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Something Wicca This Way Comes - Recap

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A witch is preparing a ritual at home when she is interrupted by a man she appears to know, dressed in a rain coat. However she suddenly realises the meeting is not as friendly as she first thought when he stabs her, obtaining her power to light flames using her finger tips.
At the Halliwell manor, the two older sisters are talking about Piper's job interview tomorrow which has been aided by Jeremy's gift of a bottle of port. Prue mentions that she found their old spirit board while she was trying to fix the electricity which had gone out because of the storm.
Darryl at Serena's appartment, investigating her murder, when Andy appears and reveals he has been visitng occult shops, following the lead that all the victims are witches who have been stabbed by an athame.
Back at the manor, the coverstation has turned and Piper mentions that since Prue wanted a roommate to fill their spare room, Phoebe should come home and live with them. Prue disagrees, saying Phoebe lives in New York, when the door opens revealing the youngest of the Halliwell trio. There is obvious tension between the eldest and youngest of the sisters since Phoebe said "I never touched Roger" although it is clear Prue thinks otherwise.
Later that evening, Piper and Phoebe are sitting in Phoebe's room discussing Prue, mentioning that Prue had to practically sacrifice her childhood to help their grandmother raise them, and yet Phoebe now wants Prue to have a sisterly role in her life rather than a motherly one. They then return downstairs to play with the spirit board, updating each other with their love lives, when the pointer starts moving on its own, spelling out the word "ATTIC".
Prue is sceptical, Piper is freaked out and Phoebe is intrigued. She goes to the attic and finds the locked door opening itself. She discovers the Book of Shadows and reads an incantation to activate their powers. The other sisters come up to the attic and neither are as excited about the possibility of becoming witches as much as Phoebe. She stays awake all night reading about magic and their destiny. They are the Charmed Ones, who have to use their magic to protect innocents against forces of evil.
Throughout the following day, the sisters discover their individual powers. Prue is annoyed with Roger, her ex-fiance, who is trying to accept full credit for an exhibition which Prue had worked hard for, and ends up with a pen which leaks in his pocket and then explodes in showers of ink when he tries to examine it.
Piper is auditioning for a job as a chef in a restaurant but has not had time to add the port, which will make the recipe when the man comes in and demands to taste it. She throws her hands up in despair and freezes him. This allows her to add the port and secure the job.
Phoebe meanwhile is riding her bike when she has a premontion of a boy being hit by a truck. To prevent this from happening she swerves in front of the van, and ends up saving the boy.
Jeremy is thrilled Piper has got the job and after their date wants to take her to an abandonned warehouse to show her a view of the Bay Bridge. However when they are alone in the elevator, Jermey reveals his true colours. He is actually a warlock who has grown close to Piper so he can kill the Charmed Ones and obtain their powers. When he tries to attack, Piper freezes him and manages to escape.
Prue, meanwhile is picking Phoebe up from the hospital when she runs into an old flame, Andy the inspector and it is revealed that he "checked up" on her.
After talking to Phoebe about her powers, and realises she can pour milk into her coffee using her mind, Prue thinks this is too much to take and requires some asprin. They go to the drug store and Phoebe realises that Prue's power is connected to her anger and so mentions Roger and their father, who abandonned them when they were just little girls to prove Prue has powers and to rid her of her headache.
When they arrive back at the manor, Piper bursts through the front door, asking Phoebe if she knows how to vanquish a warlock. The sisters concoct a potion and say a spell which causes Jeremy to break out in thorns, but according to Phoebe's premontion, this does not stop Jeremey.
He arrives at their house and the girls realise the only way to vanquish him is to use the inscription on the back of the spirit board, "The power of three will set us free" and Jeremey is destroyed.
The next morning, the girls have finally accepted they are not normal but after a conversation with Andy Prue asks "Do witches even date?" to which Piper answers, "Not only do they date, but they get the best guys." Realising that this could be a great oppertunity for them all, the girls enter the house together and Prue shuts the door with her newly acquired power of telekenisis.