey as Adult Wyatt Halliwell
Director: Jonathan West
Songs: Sarah McLachlan -- Fallen (Dan The Automator Remix)

155 :07x21 - Death Becomes Them

Zankou embarks on a plan to make the sisters vulnerable, allowing him to sneak in and take the Book Of Shadows. When Phoebe sees a classmate killed in front of her, and Paige loses one of her charges, Zankou decides to punish them by conjuring the spirits of all the dead innocents they failed to save. Also, Darryl has to chose whether to obey his superiors or continue to help the Charmed Ones.
Guest Stars: Sandra Prosper as Sheila Morris | Mercedes Connor as Kim | Dax Griffin as Karl | Laura Regan as Joanna | Keith Diamond as Inspector Reece Davidson | Colin Egglesfield as Tim Cross | Oded Fehr as Zankou | John Kassir as Alchemist | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan
Writer: Curtis Kheel
Songs: Vanessa Carlton -- San Francisco

156 :07x22 - Something Wicca This Way Goes

After claiming the Book Of Shadows, Zankou prepares to open the Nexus, and claim its power. In a last ditch effort to stop him, the sisters goad him into coming after them instead. Undaunted, Zankou steals Phoebe's powers, and is able to anticipate the Halliwells' every move. Also, the law enforcement investigation into the sisters ratchets up a notch.
Guest Stars: Becki Newton as Glamored Piper | Evan Parke as Kahn | Justin Baldoni as Salko | Dean Cudworth as Officer Williams | Laura McLauchlin as Female Demon #1 | Stacy Soloman as Female Demon #2 | Jake Donahue as Fairy #2 | Danielle Savre as Glamored Phoebe | Danneel Harris as Glamored Paige | Elizabeth Dennehy as Sandra | Sandra Prosper as Sheila Morris | James Read as Victor Bennett | Scout Taylor-Compton as Fairy #1 | Agim Kaba as Glamored Leo | Oded Fehr as Zankou | Glenn Morshower as Agent Keyes | Jenya Lano as Inspector Sheridan | Jacqui Maxwell as Vampire Queen
Director: James L. Conway
Songs: Billy Idol -- Evil Eye
Warning: Charmed guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1998
Ended: May 21, 2006
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