The Posse - Recap

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The scene opens in Waco, Texas where a girl drives down the road. She is talking to her father on her phone. U.S. Marshall, Bob McGraw, pulls her over because she was driving too fast. Bob is talking to Katie, the girl, about how dangerous it is to be speeding when another driver comes up and honks his horn. He gets out and yells at Katie. Bob and the other driver get into a fight when Bob pulls out his gun and shoots him. Katie runs off into a field and Bob shoots her too. The next morning, Annie wakes up and gets a phone call. Meanwhile, Daisy too gets the call and hangs up the phone. Luke is in the bed next to her. The team all gets to H.E.A.T and they all wonder why they got called in early. Congressman Nevins walks in and Luke tries to not show that he knows Nevins. However, Nevins greets Luke right away. Nevins asks why Luke hasn’t stopped by his area and Annie comes up and tells that Robert McGraw, a murderer trying to pass off as a U.S. Marshall is loose.

Annie is about to visit the Collins’ family when Mr. Collins comes into H.E.A.T. Annie sits down with him and he tells that he was on the phone with Katie right before she was murdered. He tells that McGraw pretended to be a U.S. Marshall and also felt bad for killing Katie afterwards. Mr. Collins cries and tells that Katie didn’t even get the chance to see her Princeton acceptance letter that she got in the mail. Marco comes in and tells that McGraw’s car has been seen pulling into his mom’s home. The team arrives and Daisy and Marco tease Luke about his prior experience of meeting Congressman Nevins. Luke tells that he only met up with him one time. They get inside and check for some clue to where Robert could have gone. They find out that McGraw has a weapon’s locker and business cards. He even photoshopped himself into pictures with officials. However, Mrs. McGraw did not know about her son and that she thought that he was working at the police department. She falls apart when Annie tells that her son is a murderer. Mrs. McGraw tries to make an excuse of having bullies pick on him all the time.

Annie goes to the police station and the police were also convinced that McGraw was a U.S. Marshal. Annie finds a document of a sex offender by the name of Freddy Penn. Meanwhile, McGraw walks up to Freddy and he is an ice-cream man in a children’s playground. McGraw approaches him and finds a stuffed bear, rope and chloroform in the back of his truck. McGraw goes to arrest him and Freddy resists. McGraw shoots him and in doing so, accidently hits someone else too. Annie and the rest of the team get there and see that Freddy was shot for resisting. Luke runs up and tells that McGraw was kicked off the police force because he pulled a gun on a cadet.

As the team inspects, McGraw calls a news program and tries to justify his recent killings. He tells that the bystanders were one accident and the only reason he kills is to get rid of pedophiles. McGraw is still claiming to be a U.S. Marshal too. Annie interrupts the interview and invites him for a beer. She tells that he’d make a good U.S. Marshal. However, the plan backfires because McGraw feels that she thinks that he is not already a U.S. Marshal. He hangs up the phone before they can get a trace. Later at a gas station, McGraw hears two hunters speaking ill of illegal immigrants. Immediately, McGraw becomes friends with them and he tells that he “deputizes” them and says that they are now Marshals as well. He claims that with the new posse, they will destroy a smuggling ring of coyote runners.

Annie along with her team find McGraw outside a safehouse for coyote runners. Marco goes inside and finds that there are immigrants gagged and tied up. However, he is attacked before he can do anything. Annie, Jimmy and Luke run inside and find the posse pointing guns on them. Annie tells that McGraw is not a real U.S. Marshal and has no right to deputize anyone. Annie tells that McGraw is trying to outsmart them and find out that he was gone before the posse got to the safehouse. Annie goes home and is ambushed by McGraw and she is handcuffs her and takes her badge. He tells for Annie to deputize him. She tells that an oath is not going to be a real Marshal. He takes off in her Escalade. Annie gets herself free and chases after him. However, using the police radio and tells the police to pull her over. After Annie tells the truth, McGraw is gone again.

Annie and Jimmy go back to the police department and the Sheriff tells that when McGraw was on the force, he had a perfect record. However, two people got away. Freddy Penn, who is now dead, and Walter Lennox. Walter killed an 8-year-old girl. Meanwhile, McGraw shows up at Walter’s apartment and wants to know where the body of the girl is that he killed. Walter won’t talk so McGraw hangs him from a balcony and scares him. Annie and the team arrive and chase McGraw to the roof. Annie tells him to drop his weapon and he refuses. Annie shoots him and then walks up to him and takes back her badge. The team get back to H.E.A.T. and Luke invites Daisy to go with him for a drink. She tells that Congressman Nevins wants to see him. Nevins tries to get Luke to join his team. He refuses again and tells that he is not interested in being a pawn. Jimmy asks Nevins how he knows Luke and Nevins tells that Luke’s father is a powerful lobbyist. Mr. Collins comes in and tells that he would have liked it if Annie had killed McGraw. Annie thinks about this and chooses to stay behind in the headquarters.